I wanna get a white woman pregnant

I am a black guy.I just want to find a white woman,legal age,single or married,have sex with her until I knock her up and she can have my baby.I have slept with many white women but none has gotten pregnant.Most of them are on the pill or have their tubes tied.With all the white women in the world,I cant believe how difficult it is to get just one pregnant.I have worked and craved this for years!

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  • First of all, none got knocked up. Thank God. Maybe your the one with the problem. Look into it bro. "Slept with many white woman". Sure bro,sure. On the pill or tied tubes. Well duh stupid. There's the problem. Shut this stupid quest down. Then again what does this say about those few women that let you try. I'm sure these are not your quality women.

  • Hope you found your white girl, as most white girls these days are turning to black men. Especially because they are great talkers, smell great, have swag, mascular, great at sex and can give a girl that baby. I was lucky a year ago to have my first baby thanks to a black man. Tried for years with different white guys. But first time with a black man I got pregnant. I met a black guy few weeks later we had sex. Had sex in several position I never had sex in before, he had me in doggy style over the bed, he was pounding away like an animal, he started breathing heavy , making grunt sounds, he shouted he was going to cum. I knew he wasn't pulling out either and then he blew a huge load inside me as he was grunting. There was so much cum. Defiantly for sure the rest of my babies are going to come from a black man.

  • Most white girls are turning to black men. No. That's just what you want to believe. Cause you're one of those filthy things that likes to see his wife having sex with other men. That's your wife, not a girlfriend. Not saying girlfriends should do it. They shouldn't. But what does this say about your wife. Nasty.

  • At my daughters school seven of the children in her class of about twenty are interracial. I always make sure on parent teacher night to go and get a look at all of the hot white women that have been bred. I actually fucked one of them a real great piece of ass. Wish the wife would breed then I would get as hot for her as I do for the black cock sluts I admire.

  • B*llsh*t. If true,you are really f**ked up. No respect for your wife or daughters. You're a h*ll of guy.

  • My wife's legs are spread wide open for any black guy that wants to fuck the slut. Use her she needs to get that belly swollen and filled be black seed. I caught the bitch fucking bbc now four times. The latest was the last straw we are getting divorced. Have fun guys she is all yours.

  • Good show. Well done.

  • I guess deep down I would love to breed. I am a 33 year old married white women that has had eight black boy friends over the past several years. All of them have asked me to breed. I play head games with myself I tell them no then go off the pill and take their seed so far no results. I done that with five of the guys one time each. I would be so happy if I found out I was pregnant with a little black baby. I think the husband would divorce me though. Head games yuck.

  • No black baby yet. Be thankful. See, you're a married women or married filth as the case might be. You may be 33, but you act like a common street wh@re. You must be broken. Let your husband go. He can salvage his life. You I'm afraid, are lost. Letting men use you shows how lost you are.

  • I met this women nine years ago and started dating her. On our first date I fucked her in her mouth, pussy, and ass. I thought that was hot. I figured I would date her for a couple months get my rocks off and move on. Well seems we actually hit if off. She was a slut but an interesting slut. We got married after two years of dating. She came with baggage two little black kids. She had been bred by two of her lovers. No problem I thought until baby number three came along it was black too. So was baby number four. While I know she was fucking black guys on the side and that was no problem. Seems she gets talked into breeding easy. We solved the problem she can no longer have kids but if she could guess what color they would be...……………..

  • You married that?

  • She's gross. You are one stupid man. Solved the problem. To little to late. Dumb@ss.

  • When I was sixteen I absolutely wanted to have a black baby. But my dad was extremely racist. So I never had any black boyfriends, well that he knew of. I'm currently seven months pregnant and he is gonna have a surprise when the baby pops out. It is gonna be black. And he will be pissed to know it was from one of the black guys he works with.

  • Sorry to hear that. $hit for brains.

  • I know where your coming from, my father was very racist. I always thought black guys were cute while in college. Had sex with a few while in college and kept it a secret. But never dated any of them because of my father and I wanted to be with a black man and have a black baby all my friends were having black babies. Well got my chance in a sad way. 2 years ago when I was 31 my father passed away. So few months after the funeral. Was at a friends house for a bonfire and met this super sexy black guy.few weeks later we had sex and lucky me got pregnant. We had a baby girl.

  • Had sex with few in college and kept it a secret. Boy! Your a b**ch. I bet dad's turning over in his grave. Your just a horrible person. Dad's dead. Black men here i come. To bad it was a girl. You'll teach her the same bad habits.

  • I got pregnant from a black guy at age 23. I was out with friends at a club afterwards I called a Uber, A heavy set black guy showed up. We talked the whole ride back to my apartment. His name was Shelton he was 38 years old. He got out the car and open the door for me and was nice and walked me into the building. Got to my door, I was having fun talking to him so I invited him in. We talked for awhile, I was little wet and horny, so I made a move on him. Kissed him for a bit, rubbing his cock, moved to unzipping his pants, sucked his cock, sat him on my sofa, took my dress and thong off, got on his cock and rode it. I let him cum in me. He left shortly after sex. Few weeks later found out I was pregnant but ended up having a miscarriage in 2nd month.

  • Him leaving, that's what you get. Besides. He was heavy set. What were you thinking. I guess your standards are low. He left. Well thank goodness for the miscarriage. Just don't do it again.

  • I am sorry for your loss. But I have a pretty similar story. Older black guy who was an uber driver. He was at least in his 40's though. I'm twenty five. He was very smooth, kept complimenting me. Telling me how pretty I was and how surprising it was that I didn't have a boyfriend. It got pretty flirty He walked me to my door, and he made the first move. Kissed me then got me into my apartment where he fucked me all over the place. I'm now six months pregnant.

  • WOW! Your easy. Not pregnant. In your case it's knocked up. Sorry to hear that.

  • Hey I am white female that is open to having a black baby. If I meet Mr. Right and he is black so be it. I am 26 years old I love having fun but the clock is ticking time to settle down and start a family. About 90% of the men I date are black so their is a good chance Mr. Right will be black.

  • I'm sorry. Where's a car accident when you need one.

  • After 12 years of marriage our sex life had become boring. So we started swinging with other couples. One of the couples wives was into BBC. She took my wife under her wing and introduce her to BBC. My wife then turned on a friend of hers to BBC to. Well all three them decided to make there commitment to BBC several months ago. They all refused to fuck there husbands afraid we would knock them up. All three now have black baby bumps. All of the husbands are happy now as the women are letting us fuck them again. Going five months without pussy was killing me.

