It's what he asked for but not what he wanted

My husband was driving me nuts asking to have a 3some with another woman. I had refused many times and said I didn't want to talk about it any more.
We are in our early 30's and been married for 8 years. I know he has always wanted 2 girls in the bed but I have never been into it.
A few months back a new girl started at work. She was a trans woman but really rather attractive and you really couldn't tell she was packing down there or that she was ever a man at all. I became intrigued with her instantly and we became best friends at work. I asked her so many questions because I had never met a transgender woman before. We used to go for walks on our hour long lunch break and talk the whole time. I found out she liked both men and women and she admitted that she found me really attractive. I told her all about my husband and how he wanted 2 women in bed blah blah blah And then she smiled an evil grin that actually got me a little hot and flustered. I almost thought we were about to kiss. She leant forward and whispered in my ear "What if I was the other woman you brought home for your husband" I had a good laugh at the idea and we walked back to the office. A couple of weeks went by and I started noticing the curves of her body and the sway of her hips on our walks and I blurted out *OK let's do it* we discussed some of the finer details and then just as a trial run we kissed at the back of the car park. Yep I was really into her and I couldn't wait to see whT she had under her dress and the look on my husbands face in the bedroom.

A few weeks ago I asked my husband what he wanted for his birthday. As predicted his very first words were "I suppose a threesome is out of the question" this time I let out a loud sigh and said FINE! But I get to choose the woman. I acted slightly pissed off and said I would find someone I felt comfortable with. Instead of him saying I didn't have to do it, he said OK but not some ugly chick that looks like a man.

