Meth and masturbation

The second I take my first hit I can’t to get so high im shaking and master bate my limp dick for 2/3 days straight.
That’s not the worst part. I become completely obsessed with underage girls. I download like a million picks, flip through a hundred forum discussions with pedos and fantasize about getting high with a woman and experiencing a little one for the first time.
After 2 days of that the orgasms are fucking insane!!!!
Then I get tired. Wake up. And feel like a dirt ball for a couple f days.


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  • Yes same here! Except for I wanna do my sister. She is 23.

  • Sounds like a few high fuckin days to me! Nothin better than a smooth little cunt

  • So, you only feel your dirt ball self for a couple of days ? Too bad ! Do more meth, much more, until your tiny black heart can't take it, then, do even more ! Please rid the earth of your loathsome ass !

  • You are a filthy piece of shit. Nothing wrong with doing meth, but your desire to fuck little girls is disgusting. Hopefully you will die before you molester some innocent child.

  • Fucking loser

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