My mother was a bad person. Six months after I reached puberty I had a growth spurt. I grew over a foot in two months. She told my sister to wake me up for school and my sister told her that she could see my penis comming out of my underwear. My mother came in to see and she woke me up and my mom and sister were making fun of me about it. My mother told my sister to keep quiet and don't embarrass me at school. School ended two weeks later and I forgot about it. The first day of summer vacation my sister went to her friends house early so she could go to the beach with their family. My mother woke me up and told me to wash up and get dressed. After I was done she knocked on my door and opened it and said she wants to talk to me when she gets out of the shower. She told me not to go anywhere. I wasn't concerned with that so I just watched tv. I heard her come out of the bathroom and a few minutes later she called me and asked where I was. I told her I'm the living room and she told me that she was going to be there in a few minutes. I continued to watch tv. She came in the room with her robe and a towel on her head. She told me that she wants me to promise her that anything we talked about was only between us and it could never leave the house. I said ok and she took a deep breath before she started to speak. She said that she knows that I am not a little boy anymore and that I am becoming a man now. She asked if I remembered the day she woke me up and saw that I was excited. I told her that I didn't want to think about that but she said that she thinks I shouldn't have to hide it from her or my sister. She told me that my sister and her both get excited and touch themselves. I felt uncomfortable and told her I didn't want to know what they do that way. She asked me if I would like it if I was able to not have to hide myself from her or my sister. She asked me if i would be able to see her or my sister without having to feel bad. She told me that I am the man of the house and I should be able to feel free to Walk around and not have to hide anything from anyone else in the house. She stood up and took the towel off her head. She flipped her hair back and forth and ran her hands through it to fluff it out . She told me she would start treating me like the man of the house as long as I acted like I was. So I asked her if that meant I had to work and pay bills. She laughed and told me that she had everything covered in that way. She said that my father had made sure that we would be financially stable for the rest of our lives. She said that she needed me to take care of other responsibilities that a man of the house would. She told me that when my sister saw me that morning it was shocking. She said my sister was curious about it. I laughed and said " she wants to see my penis and you don't care if she sees it?" She asked me if I wanted to see her naked without feeling bad. Then she asked me if I could get used to seeing her or my sister anytime and never feel bad. Then she opened up the robe and put her let up to show me her pussy. I looked away from her and she told me that I don't have to feel bad. She told me to look at her. She asked me if I I would like to be able to take a shower with her or watch her masturbate. I started to get hard looking at her tits and pussy. She asked me if I could get used to being able to fuck me or your sister anytime you want and never feel bad for it. She saw how hard I was and told me that all I had to do is keep it a family secret and take off my shorts to show her how much I like to see her pussy. I asked her if she was really serious about this. She said she was ready to prove it to me right now if I just get naked. She took her robe off and laid back so I could see her pussy while she rubbed it. She told me that I can have her and My sister anytime I want and I don't have to hide anything from her or my sister. I took my shorts off and my mom was amazed at how long and fat my dick was. She told me that everything is ok with her anytime as long as it's only our family secret. Then she sat up and said let's go. She sucked my whole dick inside of her throat and told me that my dad was the same as I was. She said she is going to love it. She asked if I was ready to fuck her for the first time. She said that I should stop being so shy. She told me that I can be honest with her and if I wanted to fuck her and just cum fast then I better just take her and do it. She told me to lay down and she got right on top of me. She rubbed my tip on her pussy and then slid into her hole. She kept saying do you like mommy's cunt. And I started to feel like I was going to finish. She kept saying cum in mommy's cunt baby fill it up and enjoy it baby. I started to feel it boil and it came out like a gun. My mother stated shaking and got super wet and excited. We went back and forth for a few hours trying everything we could. My sister called the house and said she was on her way home. My mother told me to lay back and let her get me ready for my sister. About 20 minutes later my sister unlocked the door and then locked it up behind her. She called out and said she was going to take a fast shower. My sister came in the room with white panties on and no bra. My mother and her have the same type of body. But my mom is 15 years older than her. She told me that she was thinking about me since she saw how hard it was. My sister got on her knees and sucked me off and she said that I tasted like my mom. She asked my mom to help her with my cock and I couldn't believe how happy I was. Then my sister got on top of me and my mom helped get me inside of her. It was so fucking hott. We went at it for 10 minutes and then my sister got so excited and wet she started to kiss me and I just grabbed her hard and pumped her full of cum so deep that she told me she loved me. She said that I don't have to ask her to do it at all. She told me that she won't wear panties so I can get it in her as much as I want. My sister told me that I was the second guy that she was with. But I will be the first one to cum in her. My sister had sleep overs with her friends and every time she would always talk her friends into fucking me or dare them to do sexual things for me. She told them she saw me in the shower and played it off like it was gross but she said that I had a really big one and they all wanted to see it. I told them I would show them if I could try it with them or they can suck it. My sister always said to do it in my room so she doesn't have to see anything. And when they all went to sleep my mom made me sleep in her room so I could fuck her.
This is kinda what really happened to me as a kid. It fucked me and my sister up for years. It seems like everyone likes this shit nowadays. If it really happens to you later on in life it's not that fun to remember. I'm 55 now. It feels good at the moment. But it doesn't age in your mind well. Just saying

11 months ago


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    • Good and lucky boy. You have a 2 good pussies in your home. You don't need to get merry.Try to lick both cunts, feed them with your cum, try 69, you can have a threesome with them.If only fuck they will get bored.Every time try something different.For sample cum on they food and let them eat it.Pee on them and let them pee in your mouth.Lick the pussy juice etc.A lot of things you can try.

    • My sister told me to get her pregnant and she didn't care

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