My wife wanted this

I am a card player, hobby but I enjoy the game. We were living in Florida temporarily trying to find a great investment/retirement house. I found a few guys to play some cards with but had not hosted myself since the house we were renting was not that big and not well equipped for entertaining.
My wife asked me how the guys were that I was playing with and I told her they seemed like pretty normal guys, nothing really stood out about them. She asked a few more questions but then I asked her why she was so interested in them. She finally worked around to the real reason, she wanted to have them all over for cards and then have them all have sex with her. Now this was not something out of the blue for us, we swing a little bit and have even participated in a wife swap for a week so we are pretty adventurous in that department. She told me though that she wanted to me bound and have them all just do what they wanted with her, sort of like a sex slave of sorts. I asked her when she thought she wanted to do something like this and maybe we could do it a few weeks before we planned on moving back home. She was really wanting to do it in the next few weeks so we set a plan to make it happen.
We decided on a couple of set ups for her the first being bound in the bathroom shower so that she had to give a blow job to them. The shower was large enough for both of us to fit into and would work good with a rubber mat on the floor. We tried a few set ups to work out the bugs and I got a few really nice blow jobs out of the deal. I also ordered a ring gag just for an extra surprise for her the night we were going to do it.
The next set up after everyone had received some head was to have her spread out in the living room giving total access to her. We hunted around some flea markets and yard sales and finally found a large coffee table that would work well for this, it was mostly square and would spread her out nicely.
I could tell she was really nervous during the day as evening approached she was really working fast, getting snacks together and putting things together for the game. When it was getting close she looked at me and said well lets get me tied up in the bathroom. I got her set up and put the blindfold on her eyes, I asked her how she felt and she told me she was really ready for this to happen. I told her that I bought her a surprise but when I put in her mouth she did not think she could suck and swallow that well with it. Seeing it in her mouth I realized that it was really to big and spread her pretty wide. I took it out and that is when she told me that it would probably not work well for her. I told her to have great time in here and went out to the living room, I knew anyone using the bathroom would not have any problem seeing her because you had to walk right by the shower to get to the toilet.
The first guy showed up and it was off to a great start because he was not in the door two minutes and asked me where he needed to go for the restroom. I told him last door on the right and just walk thru the bedroom, as I watched him walking down the hallway I was picturing my wife kneeling there naked ready to suck.
He was only in there about five minutes when two more showed up, he came back and sat down at the table. I asked what everyone wanted to drink and everyone arrived within a few minutes. We talked a little bit but then I got the card going, one of the others told me to hold up on dealing because he needed to go to the bathroom. I told everyone where the bathrooms were and told him we would get started when you were back.
The evening was going great but two of them had not used the bathroom yet from what I could remember and those that went had not commented at all or seemed off about it. I thought maybe she had some how decided not to do it and got out of the shower. I told the guys after a round was done that I would be back in a minute and went to check on her, it had been a good hour now so maybe she was ready to get up if she was still in there.
I looked in the shower as soon as I came in and she was still kneeling there, cum on her boobs and a little bit on her neck. I stepped forward and put my cock in her mouth, she sucked on it eageraly and did not stop until I came, she swallowed and sucked until I backed up. I asked her if she wanted to be done now and she shook her head no, she told me she was so turned on by this and absolutely loved it. I went back out to the table and sat down, after a few hands one of the guys that had already been back to the bathroom got up to use it again.
She had been in there almost two hours now and I knew she had to be ready to get up from kneeling so I went back to check on her again. I thought I would see how she reacted again just by going up to her and putting my cock on her mouth. She heard someone coming as I entered and opened her mouth up ready to start sucking. I gave her my cock but after about a minute backed off and told it was me and was she ready to get up now. She told me she was but this was so much fun she was really excited about the next one.
I left her after undoing her and she showered to clean up then came out to the kitchen wearing just a robe. I had a few of the guys look at me with a little smile and a few just kept looking at her in the kitchen. We played a few more hands and reached a stopping point about an hour later. I told them all that I had a great surprise for them if they wanted to do it. They all were pretty curious then one of them said well if it is anything like the first surprise tonight then I am in for sure. My wife was already in the living room and had stood up, removed her robe and laid down on the coffee table. I pulled out the bag with the ropes and toys in it and we all tied her down to the table. We spent a good fifteen minutes just running our hands over her and some of them were rubbing her clit pretty good getting her worked up. The toys were all between her legs and they were experimenting with them all. She had an orgasm pretty quickly just from all the stimulation then one of them finally asked if he could lick her, she answered for me with a yes please do.
The night went on for at least two hours with her being played with in some way the whole time and giving more oral to cocks, lucky for us we purchased a really strong table. She was really worn out by the end of it all but told me that was one of the best sexual things we had done.

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  • I want my wife to do this

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  • Wow! If she was a card I wonder which one she'd be!

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