  • Just do yourself in. Your a moron. Good move d*ckhead. Life for you is over. She is lost ya know. A$$.

  • I went to a party and ended up bringing a guy named Dante back to my apartment. He was the first black guy I was ever fucked. It was an amazing night. And I had never been used so thoroughly before. I was pouring sweat and panting loudly before he was done and fell asleep after being fucked so hard.

    Few weeks later I found out I was pregnant and tried to find a way to reach him but no one I knew from the party said they knew a Dante. I never did find a way to reach him but he has a beautiful daughter and he got me addicted to black cock.

  • He left your ass, but your addicted to black cock. Hey! How do you like all the stares from people? When they look at you with your daughter. Yeah.

  • I tell my wife all the time when you play with fire one day your going to get burnt. She just found out she is pregnant. We are not sure whose it is. She got home after a date with her BBC and she gave me some pussy that night too. Anyway to find out the babies race before birth?

  • Your both f*cked in the head.

  • My wife and I have been trying to have children for several years with no success. We both went to the doctor and found out my sperm will not produce children. Since my wife loves screwing black men we have decided to have her bred by a black bull. So she has been busy over the past several months interviewing black men. Since the new year she has interviewed 14 studs. Yeah she screwed them all but she is still on the pill. We are actually looking for college educated black with a great background. His did does not have to be nine or ten inches but he needs a big brain.

  • Here is an update on my wife breeding for a black bull. We met this really cool guy and he seemed to be the perfect match for what we wanted for the babies daddy. Well would like to report a very successful breeding. She is now 8 weeks pregnant with his baby. We are very happy to have a chance to become parents. If everything works out as planned she will breed two more times and that will be our perfect little family.

  • Your first name must be dumb and hers must be dumber. Now that she's pregnant she is a WWW. Just wait until the kids teen age years, they'll hate you. You are no part of them.

  • Looking for a college educated black man. Good luck.

  • My wife has had two black babies before we met. She was screwed by both men. Neither wanted anything to due with her while she was pregnant or afterwards. Searching for the right black stud to bred your wife is very wise. My wife still fucks blackcock now and then but no more breeding for her two kids is enough. She is very happy just fucking them and moving on to the next one.

  • Is very wise? You are one messed up (so called)man. That's your wife you a$$.

  • I left my first wife because she screwed a black guy and had his baby. My second wife started dating black men and i bailed on that before she bred. She had two black babies. So I guess your thinking i married again and she get black pregnant too.........Nope wrong I only date now no more wife to worry about. I am now dating only black women. Seems all of their men our fucking our wives and are too busy to keep their women happy. Don't get mad white guys get even. Black women really fuck great. Their is no way I would even consider fucking a stuck up white women again. I guess it BBC for me. Big black cunt LOL.

  • Thanks man. Make us all look bad. Really. Big black c***. Really.

  • I fine it very encouraging that so many men here want their wives to breed for black men. Now if I could only convince my husband this is cool My boy friend really wants to knock me up. in a couple weak moments i have barebacked him while i was off birth control Hell who am i kidding i wanted him to knock me up. We get so hot when we fuck. i never feel like that when i have sex with my husband. I guess that is the difference me and the husband have sex. Me and my black stud fuck.

  • It's not cool you garbage. Husband and a boyfriend. Want him to knock you up. Difference. Yup. Garbage!

  • My best friend and I are both pregnant by the same black guy. We had a threesome, and he fucked us both relentlessly. I don't know what is with black guys but damn do they have some swimmers!

  • A threesome hu? So, what does this say about both of you? Happy life? No. Domed? Very much so. B*llsh*t alert. Sorry, not buying it. Good try.

  • Sure.

  • Yeah these black guys do have strong swimmers. Went out with friends bar hopping and this black guy tagged along with us. Got his number next night we went bar hopping again and ended up going back to my place. I was horny as hell and recently became single. I figure I try a black man for first time. Pull his pants down to reveal a monster cock, he fucked me in every position with such aggression and anger, choking me, putting fingers in my mouth, hair pulling, slapping my ass. Finally he blasted a load in me. And I got pregnant.

  • Sorry to rain on your parade. Any and every man have swimmers. How do you think there are other races out there. You just sound stupid when say dumb things like that. Oh yeah, look who I'm talking to.

  • To bad.

  • My girl friend has a belly filled with a black baby right now. Sorta sexy knowing another man has his baby in my gf belly. She is four months pregnant so in five months lets see how i feel about it. Not being married to her gives me options. In the mean time i fuck the slut in her ass every night as punishment. Now you know why i say its sexy.

  • "Sorta sexy knowing another man has his baby in my gf belly." Are you for real? Holy crap. You one sick f*ck. I guess she is too. You and her have turned her into a WWW. What a sh*tty life.

  • A$$hole.

  • My wife has begged me to let one of her lovers bred her. While I think it would really hot I just would have a hard time explaining it to my friends and family. We are a kinky couple and the wife prefers black cock. That would sound strange to me. She had gotten pregnant once by a black guy but we aborted it. I must admit it was hot. I went down on her pussy every night knowing another mans baby was in her tummy. Getting hard thinking about LOL. Maybe one day.

  • Hey if you ever find a cover story that has a good reason for you wife having a black baby let me know. Would love to have the wife bred. I hate seeing all that seed that is being planted in her going to waste.

  • Going to waste is ok.

  • My wife loves showing me stories about white women breeding for black men. She has been seeing blacks for years on the side. Well finally it happen she got knocked up. Since everyone that knows her knew she was into fucking black guys no cover story was needed. She is currently pregnant but we don't know who knocked her up. She had sex with both her boyfriend and me that night. Three more months and we fine out who daddy is.

  • Hey husbands! Hey wives! Remember, forsaken all others. Ring a bell you f*cks.

  • The wife and i tried to conceive but were told that she could not have kids. So at that point she stopped using birth control with her black lovers. About a year and a half and maybe six lovers she got black pregnant. That was the best day of her life. We had a little daughter. Wanting to have a second child she started fucking the guy that knocked her up everyday for months with no luck. She dropped him and took on new lovers when she was in the mood. Seven years later and perhaps 35 lovers later she is black pregnant again. I don't what's in their sperm but it works on my wife. I would think for every load of black cum she has had i put two loads in her with no results. Oh well she is now 7 months pregnant with a boy this time. That's it a perfect family one boy one girl.

  • We need another car accident over here.