I discussed it the next day with my friend at work and she was so excited and we kissed A LOT on our walk. I was so excited because I knew I was also going to get a good amount of attention in the bed. The night came round on the Thursday 2 weeks ago and I had her turn up half way through dinner. She ate a small amount and we all talked and chatted and hubby asked her lots of questions. Was she single, seeing anyone, how long she lived in the area, how long she had worked with me etc etc.
It came time to move to the bedroom and she was an expert. She led my husband by the hand and lay him down on the bed. She then produced a set of leather handcuffs from her bag and said she wanted to have a bit of fun with him first. She cuffed him to the foot of the bed since the headboard had no holes in it. We kissed and sucked each other's breasts right over my husbands face and teased him for a while as we stripped him naked. She sucked his cock a little then proceeded to strip completely naked while standing over him. She sat on his chest and started rubbing her cock on my husbands lips which were clenched shut tightly.
Her cock was magnificent and I really enjoyed watching her gently coax and dominate my husband. I leaned down and started licking her cock ad it lay on my husbands lips. He protested being careful not to open his mouth. My friend leaned back and grabbed his balls in her hand and started to squeeze them. She looked hubby in the eye with the sweetest smile "Open up and take it like a man or I will keep squeezing. I was worried because I know how stubborn he is and I didn't really want him to get hurt I leaned down and begged him to lick the cock with me. She squeezed a little tighter and he opened up and started to lick and kiss her cock with me. She expertly rocked up onto her knees and fed the whole cock into his mouth. I was loving watching my husband suck this gorgeous girls magnificent cock. She rode his face for quite a while and we kissed and fondled each other's breasts. As she began to finger me I almost lost it right then and there. Then she pulled her cock out of my husbands mouth, laid me down on the bed beside him and expertly gave me the absolute funking of my life. I had more orgasms than I knew was possible and she emptied a huge load into my pussy and I felt thrilled to feel her hot explosion inside of me. As she finished she kissed me and whispered in my ear. I giggled and said yes. I got up off the bed and sat my cum filled pussy right down on my husbands mouth and she grabbed his balls again.
"Lick your wife clean slut or I squeeze harder" instantly his tongue entered me and my pussy opened up almost drowning him in the combined juices. I pressed down firmly ensuring he couldn't tear away and told him to eat it all. Suddenly he starts moaning and licking me far more passionately and I realise my friend is sucking my husbands cock. I got so hot and turned on again I had another earth shattering organ right there on his face and he lapped it all up, cum and all. He also exploded from the pleasure of what he later called the best head job he ever had and yelled and moaned deep into my pussy as he did.
When we were both finished I lay on the bed and Sabrina licked hubbies cock clean then slid up and kissed me. She lay on top of hubby and kissed him a little and he returned the kisses to my surprise. She then pulled a tube of lube out of her purse and knelt between hubbies legs and lubbed her large cock up again. Hubby started to protest so she again grabbed his balls and gave them a squeeze. He shut up pretty quickly. Sabrina looked at me I think fir approval and I nodded and said go for it.
She lifted hubbies legs and rolled a condom expertly over her own cock. She then lubbed up again and spread some lube on his ass while smiling at him maintaining eye contact. She slowly pressed the head if her cock into his ass and I watched as his face contorted in ways I have never seen it do before. She worked slowly and slid in little bit at a time. My husband was panting and sweating and I was wiping the sweat from his face and eyes with the corner of the bed sheet.
I smiled and gave him a little kiss "Happy Birthday darling. I hope your finally happy now you got what you want" He looked up at me and with pain on his face he said thank you. I knew he was frightened and just being ironic but I loved hearing him say it like he wanted it.
Sabrina laid down and sucked his nipples as she worked her cock in and out of his ass and I saw his expression start to change from pain to pleasure. Sabrina finally worked her cock all the way inside him and slid up face to face with him and kissed him "First I funked your wife, now I am going to fuck you. She will be my girlfriend but you will be my slut. Do you understand me" I watched as my husband nodded and agreed. His eyes wide looking at Sabrina and his wrists still cuffed to the rail at the foot of the bed. Sabrina started to move her hips more rhythmically and taunt my husband more.
"Mmmm oh god your so tight. It's like your pussy was made for me" she took his face in her hands and kissed him deeply and I could tell that not only had he given in, but he was really starting to enjoy it "If your a good slut I will cum deep in your ass unless you want me to cum on your face" He muttered something and Sabrina smiled at me "Say it louder so your wife can hear" he muttered again against her chin "Look up at your wife and tell her what you want" my husband looked at me like a lost puppy as Sabrina continued the rhythmic movement of her hips and she bit my husbands neck he stared at me "I want her to fuck me" Sabrina looked up at me and we smiled at each other. She looked back at my husband and told him to say it again. He said it again. Sabrina kissed him again and called him a good girl this time then she told him to beg her to cum. Hubby kissing the side of Sabrina's face was now frantically repeating "Oh fuck me. Yes fuck me. Please fuck me" Sabrina started panting very heavily along with my husband. She reached behind him and undid the handcuffs.
To my surprise he gripped Sabrina tightly and they kissed passionately as she thrust her cock hard and deep into him and they both moaned and came together. I was shocked, amazed and very very turned on by seeing my husband grab hold hlof her like that and literally pull her in deeper. They lay there panting and kissing for a while then Sabrina motioned for me to come closer. I sat on my husbands face, he ate out my ass while Sabrina ate out my pussy and easily brought me to orgasm again. When I was finished she again kissed my husband and and told him what a good girl he was. She got off the bed and went through my draws pulling out a pair of panties. She slid them up his legs and told him she wanted to see him in panties each time she came over.
Sabrina had a very quick was and went home. Hubby was still laying on the bed in panties stating his legs were quivering too much to stand up just yet. He finally recovered, we got showered and went to bed
I made him admit he loved it and that he wanted more and so Sabrina is coming over again this weekend. Planning on staying with us through the holidays and we will see how things go from there.
I really never thought I would do such a thing in my life time but I am really excited about the possibilities now.

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    • So, when are you going to get him what he wanted for his b-day ? Sounds like you got him what YOU wanted. You're a pretty selfish cunt, aren't you ?

    • Sounds delicious

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