Secret Affair With Her Friend

I fell in love with with my girlfriend because she doesn't mind pleasing me with blow jobs and jerking me off. On night while my girlfriend was pleasing me, I said to her, "Too bad you don't have tits like your friend Linda. I wound screw them and have you jerk me off on them. I think she has veins running thru them. " Then my girlfriend said to me, "Not only that, she has enormous areolas around those nipples.I know your dick would really swell up seeing them. You better stay away from her and enjoy my little dark rigid nipple breasts if you get my drift. "
I was asked by my girlfriend to go check Linda's car out. Nothing seriously was wrong with the car. Linda fixed me a plate along with a beer. She sat across from me with her exposed cleavage. She knew I was staring at her breast and she cautiously leaned across the table and kissed me. "Thank-you for checking my car out. " she said as she pushed up on those tits of hers. "I was told by my dear friend you liked and wanted to play with my tits." She stood up and took off her top, revealing her huge breast to me. They really was covered with veins and the tits really had big areolas. "I wanted you ever since my girlfriend introduced me to you. " Linda told me.
I told her I always had the hots for her because of the breasts she carries. I got out of my chair and lifted her tits and made them flop down. She got down on her knees ,undid my pants revealing my dick. "Nice!" she said as she hid my cock in her tits and began licking the head of my cock at spitting on it. I told her to let go of her tits and began slapping my cock against them. I kept slapping them with my cock until my cum shot all over her and her face. She swiped my cum off of her face with her fingers and cleaned them with her mouth. Then I watched her lift each tit and licked the cum on them.
"Oh yeah! My friend warned me about your cum loads." She wanted to be my secret slut and be used by me, but it has to be our dirty secret. She confessed to me she was Bi and would love me to cum on her friends in a threesome now and then.

30 days ago

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