  • Maybe the reason this guy can't get a white women pregnant is because of women like my wife. My wife is into BBC big time. Last year she banged 14 different black men. All of them bareback. She said once they get in her she tells them she is not on birth control please don't cum in me. That is a like telling a goat don't eat the grass. Almost every one of them cum in her pussy. Most go for seconds and more if they can get it. No protection thinking they just knocked her up. One day perhaps. I know that she really would like to breed but her work interest out weigh her lust for a black man planting his seed in her.

  • She sounds like a prize. White slut. Calling her white, that's an insult to the white dudes.

  • I really want to fuck a black guy and get pregnant by him. I live in the Columbus, OH area so if anyone can give tips on the best place to meet and fuck one would be awesome.

  • Yeah. Go to a freeway and cross it.

  • Got the good news Friday afternoon. i am black pregnant. Yes. Both my husband and boy friend are so excited that i am knocked up. The boy friend wanted to knock me up because he thinks my husband is a ass hole. My husband wanted the boy friend to knock me up so he could get some pussy from me. I have not fucked the husband in three and a half months as i wanted to make sure my baby would be black. Well the husband wants to fuck his black pregnant wife so i got to go. Wish me luck i have to pretend i enjoy his little white cock.

  • Sorry about that. It sucks to hear that. I guess she does too.

  • Congrats! My black daddy just knocked me up! And I'm going to be having a black baby soon! He says the second I get the first one out he is going to fill me with another!

  • Shut up! Not not the first. Waste of life. Just another WWW. Oh well.

  • Hey looks like BBC got two white chicks pregnant within several days. My wife is barebacking her bull right now. Lets hope we can make it three white chicks. Breed them all.

  • God! You're such an a$$.

  • F*ch you all a$$hole.

  • Put my wife in line for breeding. I am surprised with all the black seed that she has taken she has not had a dozen black kids. Perhaps one day.

  • Yeah! Perhaps one day soon, miscarriage.

  • I hid my wifes birth control pills because i know she fucks her bull bare back. No way she is telling him to wear a condom. Long story short she got pregnant. Four months before that black baby comes out of her willing white womb. Love it I eat that pussy ever night. I love looking at her swollen tummy knowing whats inside her tummy.

  • Oh man. You just sick. Sh*t just sick.

  • I caught my husband cheating on me about a year into our marriage. That was 14 years ago. I got pissed and returned the favor over and over. I would say that i have fucked more than 75 men that he does not know about. I would say that about 60% of the men i fuck are black. Black men are the only men I fuck bareback. Deep down i guess I really would like to be bred. I have the best orgasms when i am fucking blacks bare back. I would have no problem having a black baby.

  • You are one h*ll of a prize. A filthy prize. You are trash. He cheated 14 years ago. You return the favor 100 times more than he ever did. Nothing but a filthy WWW. Meaning. Worthless White Woman.

  • Would have no problem having a black baby. Just remember your wife and all these other wives are breeding down. Cool right?

  • Looking at the date of the original post i am wondering if the author ever got a white women pregnant. Looking at the responses it would appear he or any black man can dump their load in a white women without a problem. I am white female and have had plenty of sex with black men several have asked me to let them knock me up. If the right guy asked i would gladly let them breed me. I only date black men so when i settle down my womb is his.

  • Well,big f**king deal. You just told the world your a slut(plenty of sex with black men). That's a slut. You might settle down,but he won't. Their track record for hanging around isn't good. I wish you nothing but ill will.

  • I got pregnant by a black guy I met at the bar. He bought me some drinks. Took me back to his place and blew his load in me. Was on the pill and thought I was safe. But now I'm six months pregnant with a black baby.

  • Met at a bar. You are one classy piece of filth. A one night whore and with the worse taste in men. Doesn't say much about you, giving it up in one night. No real loss. Single motherhood here I come. Stupid.

  • My husband shares me with a black friend of his. We all live together in a one bedroom apartment. So when one of them fucks me the other joins in. The black guy is hung my husband is average in cock size. I have come to a point where i only want the black guy in my pussy. The size difference of the BBC provides so much more pleasure. I am in my early 40's and feel the need to get pregnant before its to late. Since I only want the black guy in my pussy the baby is going to be his. I want to breed for him not my husband. My question is will he stick by me if hubby leaves. I am 42 the hubby is 28 and lover boy is 21. I guess i really and worried about the age of the guys and if either of them will stick around.

  • Being 42 you should have more respect for marriage. You're 42. He's 28. Other guy is 21. No matter the age, all of you are f**ked in the head. I hope it is to late to knock you up, because if you had a kid I'm sure you'd mess it up.

  • Both of my sisters have had black children and I see no reason why I should not do the same. I love going to the mall with my sisters kids and pushing the carriage with the children in them. I like people thinking they are mine. At first my husband didn't like to go with me but now he appears ok with people thinking his wife bred the babies. One day perhaps that will be true. One of my sisters babies was with a man from Africa. A real dark skinned man. Her baby is also dark. It amazing that that child came from a pale red headed women's womb. I hope my baby will be just as dark. I have had sex with a couple of his friends from Africa and I just loved it. I wish I had taken them bareback.

  • You see no reason why you should not do the same? What are you, 5. Lets just hope they jump off a cliff. I see no reason you shouldn't the same.

  • Don't you just hate sisters? Well I mean when their whores. Your husband was doing the right thing. Now he's just another a$$hole.

  • I am a married white women that is fertile. My husband has had vasectomy after having three children with his first wife. We have talked about letting another man knock me up and call the baby ours. I have no problem letting a black man breed me. I have had sex with lots of men and black men get me hotter than any other race. So if i am going to go nine months with a big belly at least I had the best man for the job breed me. Hubby seems to be on the fence on this. One day he fine with it other days he is not. One thing for sure he loves to see me fuck black men. He really gets off watching me. One day he is going to watch me make a baby with one lucky black man.

  • Gee. You and your husband are crap. The other guy to knock you up has to be a black guy right? Sorry. Bullsh*t alert. Bullsh*t alert.

  • Seems to me that it should not be that difficult to convince a white women to breed for you. My wife has always had a thing for well hung black men. When she was 26 she dated a very dominate black bull who demanded that she fuck him bare and with no means of birth control. Of course it happened our daughter is now 9 years old. Three years later my wife was into this other black guy and she thought he wanted to breed her so she when off the pill. She had her second black baby. The wife had misread his intentions as he wanted nothing to do with her once she started getting the baby bump. She had a third child with another black guy that wanted to get a married white women pregnant. Now 35 years old no more babies she had her tubes tied.
    So when she fucks a new bull she lets him know she old does bareback and she is not on the pill. All true statements. You would not believe how hard the bulls work thinking they can knock her up LOL.

