Daughters phone

Our daughter eve is 19,has dark hair and works at an insurance company,she's got a steady boyfriend Mike and everything was hunky dory,until I found her phone,well ill refrase that,she left it on the telephone table by accident and went out,it was ringing and buzzing and starting to piss me off,I picked it up swiped it and somehow opened the phone up! Message after Message all shit,I clicked on her photos,I flicked through,then I saw private file🤔 I opened it up and was genuinely shocked,there were pictures of her on her bed naked,I go back to the lounge where my wife was and showed her the phone! Look at these pictures of eve on here I said handing her the phone,she was just as shocked as I was,she flicked through the pictures and they got worse!! We were looking at somebody's dick! It didn't take us long to find out who it was,Mike! We didn't want to see anymore but my wife still continued,we both gasped!! Eve had a cock in her mouth,this is private we shouldn't look! This was our daughter! Next was a close up of eve's bum,then a bit further away,Mike's finger in her pussy!! I glanced at my wife and said is this turning you on hun? She looked back at me and said nervously I think it is!! What was next I thought? It was eve's pussy,it was hairy like her mothers,I undid my wifes jeans and put my hand in her underwear and played with her bush!! Go on swipe it I told her,it was a full frontal of eve on her bed legs wide apart with her hairy cunt for us to see,my wifes pussy was soaking wet,we put the phone back before this got out of hand!! I can't explain it but sheer lust came over us about our daughter

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    • Okay, so I'm a child of the 70'-80's. My name for this post will be (Samantha) I'm a 47yr old wife and mom of 2 and I own my own business. It's not a million dollar business, but it's very successful in my little town. So it covers my family's lifestyle. The reason I bring this up is to show that not all incest survivors are empty broken shells or individuals who live their lives like meer hermits ashamed of their past. Here's a page from my childhood and how my older brother & I began a incestuous relationship that lasted for several years.
      I'm the youngest child of 4, and the only female child. My oldest brother (Let's call him Matt) and my twin brothers (Jeff & Jack) are my middle siblings. Jeff being the oldest of twins, they're 3 years older then me. And Matt being my oldest sibling is 8 years older then me. I was the surprise child in the family. My parents had only planned on having two kids, but ended up with 4. Tjey always called me the oops baby. We lived in Marrero, La in a 3 bedroom house my parents bought when they married. My brothers Jeff and Jack shared a room and my brother Matt had a room on his own until I turned 4. That's when My parents rearrange his room so I had a small section of space in his room. He never complained, at least I never knew him to complain when I was around. He treated me like a princess, and I loved him for being my protective brother. Jeff and Jack were always the ones who picked on me,but Matt always stood up for me. Which Jeff & Jack knew he would bash their heads in if they hurt my feelings.

    • First I wouldn't mess with my daughter's phone. I would not want to see any of that hell no

    • Tesr

    • What else do you expect out a phone of horny active 19 yo girl?

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