My wife and i lived with her parents we lived downstairs and they lived upstairs;at the stairs to the upper floor where they lived was the bathroom my wife and i used and at the top of the stairs was the main front door with a large side window;one night i was in the bathroom in just a tshirt and about to walk out when suddenly my motherinlaw appeared at the top of the stairs and closed the curtain i peeped out of the door and saw her comim down the stairs to see her daughter so i waited til she was at the bottom step then walked out and pretended i didnt know she was there she stopped and noticed i was semi naked and looked at my cock i said oops and she smiled she went into see her daughter in our front room and i went into my bedroom and sat on my bed i suddenly had a hard on so started wankin away when a few mins later i looked up and my motherinlaw was lookin i treid to hide my erection but she smiled and told me she saw it and said keep goin i wanked like mad as she watched and came quickly she giggled and said she enjoyed that then went back up

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    • I've died and gone to heaven! During a recent clear out of our attic I found a box of old vhs cassettes,some blank and some with labels on! Hen night said one of them so I just had to dig out my old video player and take a look! It was my wifes hen party with a male stripper! There's my wife on stage with this guy waving his cock in her face!! She reapetidly told him no and just give him a little touch! Enter my mother!! Shes up on the stage sucking him off before the film cuts to a small room where the stripper is doing someone from behind! Joan does it feel as good as it looks a familiar voice says as the camera points towards the woman! It's my slut of a mother taking a pounding! Jesus Christ yes Irene! Room for another you can hear Irene saying coming into shot in just her blouse! My mother gets off his cock and Irene tosses him off before planting her bum infront of his cock! Ooh she gasped taking his length! They're both giggling when the guy shoots his cum over Irene's ass!! I've got a good mind to show it to both of them

    • My wife, mother-in-law (divorced) and I went into a sauna together in MIL's club. We had towels on but to my surprise when my wife's towel slipped she left it down. Shortly after it became apparent that I was getting hard so MIL said that I should uncover as it was normal. She them removed her towel and my wife tugged mine away. My cock soon went to fully hard and my wife told my MIL to have a feel if she wanted. She hesitantly did so and was soon rubbing me in a handjob. I said that if she wasn't careful that she would make me cum. A few seconds later I spurted over myself and her hand. Both wife and MIL giggled about it and commented on the mess that the cum had made. That was just the start and we now regularly have threesome sex at her house.

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