  • I was with a dominate black guy for a while. He wouldn't wear a condom and refused to let me be on birth control. Would cum in me and tell me it was his right to get me pregnant.

  • WWW! Unclean.

  • I'm not white, I'm Asian but I just had a black baby recently. My second actually but the first time I had sex with a black guy I was hooked. He said he didn't wear condoms, and I was on the pill and figured fuck it because I was horny. We fucked all over the place and when he came in me, It felt like I knew I would get pregnant. I could feel it fill me up. And sure enough a few weeks later I found out I was pregnant. I now have a beautiful son and love him to death. My new boyfriend, who is also black, really wants to get me pregnant. Has been talking about kids all the time lately.

  • I'm sure you honored the family. I mean disgraced your family. It doesn't matter if mom and dad are dead, you can still disgraced them. I'm sure you did. Asian woman. Jesus H. I guess you're one we didn't need. Your gonna have kids with all different dads. Your awesome. I think the guy below me is right.

  • Bullsh*t alert! Bullsh*t alert.

  • I love black cock and recently found I'm pregnant and of course it will be black!

  • I see nothing but ill will coming your way by many people. Prepare!

  • As it should be. My wife has had three black children and I hope she has three more. I love eating her pussy when she is black pregnant it turns me on to know another mans baby is in her tummy. Recently we found out her sister is black pregnant. Her husband was against it but I told him about my fetish of eating the wife while she Is black pregnant and he tried in. Turns out I am not the only one that enjoys eating a wife out that is black pregnant he likes it too. He got so turned on by it he let me eat his wife out too. She tasted so damm good. So if you a white women that is black pregnant let us know you will have too men ready to start eating.

  • You are an idiot. Your wife is a black slut. Adds up to , you two are f*cked up. I mean really messed up. I mean out there. Who hurt you both to make you like the things you are? Sick @ssholes.

  • Hey dude my wife white she fertile and she loves fucking black men. Need I say more. Knock the slut up.

  • Sorry to hear that. By the way it's white wife not what you wrote. Anyhow, this is bogus.

  • I found this post months ago and it really got me thinking. I had never had sex with a black guy but the thought had me so turned out I had to try it . The first guy I met was really disappointing. But the second literally blew my mind. He fucked me everywhere in my apartment. My neighbors actually complained from how loud I was being. But I didn't care. I'm now three months pregnant with his baby and I have never been happier.

  • Turned out? You got that right. If you can't spin a sentence right what kind of mom are going make. Get an education. Oh yeah. I forgot. Bullsh*t alert! Bullsh*t alert! Just read it. You'll see.

  • The wife loves to get dark meat into her horny pussy. It would be nice to see something dark coming out of that pussy. We have talked about letting her breed and we both have agreed we are all for it. Just waiting for the right time and the right bull.

  • Y-You're not a man right? Real men take care of their own wives and real wives don't let other men have her because she is yours. Alas I see it now. You're a chump and she's a (I dare not say).

  • I'm really thinking of having a black baby. I had sex with a black guy recently and he literally fucked so hard that the condom broke. He filled me with so much cum I was scared I would get pregnant. But luckliy was on birth control. But now the more I think on it the more I really want one.

  • WWW. Lost to any and everyone you know. Now you want one. How grand for you. You should just change your first name to ruin.

  • Oh dear! I applaud your evident pro-life convictions. But if you haven't accomplished this by now ... have you considered the possibility that you're shooting 'blanks?' Hope that's not it, but I have to wonder...

    Here's wishing you all the best!

  • I had to laugh at that comment. Truly possible that the dude is shooting blanks. My old lady fucks bbc every chance she gets. While she is on birth control two of them have made her pregnant. Both were aborted. That is some strong baby making seed in them black balls. The wife keeps telling me she is not going to abort the next one. To the original writer of this post please fuck my wife. I think that would work out fine for me and the wife. She gets more bbc and I don't have to worry about her getting pregnant.

  • No d*ck head. Maybe the problem lies with her. Oh yeah it is. How wonderful for you and her. You both just bred down. Good for you. Look at you go hu.

  • I got pregnant with my first black guy at 16. Had another by 18. Then had another by 21. I'm now 26 and I have 5 kids all from black guys. 2 have the same dad the other 3 have different dad's. But I love them all and love black cock.

  • Messed up since 16 hu. No great loss. I mean shes been a teenage wh@re since 16. Whats that tell you. Everything you need to know.

  • I've had sex with quite a few dudes and didn't get pregnant. Had sex with a black guy over a month ago and bam pregnant. It was like I could just feel it happen. I don't think I've ever had so much cum in me before.

  • Yes you have. Good luck. I hope it's all bad.

  • It was the same with me. He literally walked up to me at the bar and said I'm gonna put a black baby in you tonight. Laughed it off. Had a fun night, ended up back at his place. Ended up having twins. My dad didn't speak to me for awhile.

  • Good for your dad. To bad it was only for a while.

  • I had the same experience! Big black dude ( 6'2" )walked right up to me ( 5'3") and said I'm gonna get you pregnant tonight. Said whatever. He had me begging for me as he fucked me all over his apartment that night. He held me up and pinned me to the wall and fucked me relentlessly. He came in me time and time again. Found out I was pregnant. I had never been fucked so hard.

  • As is should be. Glad to hear your a black breeder.

  • "Glad to hear your a black breeder." That = breeding down.

  • Good for you I am glad to hear one more white women has surrendered her womb to breed for the black race. Hopefully many more black babies will fill your tummy. I have had two black babies and one in my belly right now. I could say all by different men but that would be a lie. I am married to a black man. Life is great.

  • Yeah surrendered her dignity,honor,and worth to anyone. Life is great.

  • My wife and I swing a lot. We have discussed fantasies of all of the women and what they really would like to have done to them. I would say 90% of the women want to fuck black men. I would say at least 70% would breed if they were asked by their black lover. My wife has already fucked several black men and she would love to breed. I think that would be hot.

  • Update to the above story the wife is PREGNANT and the baby will be black. A dream come true.

  • "A dream come true." No. No. No. You mean nightmare my frie.....I mean moron.

