The Bane of Voyeurs

My wife and I used to party hard on Friday nights. We usually drank beer, but, occasionally, vodka or tequila. We drink at a local bar, then, come home and smoked some weed. She would pass out, and I would go out peeping. Depending on how buzzed I was, sometimes, completely nude. This was one such night.

This German lady, early 60's. lived a few houses away. She was mean as a snake, but fairly attractive, nice figure, blonde. I had peeped on her several times before, to no success, but, recently, had seen her topless. Her tits were a handful each and ruby-tipped. I wanted to see more.

I approached her house, shrouded in complete darkness. I stood on the edge of her yard, focusing on one of her floor-to-ceiling windows, a hallway, brightly lit. I saw her walk past, and she appeared nude. My cock got rock hard. She came back, walking away from me, and I could clearly see her bare ass. After a bit, she returned, walking towards me, her tits bouncing, a red patch of pubes exposed and so inviting. I ran forward several steps, for a better look and, suddenly, was bathed in blazing light as though I was in a prison yard ! FUCKING MOTION LIGHTS ! I turned and fled, right back from where I came, like an idiot.

I cowered in fear for the rest of the night, waiting for a squad car. I waited the whole next day for her to come to my door, blab to my wife, call me things I'd heard her call others, like, "Stoopit fock " or, "Focking osshole " .Very fortunately for me, nothing ever happened. Eventually, I peeped again, but, nowhere near her place. Fucking motion lights.

1 month ago

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