Should I or am I going to far?

I travel out of town for work sometimes.

Recently, I've hired this really cute girl to come by my place and check on the cat, feed the fish, water the plants . . . stuff like that when I'm out of town.

She doesn't know it but there are a few cameras in my place. They were installed for security, nothing creepy, but they are hidden.

It turns out that my pet sitter is a little snoopy. I don't really care about that, I don't have anything to hide. Well, I do have a safe and anything I wanted to hide would be in there so she isn't going to find anything that interesting.

Here is my twisted thought- Should I intentionally leave something for her to find? What would it be?

1 month ago

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    • A pic of your penis

    • Yeah you should definitely leave a picture of her with some rope and duct tape. Make her think you are planning to have her do Bondage.

    • I would leave some furry hand cuffs maybe a small whip or floger

    • You should leave a ballgag, some duct tape, a box of condoms and a photo of her.

    • Leave a couple of porno DVDs or furry handcuffs where she might find them and watch her reaction.

    • Yes of course you should!!!

    • Why not? Do you have anything in mind? Seeing as you are on here I assume it is something naughty, something kinky.

      Start by leaving around some Magnum XL condoms. Maybe that will intrigue her.

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