  • Having dated this black guy for over a year I gave into him and let him breed me. It was so damm hot. Every time of the month that I was at my most fertile stage we fucked our brains out. It took four months but it happened I got pregnant. Took me another four months to break the news to my husband. The belly was getting to big to hide. Anyway our marriage suffered until after the birth of my daughter at which time my hubby and I smoothed things out. So hubby said no long term relationships with men outside our marriage. Now i am restricted to casual sex only. But the good news is they will all be black. I love BBC.

  • I've seriously considered getting pregnant by a black guy. All the stories I here really make me want to do it.

  • Do what, ruin your life. By all means we need to root out all the bad white ones. When white things go black it's cool. All it tells us is which are the bad ones to get rid of. Like rotten fruit.

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  • So. You're bi,right?

  • Hey I don't think that is a big issue. I know my wife has considered letting a black man breed her. Our issue is who is going to pay to raise the child. We already have two children so a third is out of the question right now. She is very careful when she fucks a stranger condoms are a must. The only one she fucks bareback is me and her sisters ex boy friend whom is black but he can't produce children anymore.

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  • I am a married white women whom mostly dated black men until I met my husband who is also white. I enjoyed sex with black men more than any other race. With that said when it comes to raising a child it takes more than the actual sex act to do that. I believe that my children should have two parents and not a hit and run father.
    If I had met the right black man I would have married him and had his child no problem.

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  • Well,I had been enjoying reading replies to this post and emails from a few interested women.Suddenly,lavabit dot com got suddenly shut down or suspended operations, a couple of weeks ago, due to an ongoing government case rather than compromise it's privacy and security assurance to customers.In the process,no lavabit customer can access,retrieve or migrate emails.What an inconvenient loss!OP

  • my 2 cents. the younger ones are going to be more open to what you want bcuz they haven't been raised in a society that views these relationships as taboo. plus your age will be more appealing to them bcuz they LOVE to be with somebody who knows how to take care of their bodies and not just focus on getting himself off. but most of all it seems clear that you will treat them with respect and offer them a status that the typical black guys there own age aren't able to. you have an incredible amount going for you but i think you really have to look at the younger ones. your impulses are amazingly sexy for women my age (40s), trust me, but i have to be honest and say to you that its the young crowd who are going to get off there b/control in a heartbeat and give you babies. yes, babies...........much more than just one. you wont be able to keep them off you.

  • I agree with her. I'm 42wf and married and this idea is reeeeeeeeally sexy and hot but my tubes are tied so I'm of no use to your or anyone else in your situation but I wish you great luck not that you need any. The young girls will jump up on that big thick meat and stay there. The problem will be getting them to leave or stop getting knocked up.......

  • One of the women I know has her ovaries removed and the other has some sort of filter inserted in her tubes so no chance of getting any of them pregnant.Thanks for your assurance and advice.Please don't feel less useful just because your tubes are tied..you are still a wonderful woman and I value what you said.The other thing is I have dated women of all ages and ethnicities. I have noticed that its easier for me to get a black woman pregnant than any other race.I jokingly tell my friends that my sperm is highly compatible with black women but highly repelled by women from other races:).I am optimistic that someday I will meet one willing to dock on my meat and camp there,disembarking only after I score:)

  • By the way what is your situation...single,married,into inter-racial dating/kids,have someone on the side?I know am being nosy but am just curious,lol.OP

  • i'm married white 49 with 4 grown white kids by 3 different white husbands. i've had more affairs than i can remember (never caught not once) and tho i'm not involved right now there is somebody i'm working on HARD and trying to get with. its complicated but i think it will happen. among the affairs were many black men. i love black men and sex with black men FAR more than with white men but i always had one major problem with the black guys i dated. i'm probably going to offend you by saying this so i will apologize in advance. none of the blacks i dated were decent candidates to be fathers. they were all rough guys and a few were even criminals or ex-cons. that was because that was all i could ever find to hook up with. i mean the sex was totally amazing but the men were nothing like you. that's why i think that with you being sophisticated and understanding and educated, and since you have an actual job, all these young girls will fall in love with you and with your idea about having a baby with them. i have always loved the thought of having a black baby and particularly if it was when i was married to a white man (super sexy) but i never seemed to meet the right black guy who would be a good father and a responsible father who could provide for our child or children. that's the same problem most young white girls have so i think that when they meet you they are going to go crazy all over you and want to start dropping baby after baby for you. i'm real sorry if my way of saying all that sounds racist, i don't mean it to. but that's the way it has been with all the black guys ive had affairs or even 1-nite stands with. if i had met you 30 yrs ago theres no telling how many black babies i would have had under the noses of my husbands. of course if i met you 30 yrs ago you would of been like 3. lol.

  • I have been writing a paper all day and my rear is sore..reading your reply just refreshes my mind. I am not at all offended.I am a very realistic person.For my job,I work with the most crude people in society and therefore,I understand that not everybody is perfect and our backgrounds are diverse.Believe it or not,I understand that affairs happen for one reason or another..its just the way life is.The life of crime though I have no appreciation for(though I think organized crime figures are interesting).I understand what you mean totally about not finding a guy who could be a good father to your kids;its also not easy for many guys to find a woman who can be a good mother, though most women can bear children.You are kind.So you know,I started having sex 30 years ago next month and I was waaay older than 3 by then lol.I saw facebook pictures of a buddy of mine in another state, few days ago. He and his older son have 2 kids each with white women.My buddy and his son are very dark.The children were so awesome.That could have been your kids with me,lol.So you know,I love and appreciate the ones I have endlessly.I just would be delighted to have more but different. Diversity is bot bad or dead.So clue us in on the guy you are working on:)OP

  • I appreciate you being so kind about that and seeing how i really feel about me having wanted a good father for my kids. i wish i could of met you (or at least a black man like you) while i could still have children because that black baby thing is really sexy. and i really really loved that idea that your friend and his son had about making so many babies with white girls. god the thought of it just makes me wet since both of them were doing white girls. jealous!!!!!! the reason that the affair i'm trying to start is difficult is that the guy works with my husband os i have to be more carful than normal. i have never done that before which is a big part of the reason i decided to try it with him. plus hes hung like a fucking horse. :) unfortunately................hes white!!!! lol.

  • Savor and enjoy him anyway to your heart's content:).How do you know he's hung like a horse...you have had him already?

