Drinking Breast Milk

My daughter in law after she gives birth produces a lot more milk than the baby drinks. She freezes it and then gives it to the baby when her milk stops. Their freezer was full so about 500 ounces were put in my freezer. She forgot about it and started the baby on regular cow's milk. When I told her about the breast milk that was in our freezer she told me to just get rid of it unless I could find a use for it which she said while smiling. I decided to not throw it out and have been drinking it every day. She asked what I did with the milk and I told her that I was drinking it. She told me that she thought that would be what I did. I told her that I would prefer sucking it directly from her boobs but she said that would never happen but the next time she has a baby she would make sure that I was supplied with even more to enjoy. I really love that young woman!

1 month ago

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    • I wish I could try fresh breast milk

    • I've had 4 kids. When my breasts began to hurt and swell during my first pregnancy, my husband wanted to help. lol Long story but while I was producing breast milk, he'd get a turn at night before we'd go to bed. He normally drinks coffee plain and black but if there was a little breast milk in our refrigerator, he'd add a little.
      His friends were over watching a noon football game and my husband asked for coffee with a little breast milk. One thing led to another and I let each of them sample from the container in the refrigerator. I also made them coffee with it.
      This is the strange part.
      They all admitted that was the first time they'd had breast milk.
      Two of the guys were married at the time but no kids. I can understand why they'd never tried breast milk.
      The other three were married with kids but their wives refused to allow them to try.

    • When me and my wife had her son used to breastfeed him all the time and freeze the milk also sometimes when she was overloaded and he stopped drinking her breast or Jeep squirting a little of the milk out so I would attach to her boob and drink the rest of it it was a big turnout for me she used to let me drink the milk once in awhile when the baby who is drinking regular milk I loved it I used to Cream in my pants

    • I've seen my dad's dick before and it's huge. I just can't stop thinking about how good it would feel to have him fill me up with his seed and make me pregnant. Sometimes I wish that he would come into my room at night and fuck my sleeping vulnerable pussy until he creampies me

    • I've heard it's great in coffee. Borrow a cup, or two ?

    • After my first child, my husband's friend spotted a container in our refrigerator from when I'd previously pumped. He asked to sample. I poured some in a shot glass. He slammed three. lol
      The next weekend, he was over watching golf and the subject came up again when I asked what he'd like to drink. They were being silly and he asked for milk but he wanted it 'fresh from the tit.' I know that sounded silly but that's what he said. After a few minutes of joking and being silly my husband said he'd be cool with it. BTW: My husband had been bragging that he's been getting fresh at night before he goes to sleep.
      It was time for me to pump I agreed but my husband couldn't watch. I didn't want this to turn into a show.
      We went to the kitchen and I unbuttoned my shirt and maternity bra. He latched on to my left. He finished with the left side and was shocked when I told him he'd have to to the right side too. lol
      Guys! They come up with the silliest stuff!

    • You should have suckle her milk-flowing tits, she would have loved it. I used to do it to my wife when she was overflowing and felt breast-[imp uncomfortable. This went on for nearly a year. I wish I have such a chance again with any woman!!

    • When my wife had our first, he was in the NNICU for the first weeks. So we were careful to pump and freeze any extra so he wouldn't have to have formula. That got us into the habit of hording unused breast milk. When we no longer needed it we mostly forgot it. Three kids later and we accumulated quite a lot of frozen breast milk in our chest freezer. Once in a while we'd talk about what to do with it. There were actually a lot of options. We herd rumor of a service that takes donations of it to give to mothers that don't make enough of their own. We also heard rumors of specialty cheesers who use it to make super expensive cheese.

      So how did we get rid of it? While I was at work my wife sold it for $100. My brother came by and the subject of it came up. He offered to buy it for $100 and she promptly took him up on it before he could back out.

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