Husband's friend made a pass

My husband and I were invited to his friends and his friends wife's house about a month ago for a cookout. Everything was going good we all had a couple of drinks before we started preparing the dinner. I was in charge of the grill while the others were inside prepping the fixings. I guess was a little buzzed and was enjoying the music as I tended to the grill. After a little while I felt arms around me as my husband's friend says that he will help me turn the meat. It seemed really innocent and felt good so I let him. He was whispering in my ear and complimenting me on how beautiful I looked. He started running his hands up my arms and across my breasts on the outside of my shirt. I could feel his hard on rubbing on my ass. Somehow he got his fingers inside my legs and in my daisy duke shorts and almost to my pussy lips before I stopped him. Although I was getting turned on I stopped him and he apologized. I was frustrated. We all ate dinner and we went home. My husband asked me on the way home what happened to which I said "nothing". His friend has been calling me for the last few weeks and apologizing. Last weekend my husband and I were doing some roll playing and he proceeded to tie me up. As he got out the toys and was getting me turned on with the vibrator he informed me that he saw me push his friend away. He asked me to tell him all that happened. I told him that his friend was getting a little to frisky and that is all. We had a great love making session, but I found myself fantasizing about his friend as we got it on. I'm afraid of what I might do if I see his friend again.

10 days ago

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    • Sounds like your husband might give you a hall pass. Lots of guys will let wife screw a buddy and no one else. Reasons: show her off, maybe penance for cheating himself. thinks a side fuck will spice thing up for both -- but not with a stranger. I spied on my wife giving a buddy a blowjob -- I was like ehh -- so what-- I wish they were more discrete. He was going through divorce and hadn't been laid in a year. 5 years alter I told her and she fessed up to giving him 20+ but never fucked "I like doing it OK -- he was a friend in need. I didn't want him knocking up some barroom hussy."

    • Similar story with my wife.
      I also had a good friend that had just went through a bad divorce. His wife was banging a neighbor while he was away. Ring camera got it.
      Long story but my wife did not like his ex! My wife thought she was a stuck up bitch, talked down to people including my wife.
      He was at our house one Saturday watching golf. He already took a few whisky shots and started whining to us that he'd never find another woman.
      I looked at my wife and she smiled back. I said, "I'm going to the store for a few. I'll be back soon." While I was leaving, my wife promised to message when she finished so things wouldn't be awkward when I return.
      I got back and I could tell my friend was acting strange but my wife was calm. I broke the ice and asked if he enjoyed his BJ. He looked shocked as we came clean with everything.

    • Hall pass guy here. I'm blessed, she pretty, hot, big tits, loves sucking dick. If I don't fuck first thing in the morning she blows me in the shower. And she's all mouth, no hands -- loud slurping sound , which outed her sucking off my buddy. ~gee, that sounds familiar~ I look out the window, she's on the patio below sucking off buddy. Before she met me she said she never had a boss she didn't suck off. As soon as they were in the least bit inappropriate.
      Boss: That top really shows off your bust.
      Sally: You want a blowjob, don't you. I can do that.
      Big company, she said evil minded woman coworkers spread help spread the word for her.

    • I'm a 52 year old female and partner at a law firm. I've been to numerous banquets and socials with my husband for his job and mine. Over the years, I can't tell you how many times I've had my butt squeezed during a dance and never had a problem with it!

      Banquets and socials are a time for people to enjoy good wine 'blow-off steam' and enjoy life.

      There's a difference between innocent flirting and petting vs cheating.
      I was always taught in school that a proper 'lady' can keep the flirting and petting 'in check' while remaining classy.

    • I’m liking you my dear,,

    • My buddy Bob and and his wife Jan -- my wife Sally and I go out with Sat nights. Bob is trying to fuck Sally, I'm returning the favor. We have this unsaid rule -- go for it, it equals out. I hand Jan's top off parking -- nice firm B cups to play with. Sally was in NY, Bob fishing. "let's go for a ride (in my 68 Charger) feeling a little naughty." I saw marks on Sally's big tits, I'm sure complements of Bob. The work of a guy not used to big tits. I was the same way, so I get that tell tail sign. In our pool, Sally and Bob are having beers on the patio. Jan is spread eagle on a Truck inner tube. I pop up between her legs and kiss her upper thighs. She moaning away and spreads her bikini bottom to the side "don't just fucking tease my kitty, man up." Sorta got more than I bargained for, she held my head like a beach ball rubbing it into her pussy. She was cumming, out of her mind, beyond caring if we got caught. When we finally looked up, Bob and Sally gone, in the garage. "Karma, Sally's probably giving my Bob a blowjob. We got oral from the S****'s today." Maybe they saw us and figured WTF -- let's get even.

    • Danny slept over the night before, I woke up early, took a shower, came downstairs still wearing my robe, did the dishes and was getting ready to prepare breakfast. Danny comes up behind me says good morning, and brushes up against me to reach for a glass cup. I could feel his hard on, he was just wearing his pajama pants and no shirt. He gets his drink and sits down watching me. I asked him what he wanted for breakfast and said I’m looking at it, my reply was oh yeah? And that was the end of it. We made some small talk, but nothing more. I went upstairs to get dressed. But tbh I definitely would’ve had sex right then and there, or even just given him a bj. I’ve cheated on my hubby once before and twice since, but never with Danny. But looking back, I definitely would have, we even had more than an hour since no one was getting up

    • Can you post a confession (or two) about your previous cheating sessions?

    • Ok, I'm mid 40s raised in the south and there's a few things that don't sound right about this story.
      1. I've never been to a cookout when a female guest is asked to be in charge of the grilling. Usually, guys take the duty so they can drink beer and 'guy talk'.
      2. I've known my husband's friends for years. They've always gave my butt a nice little pat when I bring them a drink.
      3. Finally, The author claims to be at a friends house for a cookout but has decided to wear 'Daisy Duke' shorts that are so short a guy can slide his finger VJAY? I'm not judging because I used to wear short denim shorts back in my waitress days. However, the only denim shorts that I can think of that would allow a finger to get inside the thigh to your VJAY are so short you should be working a pole at a strip club.
      4. I think this is a fake story.

    • She said fingers "almost" to her pussy but all the way there.

    • I will add one more thing to that reply. If he is a real friend of the husband then he would realize that the wife or girlfriend is off limits! A true friend would know a no fly zone, if he didn't he would not be a friend anymore.

    • My husband's friend Allan grabs my butt all the time. Allan was in the military with my husband and I've known him for over 20 years. He's a 'player' and never married.
      Allan's at our house all the time and we treat him like family. I've never had a problem with him rubbing or grabbing my butt neither has my husband.

    • He’s gay…..older guy never married. Probably bi, and has sex with your hubby.

    • It's sad you judge people you've never met. I'm betting you're a 'smart' millennial still living with mom and dad.
      There was a generation before millennials that loved nailing as much p$$y as they could without having gay thoughts.
      Then the millennial generation entered and everything has to be gay.

    • Then what?

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