  • I appreciate your honesty and kind realistic advice.I am very set on getting this sincere goal accomplished.I have no hidden agendas and am willing to develop a relationship with a lady who can be a good mother to our kids and to me so that I can reciprocate.I have a lady who is exceptionally nice to me but,she is way past childbearing age and I hate that.But regardless,I really must keep my focus glasses on and lean towards the younger cloud as you suggested.I don't know if I mentioned this but my sons' mom is exactly 20 years younger than I and it happened because she went to play with fire,lol. It made me very sad yesterday when a 29 year old co-worker told me yesterday that her 22 year old friend is going to terminate her pregnancy because she wants to go to law school;she is 3 months pregnant.I wished she could just give the baby to someone or had the abortion way earlier.Anyway,that's another story all together and I know a woman can do whatever she wants to do with her body and I respect that!See what your two cents got you?

  • As the original poster,I did not think these many people will read or respond to such an anonymous post and make it one of the Top Confessions.It does not help either that I respond to other people's responses.It seems to me that my original goal and intent is slowly fading, because the racial interest has consumed and hijacked me and others,making us deviate from the main topic.I do enjoy reading and responding to posts where minorities are not being trashed or demeaned.I am still hoping to have a baby with a white woman by next year.I know this is not a dating site but, am taking a chance that someone may want to contact me discreetly and I will post an email here.Although I know most racists and haters will write to me, meeting one sincere woman with genuine interest for the purpose intended will be like winning the mega-million:).I will be checking emails daily.Please use ourbaby14 at lavabit dot com

  • i just wanted to say something to support the woman who is interested in the guy at her church. i was attracted to a guy at my church and even tho we were both white theres an age difference that kind of makes it similar bcuz its 2 people who have an obstacle between them. when we met i was 45 and on my third marriage and he was 22 and recently married for the 1st time. so i thot there was no way for us to connect. but i found out that he went to some church programs that his wife didnt go to and i started going to them w/o my husband and i started talking with him more and more and then eventually started flirting in real obvious ways and dressing sexier and so after about 2 months i just made a blatant pass at him 1 nite after a bible study and it worked. that was over 3 years ago and we are still going strong and the sex is better between us than anything that happens in our marriages. i knew he would be good in the sack but i had no idea how good he would be. i hope the other woman doesnt give up on her dream of being with the black guy she wants: it can happen! as for having the babies i would say something about that too but theres not enough room. but i hope she will just go for him and for his babies.

  • You love them younger uh! You go girl..am happy you responded and with a great practical experience that should give the other lady real encouragement and inspiration.I like chasing women but love it more when a woman chases me.Nice that you came to church,you saw what you wanted,you went after it and conquered(Napoleon?).Never underestimate the resolve of a woman in need and heat.I was shocked, late last year, when a married white woman I know,told me in earnest that her hubby cannot get her pregnant and she wanted another baby and the baby had to be black; because her dad and hubby are so racist.She even told him that and he laughed and told me he thought she was bluffing.I could not do it but within two months,she met a black guy,had sex with him and got pregnant.There was absolutely nothing hubby could do except cry and love the woman even more.I believe that the church lady will have a baby either by the church guy or some other black guy within the next 2 years or less.

  • LOL. :) oh yeah baby, i do love that fuckin young dick. :) its odd because up til the time i hit 35 i was always going for the older men at least 10 years older. but then i met this young kid at a bar who was using fake ID to get in and i picked him up and after that i only dated teenagers. and i mean ONLY. the guy from church was the oldest i had gotten with after that and i only moved on him because he was married and i thought that would be fun and it has been, and because he looked so good and goddamn was i ever right! 3 yrs of the hottest sex ever and still counting! young dick fuckin rocks and young dick fuckin rules!!!

  • By the way,does your hubby,his wife or fellow parishioners suspect that you two have something ungodly going on?

  • nobody has any idea what we are up to, not a fucking clue: neither spouse and nobody at church has any idea at all that we are a couple much less such a hot and nasty couple. :) i mean i do talk to him at church a lot and pay attention to him but i am so loud and obnoxious with everybody that nobody thinks i'm getting with him or that i might even want to. i get called loudmouth all the time but that's the way i have always been, really forward, but i don't think i'm pushy. just don't ask my husband if i'm pushy tho cuz he might tell you another story. :) lets just say i usually get my way. ;> but we can also say that i usually get what i want and i wanted this boy really really bad and i got him even tho he had JUST got married. yeah i am really proud of that, and proud that i was over twice his age (i was 45 and he was 22 when we first hooked up). i'm not twice his age anymore (i'm 48 and he's 25), but the age difference is still something i'm proud of, but just in private. lol.

  • When I was 22,I went out to a bar and this newly separated blonde,in her early 30s picked me up and I ended up doing her for a little over a year.She taught me a lot.Ever since then,I have loved it when a woman chases after me or shows me interest.I don't discriminate on age so long as they legal and healthy.You are bad but you are good...sweet n sour type,lol.I am thrilled that you don't mind sharing.Enjoy while you can,life is short to be sexless or be stuck with mediocre sex:)

  • theres just something about blondes and black guys isn't there? :) it seems like every blonde will drop dead at the feet of a hot black guy and just beg him to do her right then and there. and when you see a black guy with a white woman its about an 80% chance shes blonde. i think that's probably even higher for fathering mixed race children: the moms seem like they are almost always blondes. but to be honest i think that is so beautiful and even sexy to see a young blonde carrying a baby she had for a black man. really hot. yes, i bet that woman showed you the ropes! :) that's what my boyfriend says all the time, about how almost everything he knows about sex he learned from me. and i still keep doing new things with him to keep him interested and keep him coming back to me. his wife is a nice girl but shes a fucking church mouse and doesn't know how to fuck him right, or how to fuck him nasty. i would love to tell you all the nasty shit that me and him have done together but they would kick us off this site!! and you are so right about life being too short to not have good sex and that's the reason i'm pretty sure this boy will keep coming back to mama! :) hes hooked cuz mama is soooooooo fucking nasty!

  • I guess the only God knows what you guys are up to:).But if he's learning from you and experimenting on her,wife must think something is up,and believe it or not,she is the beneficially of all the kinky lessons you are teaching him.I don't really care about hair color that much...it just so happened that the girl was blonde and blue eyed.But you are very right,I see lots of blonde girls with mixed babies.Must be their thing,lol. What if this young guy knocked you up? I was thinking today,what if the so much awaited Royal Baby had turned out to be bi-racial??Well,I would feel bad if they kick you off this site so let's not mess up.I like your conquest stories.Wanna send them to me please?? Thanks for sharing,am happy for you.

