My curious sister

I have been getting on my sister’s favorable side, because she is so sexy and I’m way past the guilt feelings. First, my sister is the type to try new experiences. I have kissed her and I’ve felt her luscious body. She hasn’t let me fuck her, but she has gone down on me a few times and those encounters were extraordinary. Some people may think is totally wrong, but when you desire a girl like my sexy sister. It is so addicting.

1 month ago

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    • I am in my 80s a new at it I really want to suck a cock I don't know how to go about African another man to suck his cock I go to the park and going to the bathrooms when I see another man go in hoping I can see his cock sometimes I see it but I don't say anything to him I end up going back to my car I think about is cock and I sat there and jack off it wouldn't be so bad if it was his cock I was jacking off I just like cock I like to look at cock I like to check cock off and I thank him would like to suck one I left my phone number before is there any way he could copy that number and call me

    • There’s nothing better than getting a blowjob and having sex with your sister. Me and my sister love being together. It’s a real turn on cuming in her and seeing her swallow my cum

    • All sexy sisters know and want it. My hot older sister was and is the sexiest, most beautiful woman I've ever seen, and we've been having sex for years. Early on, she was such a tease, showing off her body to me, letting me do just enough to keep me coming back, like trading soft, repetitive lip kissing, grabbing her ass and tits, wearing clothes I'd cut shorter so she'd show more skin and exhibit her body, and let me help polish her killer-long, sexy nails while she wore her robe partially or fully open, challenging my focus on her nails (which were also our thing or fetish) or her tits in that open top.

      She knew what she was doing the entire time, and when we started having regular sex, told me so. She did those things on purpose, knew to wear clothes I cut or changed so she'd be on display (and even cut a jeans skirt shorter for me b/c she knew I loved her ass and legs), and would be very hands-on with me when my friends were around to get them going and let me know who was hers. They all know what they're doing and want us to fuck them.

    • It's not wrong at all lol

    • How old is she? A newly found of joy of sex by a younger girl (13-23) is very interesting and absorbing with regular fucks. Enjoy!!

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