We had a party at our house I mean me and my husband we have been married only 5 years.
Iam 27 and he's 31.
It a great marriage we get along great with no big problems.
Anyway at this party at outhouse everyone was having a great time snd those of us who smoked went out of the front room down the hall into the kitchen and then into a small extension to smoke..not many of us did but I do. There were lots of out friends there who brought there boyfriends as well that I didn't kn6but it was OK as everyone was happy. Now one of my girlfriends brought some drugs to be persific it was coke but she only did it when she was alone. I got a little to drunk and she joined me for a cigarette and offered me some.. stupid as I was I accepted after that we meat up often kinda sneaking off for a smoke at do that stuff...I was happy a d wide awake chatting to everyone without a care.
Anyway I went for a fag and was soon after joined by a friends boyfriend who I don't know.
He interduced himself and we chatted for ages about any iam a slim girl not much of a figure and I hate my boobs as they feel empty and small but I love my hard dark nipples that stick out. My husband always tells me to put a thick bra on to stop them showing think he gets jealous.
Anyway we chatted about crap for ages. Then somehow got on a subject about how I felt jealous about the other girls as they looked really nice...he responded saying that I had a great figure and I had nothing to worry about.
I think the drugs and beer made me talk openly to him.
I said I hated my boobs as they were small without any shape. He complanted me saying they looked great to him but I confested that I only looked like that cos I had a padded bra on..he continued to complamate me saying I still looked this point I wanted him to understand how I felt.
I don't know what came over me but I just said to him you wouldn't say that is you had seen them. And before I knew what I had done I grabbed the bottom of my vest top and pulled it straight up catching my bra with my fingers as I lifted pulling everything up to my neckline reviling my entire chest and letting him clearly see my tits. I didn't even flinch at what I had done as he stared.
He moved his hands towards me cupping both my tits and moveing his fingers over my nipples tugging on them gently making them firm up and go hard.
He opened his mouth and said there fooking awesome I replied ya right but as I did he said if I didn't like the look of them then why have I got a solid dick..I looked down to see a huge protrusion sticking out of his trackies making it look like a tent..
It was huge I felt awkward thinking I may get caught that made me worry but I reach down and touched it and slowly pulled it out through his wast band. Got it was long and fat I hadn't seen anything like that unless in a porn vid..I gently rubbed it concenly watching the door behind us for signs of anyone coming in.
I didn't stop what happened next as he turned me around slowly took hold of my pants at the waist and in one firm movement pulled down catching my thong with his fingers as he did. And only stopping when they reached the floor he lifted one leg removing it out of my pants before he stood up gently stroking his fingers up my bare legs till he got to my waist he movement me towards a table slowly and as I faced it he pushed Me over it so I was bent double. I felt his fingers glid between my legs easly as I was so wet but afared of being caught as he reached my opening he slid two in as I moved his purpose was to make me really wet as within seconds I felt him rub his cock between my lips luring himself up as he pushed gently into me.
I lived it I felt wanted and alive but still scared and told him to keep secrets eye out and he replied saying I must try and be quite. As he pushed over and over again he got deaper I could feel myself streching around his dick it was painful at first but got better I really had to put my hand over my mouth and still a muffled cry came out as he streched me wide. A I had to do was bend over and enjoy it which I did thinking he would finish soon. I herd him grunt as he pulled out put I didn't feel him finish.
As he pulled away I felt him push a finger deep in my arse I couldn't shout at him so let him carry on he spat on my arse as he rubbed it in moments later I felt as he pushed the head of he's extremely large dick against Mty arse hole and gently teased it in getting deeper with each push I tried to keep quiet I know I let out a bit of noise but I think I did well as I felt it go deeper in me just as he got his rhythm going I herd him quietly whispered on fuck and I felt as he shot in me the pulsating of his cock obvious to me and as he pulled out I felt the warm trickle as a line of he's cum left my arse and ram down between my pussy lips. I got dressed as quick as I could reasling how easly I could still get caught if someone walk In. I made my clothes straight and walked away without a word feeling his cum dripping from me as I joined the other guest and sat next to my
Husband knowing he didn't suspect a thing as I sat there with my knickers filling up

1 month ago

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    • Very hot.

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