  • according to him, he doesn't show her any of our 'tricks' or talk about them trying any of the seriously nasty things we do together, because she would freak the fuck out, and i totally believe him and don't think he would lie about it. i don't think she could ever do what i do, or let him do to her what i MAKE him do to me. the girl is not sexual-looking at all and i doubt shes ever gotten a dick in the neck before: she might of kissed one but not taken it deep. so much for that. now.....i want to hear about how you thought up the idea of the royal baby having a big black strappin nigga for a daddy! DAMN! that is the sexiest motherfucking thing i have ever heard in my entire nasty fucking life! DAMN!!! can you even imagine? that beautiful young girl stripped naked bent over at the waist and taking it from black cock? and doing it so much that he actually knocks her ass up? oh my motherfucking GOD! that is such a hot hot hot and filthy thought, so you MUST be a severely hot hot hot and filthy man!!!!! DAMN!!!!!!! god how i wish that baby had been mixed. and do you know what? now that ive thought about it i bet kate wishes the exact same thing. just think of that big black cock going up in that royal twat! i love it! and i love that you thought of it! NASTY!!!!!!!!

  • You simply made me laugh,lol

  • but dont you really think she would look lovely hanging from the end of a great big black cock? cant you just see it? i mean the only thing better would be if she had one big black cock in her mouth, another big black cock in her pussy, another big black cock in her ass, and a big black cock in each hand. now that would be a beautiful girl wouldnt it? AND I WOULD BE SO JEALOUS!!

  • She sure would,lol.She sure deserves alot of BIG black dick all over herself and have double black quintuplets next time as future kings and queens.They need some colour in those palaces:)

  • LMFAO. i totaly agree. they really do need some black folks "up in there", if you get my drift! :) have yourself a great weekend!

  • Yesterday,I was sitting across the table from a co-worker,25,cute,either white or mixed between white and hispanic.She is about 6 months pregnant and all sexy looking. Her boyfriend(race unknown to me)left her but they are still friends.I thought to myself,why would a guy get such a cute girl pregnant and run?He is missing all the progress,the bonding,the moods,cant even rub lotion on the ever expanding tummy,no pregnancy sex etc and is gonna end up paying child support anyway!I honestly wished I was the lucky guy:)

  • I can tell you that women LOVE a man who will make love to her during her pregnancy. I cheated like crazy on my husband during my second pregnancy, with a man who was turned on by my condition and growth, and we had better sex while I was pregnant than I've ever had with my husband. I would have continued the relationship with my boyfriend, but him and his wife moved to another state like 6 wks after I gave birth, so I couldn't keep having him. But I think of him as the love of my life because of the way he treated me when everybody else (including hubby) was ignoring me, and you, with your feelings about pregnant girls, have a bright future in taking care of those girls and having lots and lots of GREAT sex. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  • Ohhh how lovely and sweet!Thanks for the encouraging post and your good wishes.Glad you had fun and met the love of your life and retained fond memories.If you had not recognized the opportunity and seized it,you would have missed enjoying the love of your life and had an horrible pregnancy-"alone".
    You don't have have any side boyfriend(s) now?

  • Not at the moment, I'm afraid. I just ended an outside relationship about three months ago because the guy was getting "too attached". He wanted us both to end our marriages and start another family, but I already have three children (I had another after the one I mentioned in my response to your post, which is a different loooooong story) and am not interested in having any more, much less in raising the little buggers. He got very pushy about it toward the end, and when I broke it off I thought I would enjoy the peace of not having to think about a second relationship, but the opposite has happened: I want an affair now worse than I ever have before in my life. I have had a few flings since then (one-nighters, or a couple dates here and there, and several bar-pickups), but I'm afraid that my hunger for it is going to make me latch onto some random guy because I need the affair, and then let a better candidate slip by me. I don't know why I feel so anxious about getting back into an LTR, but I really am. It's not because I miss the last guy: I don't. He became a great pain. But I do miss the attention and the sex (I love anal and my husband "won't go there"), and I really seeeeeeeriously miss the cheating: I really love adultery. Anyway, that's more than you wanted to know, but I felt like saying it. :) :) :) :) Have a wonderful lovely day, you very charming man.

  • Thanks for thinking am charming and for the sincere response.I am thrilled that you are honest to yourself and you don't deny yourself what you need to stay happy and engaged in life.Mostly such relationships tend to end whenever one party wants the other to end a marriage.Some people want to have affairs without destroying marriages and you are one of those.Affairs are addictive and I don't blame you.Early this year,a lady let me try anal for the first time in my life.It was very different than regular sex:).Make sure the next guy understands that you want a painless discreet relationship and are only having fun but not intending to break his marriage or yours.

  • my best girlfriend decided to have an affair on her husband and she had it with a black guy. at first it was just casual but then she got addicted to his cock and left her family to be with him only like 5 wks after they started and now she wants his babies even tho her kids are in college. you guys are dangerous to white females and we can feel the sexual energy and the heat even just standing next to you guys. danger! :)

  • Well,I have read and seen many similar situations;some inter-racial relationship work extremely well.I am sure your girlfriend had underlying issues in her marriage that motivated her to seek an affair.She may indeed have kids with the lover. I also know of relationships whereby a white married couple has bi-racial kids;meaning the wife had an affair or has the white husband's okay to have kids with a black man of her choosing.The white husband is happy and proud to raise the kid(s).Life is amazing and if she is happy,am happy for her too and am glad she had the guts to seek happiness:)

  • i have really never saw her so happy. it started really as soon as she first went out with the black guy. like i said she started it thinking it would just be something on the side but she went crazy for that dick and couldnt stop herself and could never say no to her man. yes she is totally happy.

  • It's such a delight to see someone truly happy in a relationship:)
    Last night,I watched portions of some movie called Holes.In that movie,a white woman school teacher(Katherine Barlow) falls for a black guy(Sam),an onion seller who could happily fix almost anything with his hands.They kiss and she is so happy and you could tell they fell in-love.The white guys get wind of it and some of them(including wealthy land owners like Trout Walker) ask her out and she refuses.They get so upset,burn the old school building,try killing her and for sure kill the black guy, by shooting him in a lake while he is in a canoe running away for his life.I loved it when she said if you lynch him,you kill me too.After they kill the black lover,she goes around killing white men left and right(starting with the local Sheriff who supported the killing of Sam or did nothing about the burning of the school) and then kissing them.She is then nicknamed Kissin' Kate. After Sam is killed,the town is cursed,the lake drains,the whole place becomes a desert.
    Some folks have strong feelings when it comes to interracial marriages and dating.This relationships have been happening and will continue to do so,no matter what one says or thinks.

