My girlfriend's bestie

My gf has a female friend who is way sexier than her. I am attracted to her friend. Yesterday when me and my gf were getting physically intimate, I wasn't getting an orgasm. Finally I managed to get one when I thought of her friend. I and her friend occasionally text on academic stuffs and nothing more. But I am craving for her and keep browsing through her photos on social media platforms. Please give me some suggestions if I can bang her.

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  • It might be hard to find the opportunity, but see if you can get her to meet up at a coffee shop or something to talk about academics and then more personal things. Give her compliments. She will pick up on your interest. btw, if you have to think about her to get off with your gf, you are dating the wrong person anyway.

  • Do it
    If your Gf finds out tell her you need more than one pussy to satisfy you
    If she dumps you, whatever,
    Bitch will think about you fucking her friend in her sleep for years then

  • Hahahaha. Best reply...

  • I want someone for some quickies.

  • Using your current girlfriend as a "bridge" to try and fuck one of her hotter friends is as old as time. Ask your girlfriend's bestie for advice on something non-sexual, then tell her you took the advice and it worked (even if it's all bullshit). Look for things in common, then try to have her catching you doing them "accidentally". Of course you can nail her. But don't piss off your current GF, as if you do, she is likely to tell the girl that you really want that you're an asshole, as girls talk to each other about this stuff way more than guys do.

  • Grt advice, buddy. Hav u nailed sum1??

  • You shouldn't bring it up--that would be shitty. When my bf once confessed to fantasizing about fucking one of my friends, I slapped him across the room. If you are going to act like garbage, at least keep it to yourself.

  • Maam, u can take my garbage in ur cunt.

  • Poor bf of urs..

  • If you really want to fuck her, just drop hints about a threesome for a while, then ask if she'd be okay with it

  • Yo, that's how I fucked my sis in law...

  • That's great buddy.

  • U r jus a pc of cunt!!!

  • So r u...

  • Me too in similar dilemma. It's about bf n buddy

  • Fck thm both.

  • Leave them n fuck me...

  • I sucked my wife's rival cunt.

  • Wow....

  • Fucked hubby's boss in our bedroom while he's in ofc

  • Why don't u fuck me babes??

  • You deserve my fart

  • Rihht on his face...

  • Mah gf banged my friend. I banged her sister. Sweet revenge.

  • Bang ur frnd wife revenge wud b sweeter

  • I ditched my gf and hitched with her friend. Sometimes you get the sun after you move the clouds.

  • U r da hunk. ๐Ÿ˜˜

  • No harm, buddy. Unless it's just casual sex. It happens.

  • My bae.

  • I have fucked my mother's friend.

  • I love mah father's gf and my step brother is my own child.

  • I sleep with my wife's friends sometimes. I had banged six of them, including her cousin and aunt.

  • My hubby lives in a separate city and i stay with my in-laws. I have threesome with my FIL and BIL.

  • Start having child with them. It's all in family.

  • Oh you sl*ty b**ch. Come and suck my cock too.

  • I went one better to have a threesome with my girl and her friend. You never know what can happen. All the best.

  • Oh, u lucky ba***rd.

  • Stay loyal to ur girl plzz.

  • Nigga spotted.

  • I am a loyalist bae.

  • Beats being a Separatist

  • No gf = No bestie = No sex = Jealousy = Moral lessons

  • Lots of old morons spotted here with loads of moral lessons uploaded.

  • You keep your boner inside the sluts.

  • The 3 inch loyalists. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Yo buddy, just try to give her a pass and see if she responds. It's always great to have an extramarital.

  • Unless you've got kids. Don't screw your kid's lives just to screw some chick

  • And don't become an ass in pursuit of a chick.

  • N make sure u dnt father her child.

  • Some fantasy's should stay just that. a fantasy. We don't get everything we think we want.

  • Bt ppl shud try 2 get thr drms, wnt thy??

  • True bro. I too have an unrealistic desire to fuck my sexy mother-in-law.

  • Youโ€™re soon going to have no one and have to start over plus itโ€™s not fair to your girl now she-can make some other guy happy

  • My ex gf was a slut and slept with many men while living in with me.

  • Imagine gf riding ur friend's dick in return.

  • You can't.

  • Why can't he??

  • Because he seems like a fucking idiot and won't be able to close the deal. My comment wasn't about morality.

  • Guide him then so that he can close the deal. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Yeah just keep loving your gf so she doesn't suspect and pursue her friend elsewhere

  • How many girls u fucked??

  • Like slutty talks.

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