Wifes bestfriend

So my wifes bestfriend and I have grown a could relationship over 6 years. We not tell dirty sex jokes in front of one another. When she's single, she's very touchy and playfull with me. I joke to her and my wife about theesomes and she laughs it off. My wife gets annoyed and suspects I want one. But doesn't lean into it.

I've told her bestfriend of my masterbating and she seemed intrigued and juts talked to me like it was nothing. And she has told me of how freaky her boyfriends were. And she jokes about how much of a freak she is in front of me.

She has even caught me taking pictures of her. But hasn't told my wife. But when I joke too much about her looks or sex mems since she got a boyfriend bow, she doesn't respond. But when she doesn't have a boyfriend, she way more open and fu. About dirty stuff. Well, she had now invited me to a concert just her and I. Her boyfriend doesn't want to go and myvwife is cool with me going. Not sure if my wifes bestfriend told her now boyfriend I'm going with her. I know we are both big fans of this artist. But to go somewhere with her alone and after our history, would it be top dangerous?

1 month ago

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    • Just remember that she wants you. Feel her up with confidence in that crowd and don't forget to fuck before you get back. It's dangerous, but she's already proven that she won't tell a soul, so she will make a good side piece.

    • You need to keep going to school you can't write English, halfwit.

    • You should pursue any opportunities given to you.

      Going to concert together, getting her drinks and holding her tight to you is an unmissable opportunity. It sounds like she wouldn't mind you feeling her up. Challenge her to prove how much of a freak she is, she might give you a car blowjob or more.

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