Cheer Girls and Sport Heroes

1967 We had been dating over a year. In that time we made love four times. Ricky just didn’t seem interested. My sex life was about once per month. I would go down on him and he would finger me.

After a game I was changing from my cheer outfit. Hoping for some loving. Ricky startled me. He was wearing my cheer sweater and skirt! His erection tenting my skirt. He was an all sport athlete, slight but masculine build and very beautiful. I was a little freaked but he kept kidding around about me trying his uniform.

He thought it would be funny if we made love that way. I was confused but more than a little excited watching his hard-on bouncing around as Ricky acted silly. So I relented and put on his uniform. I felt a bit sexy but he looked ridiculous.

Now this next part was really strange. He didn’t want to use my vagina. He wanted me to bend over. “Like a guy.” he said. He tried playing with my bottom and I got scared. Ricky continued to act like he was half joking. I said, “Let’s get undressed and I’ll go down on you.” He said he couldn’t wait. Told me to get on my knees and “suck his dick” just they way I was dressed. I was shocked and frightened and still very confused. We didn’t use vulgar terms like that. I did as he suggested just to end all this craziness that had started as fun.

After I finished him we were both embarrassed. It was very awkward as he continued trying to make light of what had just happened. We never talked of it again and certainly never repeated it. Our monthly sex life continued as usual. We slowly drifted apart like most school couples do. I do not know what happened with him. I’ve wondered of course was he..........

1 month ago

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    • You are a panty wearing fag dude!

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