Meeting a cybersex friend

This happened in 2009
I had been having cybersex with a guy around 400miles away ( didn’t want to be too close incase I chatted with a pushy Phsyco )
We hit it off and the usual what I wanted and what he would do too me if we met etc . Exciting stuff to play by especially on cam .
After months and months of cybersex we decided that we only lived once and we might as well meet so decided to book a hotel between our relatives homes, well apart for a night and have separate rooms just incase either of us had second thoughts .
I had an excuse to do some Xmas shopping and pretended to meet up with friends
The day came, I got to the hotel first and waited for a text. I had got there early had a shower , shaved all my bits and pieces smooth , put on my sexy undies and the tightest jumper that showed plenty of cleavage with my 38 DDs
As soon as he got there I went outside to meet him and we hugged and said our hellos with a quick kiss.
After all the chat and talk , how we couldn’t believe it is happening etc etc we started kissing and fondling in his room, within no time he was stripping me down to my knickers and bra while he struggled to contain the large erection In his pants .
We soon got totally naked and on the bed where the foreplay lasted for what seemed hours but soooo good .
Eventually he started to enter me , god it felt bigger than it looked I was glad I was soaking wet with the foreplay .
We fucked like rabbits for at least an hour in all positions while talking at the same time, I came twice to his one and we both lay there panting trying to recover .
Two hours later we were at it again
This time though in the shower I had gone in and after two mins he followed me
He stood behind me washing my back running his hands all over me then turned me around against the glass panel and we embraced and kissed
I felt his hand on my back slowly going towards my bum .
Without much notice he had a finger on my anus and rubbing it trying to enter Me . Wow it felt good yet wrong . Next thing I knew I was making noises that would be expected of an oncoming orgasm with his finger now deep in my arse! I breathed deeply as he stepped to the side of me still finger in me then used his other hand to finger my pussy
He was finger fucking both my holes at the same time !
I had never felt such a thing and came twice in quick time . My knees were about to give way so I had to stop him
He took me to the bed both of us still wet from the shower where he went in to finger me again until he removed his finger in exchange for his hard cock. The sensation was extreme but I gradually began to enjoy it then love it .
After we had had our fun and gone back to our lives I had to feel the sensations of the arse fucking again .
I did try to get my husband to do it but he didn’t seem that interested ( I guess it wasn’t for him)
I always hankered for more of it and where I work now there are a number of younger guys on my line who always tease me that I’m a milf , I took one of them on a few months back which he didn’t believe at first was happening but I got him to fuck my arse , and every chance I could get him too he would more than oblige.
I’m not sure if he told the other friends of his and didn’t care if he did but one did seem to want to get to know me more lol so I’m teasing him back on shift to shift pattern lol
I know now I have a good number of younger guys at work who want to fuck me and I’m going to let them over the next couple of years while I can.
Yes I am married and don’t get enough at home , but I do get plenty elsewhere thanks :)

1 month ago

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