Got cought

When i was younger at the age of 25. My friend was 23 we decided to stay home at my house. We found an adult movie popped in the VCR and started watching we didn't know it was a gay lesbian p*** movie. People fight what we seen so we decided to have a little bit of fun. We both got undressed in my bedroom started watching the movie and decided to play with each other it was feeling so good that we did not hear the door open to the house my sister and her friend came in I did not have the bedroom door shut. People seeing what was going on and stood there and watched. I heard a little bit of giggling look towards the door and seen my sisters friend giggling she looked at me and said keep going I like what I seen I said okay you could watch I did not know my sister was hiding and watching us. My sisters friend walked in and sat next to me on the bed and started watching me masturbate I grabbed my friend's penis and started playing with it she said keep going it looks very interesting she looked over at me and said did you know your sister's watching two I said no I did not know that she said let me get her so the two of them watched us play with each other my sister and her friend asked are you going to suck each other besides just masturbate I said why do you want to see it then they both said yes we want to see two guys suck each other so we did we also swallowed each other's Co they asked how did we like it we both looked at it the girls and said it was great would you like to watch her so I can do it sometime soon she said sure and that was the end of it. I told my sister do not tell anybody else in the family what went on she said sure I will not tell nobody Mom Dad brother or anybody it's just between us her friend asked maybe next time you could do me I said if you want I can my friend ask nicely can I do your sister I said sure if she's willing to let you she said sure why not so the next time we had some fun with family and friend.

1 month ago

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