I took my shy wife to a Casting Couch interview

I took my naive, obedient and curvy wife to a casting couch interview. I told her it was a business meeting. I got my wife high before we left and once there I told her it was really an interview for artistic modeling. The interviewers conversation loosened her up with flattery and funny stories and more 420. I was breathing hard with anticipation as the interviewer said to Babs , let's see you without cloths on. She looked at me and I said go ahead. I could see those guys eyes open wide and their crouches were bulging when she got nude and walked around the room. She became very submissive (that really excited me as I knew what they were going to do to my wife) and posed as they told her. One of the guys lead her into the next room which was their photo studio and told me to stay seated on the couch till she comes out and he closed the door. I didn't hear anything for about 10 minutes then I heard her moaning . several other men went into the studio and stayed. I heard at least 3 orgasms When they finished, She came out and was covered with cum, looking all used and slutty. Several of the men followed her out all with big wet dicks. She went to the washroom cleaned up got dressed and was told to come back when ever she wanted. For months when we would have sex, I whispered asking if she liked sucking cocks and getting banged multiple times. She always whispered embarrassingly yes.

1 month ago


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      That's so bad, I'll post my 'real' experience. BTW: No one but my ex-bf knows about this!
      Three years ago, I was 18 and the summer I graduated. My bf and I worked at a fast food restaurant that didn't pay much and we extra $ for pot. We live in St. George and my bf found a quick way we could make cash. We could make a sex tape together. He messaged a guy in Las Vegas and set it up. We'd drive down that morning, stay the day and make the tape then drive home the next morning. My bf sent him a few pics of me and the guy said I could make $1200 to $1500 cash. My bf would make only $250. I was nervous and would only agreed to have sex with my bf on tape. The guy agreed gave us directions and sent us a coupon for a STD kit we'd have to complete prior to working in Nevada. He gave us firm instruction to bring the results with us plus ID.
      We met at a hotel room he'd set up with lots of lights. A woman helped me with makeup while my bf was being 'coached' by the director and a black guy.
      It was 'show time' and my bf couldn't perform. It didn't help that all the people in the room were yelling at him and the director screamed "I'm going to charge you two for everyone's pay and the hotel room if someone doesn't have sex RIGHT NOW!" We looked at each other and said we have no $. The director told the black guy to get ready. He showed me his STD paperwork and if I agreed we'd have sex and I'd get paid $1500. I felt bad for my bf. He couldn't get hard. I agreed and after 7 hours of photos and 'stop and go' sex. The guy was freaking huge too! OUCH! We finally finished. I was sore all over the next day. We both agreed to never tell anyone.

    • That was also bull shit! First what is the name of the video! It was only 3 years ago.
      Second there is a lot more than a STD kit involved You have to go to a lab for bloodwork, skin swabs and scraping. You get an HIV test if negative then you are given a second HIV test 6 months later and that has to be negative before you can work!
      You get an adult workers card and it is reregistered in you real name with a link to your DNA incase of pregnancy. STD'S or STI'S. If anal is involved then anal bleaching is used. Also the card is to prove of age incase that is ever brought up in the future. Like Traci lords who was 14 when she started filming in the 70's.
      Since you made a video every time it is sold or made available for full time viewing you would get a royalty check and they would file a 1099 tax paperwork on you every year. Just like any job the IRS wants its money.
      Shooting a sex scene is a lot of stop and go as you said but a basic 5 to 15 minute clip takes a few hours to shoot and a shit load of editing to make. It's not fun or a turn on! They are actors that's all they are.

      And don't even start with the motel room that's also bull shit! They have studios with fake rooms so cameras, mikes and lighting can be anywhere in the studio. A motel room would be way too small to make a video. Plus not to many motel owners would allow that to happen!

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