My sister caught me with her best friend

My 18 year old sister is beautiful, so is her closest friend. I noticed her friend has been checking me out for the past 2 years. When I catch her she turns red. I had a girlfriend, the same girl for 4 years but we had a bad breakup a few month ago over stupidity. I don't really want her back. So now I have this sweet 18 year old seemingly interested in me, I waited for the right moment when I saw her checking me out. I asked her "are you interested in my body because I'm definitly into your hot body I think should have a little fun. I leaned over and kissed her lips, she didn't move she eventually broke out a smile. She leaned over and kissed me. We sat and kissed for a half hour, she was letting me feel her up. I asked her to come to my bedroom but she said no, I really have to go. Now I'm thinking she just blew me off. A few days later she's back at our house hanging out with my sister. When my sister went to get her jacket from her room her friend asked me "what did you intend to do with me in your room". I said anything you want. She said she was a virgin and since we kissed she's had stong urges to go to my room and have sex. I said I want to and I won't force you to or anything on you if you really want to. OK she said I want to and I don't want anyone to know. I said I'd never tell. OK she said let's make a date and we did. The following week in the early afternoon my sis was at her job and my parents were at work too. She came over wearing shorts and a t shirt, she is so cute. I took her to my room and we had lots of foreplay before I took her shirt and bra off. I could see she was uncomfotable turning red all over again. I said why are you blushing, you are so beautiful you should be proud, look at your tits, I never saw better tits. They were still a little puffy, sweet. I played with her tits sucking those puffy nipples and unbuttoned her jean shorts. I slid my hand in, and then got up and pulled them off exposing her small pussy that was very trimmed. I went right down eating her, she orgasmed very fast from oral sex. After she came I put my dick in her respecting that she said she was a virgin, I do believe she was. Once her pussy loosened up I started pounding her. She was sceaming saying I'm cumming I'm cumming . I also came I shot my cum on her stomach and tits. I was watching her rub it on her tits when my sister came into my room, she flipped out on both of us. She told her friend to get dressed and leave but I said no, she'll go when she wants to go, my sister stormed out. When the girl left my sis confronted me, why did you do that to my friend. I said because we wanted to and it's none of your business. I said you better not get too angry with her. My sister calmed down and asked me to leave her alone. I said no I want her as my new girlfriend and after a month my sister and her friend were back to being friends and I have the hottest little chick in town as my girlfriend and she likes sex a lot and what's even better she loves me as I am in love with her.

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  • God you sound like my brother. For he has done the very same thing to my best friend and still is even right in front of me.

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