Shower time

My wife has her own bathroom that she uses. She doesnt like a bathroom that everyone uses. She keeps a suction cup dildo on the wall of the shower. She masturbates almost every day in the shower. It's no secret. She doesnt hide it. Her cumming has become an alarm clock. So the other day I was using her shower and used her dildo on myself. Wife walked in and saw me jacking off while fucking myself in the ass with her dildo. Couldn't hide it. It's a zero entry shower.

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  • I can beat that. I married, full figure Jill is married. So we're walking in the sticks, 3 miles from the trial parking lot and another .5 mile deep into the woods. There's a 20' cliff that acts as a privacy wall. Like we need one in the middle of nowhere. Big Jill is naked, legs spread -- I'm own my knees licking her pussy. She's the dominate one here, big time. I have a love hate thing with her bossy sex demands. She likes me on my knees fucking my face. Just as she cums we hear a dog barking. We look up and some old guy watched the whole thing from on top of the cliff. It looks like a phone in his hand, probably took pictures.

  • Did you cum in her mouth ? nyc

  • Was your wife upset? There's nothing wrong with enjoying prostate stimulation.

  • She said, "You're using my dildo? Make sure you clean that thoroughly, I use that."

  • Calm and practical. Lovely wife.

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