You won't believe this

Okay so I was walking along one day when I met my friend and she asked me if I would go with her to meet her friend and I said "yes, I would like to meet your friend" and she asked me if I'd ever watched anything that wasn't society's normal regular things that people do when they're alone. So I asked her "what do you mean not normal or regular ?" and she said "I didn't say that" and I asked "what do you mean,what is it ?". She said "let's walk,you'll be very surprised" so we took a short walk to her friends house and when we walked up to the door we heard music playing, I almost thought I knew the song as I listened for a few minutes, it sounded like piano music and I thought it sounded like one of my favorite songs. When her friend came to the door she had on a towel when she opened the door and invited us in. She said "I want to show you both something", she said "let's go in the bedroom, I want you to see me do something". We went into the bedroom and there were two chairs, she told us she hasn't done it in front of anyone and she knew we wouldn't tell what we saw. She took off the towel and we sat down and she got onto the floor with the dog and layed on her back. The dog stood up and stepped over her face and stood there and she began to suck its dick. My friend asked me "wouldn't you like getting your dick sucked like that", the woman on the floor sucking the dogs dick was slurping it. My friend said "she's sucking it hard". For an hour we sat there watching until she finished and the dog stepped back to where it was laying and layed down. The woman layed on the floor for a minute and sat up and crawled on her knees in front of me and said "do you want me to suck it". I said in a whisper to my friend "would she" and my friend whispered "yes". She unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out and kissed it and it got hard in a matter of seconds, she pulled my balls out and sucked them for fifteen minutes and sucked my dick for an hour until I shot my load in her mouth. She said to me when she finished "happy birthday, how was I" and I said "okay". My friend told me "I have some things I need to do at home, we would stay longer but I have to get back". The woman said "come back next week" we stood and I said "nice meeting you" and I left with my friend.

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  • Sucked you for an hour. BS you must be near dead and have no feeling

  • Who are you callin' D'arlin' bitch ?

  • Would be better if you saw the dog mount and hump her.

  • Maybe that will happen next week.

  • OH Darling I certainly hope so please tell us about your next trip I am so horny now, just going to get my vibrator, wish I had a dog like that xx

  • Fυηnγ...γεαh...οκαγ...τhξ cοmmεητ ις fυηηγ...γξαh...¿ δοες αηγοηξ ξlςε hαvξ α ςτοrγ...ιf γου δο, τεll mε ιη οηξ lιηξ ωhατ ιτ'ς αβουτ...ιf γου δοη'τ mιηδ...αηγ οf γου...¿ δοες αηγοηε hαvε α qυεςτιοη...δοες αηγοηε hαvε qυεςτιοης...¿ αςκ

  • You're right. I don't believe it.

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