  • To borrow a phrase: "I have had it with these motherfuckin' niggers on this motherfuckin' planet!"

  • Hah that's funny i bet there are a lot of people out there who could say the same exact thing about your race. and a lot more out there would say it about your race then they would about my race. so love the nigga( yeah had to correct that you spelled nigger wrong cause no black person is a nigger, but a nigga :} ) don't hate.

  • Lol,u found millions of them here and you will die and rot and still leave some of them multiplying in this endless everlasting planet.Heck,there might even be more millions of them waiting for you in the dead planet:)

  • thats where they all need to be. on the dead planet. where ever the fuck that is.

  • Don't worry..be happy.Some of them have departed to go and prepare a place for you.When your time comes,they will be ready and waiting to welcome you..with open arms and loving hearts.Be patient,there is no rush..let nature take it's course.

  • This is nothing more than a fairytale written by a preteen who is almost certainly not black.

  • It has been ages since I was in my pre-teen years for sure and am as naturally black as one can get:)

  • Gross. You want to ruin some poor woman's life. Having a baby fucks up everything about your life if you're a woman, but clearly you're not worried about that, since your only involvement is having an orgasm. Any slug or lizard can do that.

  • No plan to ruin anybody's life.I am very responsible but because you don't know me well,you will not believe or trust me and I don't blame you.If I have a kid,I will and must take care of it, unless the mother does not want my involvement and can do a good job herself.Do you know that there are millions of married women who cannot have a kid by their hubbies and would love a guy like me to help out? Do you know that there are single women who would love to have a baby without being married or are tired of waiting for hubby and just want a baby to love and raise?I am just sayin n thinking outside the popular box:)

  • I am white and I have dated more than a few black women, higher class, professional women, not crack whores. Their major complaint is that, not all, but all too many black males are totally irresponsible. They like making babies but don't want the responsibility of raising them. They have that ghetto mentality and think all women are whores and treat them as such. Don't blame me for these seemingly raciast remarks. They came from some of your own. You want to "knock up" a white woman, married or single. A married women, indeed. Why a married woman? Very bad form. Nowhere do you mention settling down and marrying her, just knocking her up. The term "knocking her up" is, in itself, very disrespectful. Yes, you do fit the profile black women complain about. If the shoe fits, wear it.

  • ^^ amen to what you said. Those poor black women have to settle for the bottom of the barrel or look outside their own people.

  • Some men and women,regardless of race,have to settle for the bottom of the barrel or look outside their race.This phenomenon is not localized to black women..its universal. In the wild,when a lion cannot manage to jump the fattest zebra on a given day,it eats grass instead and survives:).If you have had to settle for the worst man or woman available,I am sorry for you and encourage you to improve your situation.

  • I have no blame for you actually.The reason for a married woman has been answered in another reply here.Yes,some black men are irresponsible but so are some men and women from all races.
    Let me answer your last stereotype about meeting some profile.Would love to settle down with an awesome woman. I did not want to disclose so much about myself here but am forced to and am getting a little irascible.I respect women and treat them well,I meant no disrespect.I have dated or married black women and even have kids with them. I love kids and do well for them.It may not seem like it here but am a well schooled guy.I have two daughters in prestigious universities.I was single parent to those daughters by proving to the court that I was a better more responsible parent.I currently have a 50/50 custody arrangement(15 days in a month) for two sons that I love.Why more kids?
    I am a good parent and kool guy but I want a baby with a special woman with particular traits:)It may be hard for someone to understand!

  • im a married white woman and this hs ben my fantasie for many years and years and i think its something that many white females have quite often so i think its just a mater of you finding one who wuold act on that desire. its so damn sexy. so god damn fucking sexy. in particular when her husband dont know until the baby comes out of her. jesus! just so god damn fucking sexy!!

  • Yeah and you write like the trailer trash you are.

  • You think she is trailer trash because she fancies black men? What if she does not even live within 100 miles of a trailer of any kind?So if your sister or mother started dating a black guy today you will view her as trailer trash?

  • This woman is obviously trailer trash......or less. And if anybody in my family "started dating a black guy today", I would not view them as trailer trash: I would view them as no longer in my family.

  • I am sure no family member of yours will want to date you,especially with you hateful decadent views,and they will be happily better of without you cock blocking.I know you would want to but,in this Free USA,you cannot choose a lover for your mother,father,sister brother etc and force or expect them to like,love or marry that lover.I can almost guarantee you that you child would date and love a black person one day and you would have to live with that:)

  • You're wrong. No child of mine (I have four) has ever dated a black or ever would date a black. So I won't have to live with it. Yes.....people are free to date who they want but that doesn't mean I have to like it and so I don't like it. In fact it makes me fuckin' sick. And so does your plan to knock up a married white woman. And so do all these unbelievably filthy disgusting married white whores falling all over you on this site. Those bitches should all be ashamed of themselves and if their white husbands knew what they were up to and what they were saying to you my guess is they would all be a lot more than just ashamed.

  • Why are you so jealous???.By the way,have you ever sad down and had a frank discussion with your 4 kids and wife and asked them if any one of them will ever consider dating a black guy or any other race than white? And again with extreme views like yours,they may have dated,dating or fucking people from other races and not telling you because they fear you may have an untimely heart attack!
    I am actually very flattered by how sweet most women who have responded to this post have been.Glad you noticed.Filthy,disgusting,whores,bitches?What if you find out that any of these women is your wife,daughter,girlfriend,grand kid,niece? These women are being very honest and realistic and they seem to live in a real world-unlike you.Love,not hate!

  • You're deluded if you think any of these women could be related to me, or that the nauseating perversion they obviously share is widespread in the white population, or that any of my children would ever date a black. Not one of those things is remotely true, nor could any of them ever become true. I know you hope it's true, because it greases the wheels of your sick little plan. You are the one who is not living in the real world.

  • You are completely nauseated that I will one day have a baby with a white woman and you have seen, from some posts by women here, that I have a real chance.There is no reason to keep debating this.You will not be able to change my viewpoint and desires and I will never be able to halt my plans and succumb to your will.If you have time,look up trends on inter-racial relationships in the US or Europe and see how fast they are growing.As you travel around even in the tinniest of towns,take a good look;chances are you will see a white person(mostly a woman) with a bi-racial child,whose dad is likely either black,hispanic or other.None of us has any control over this...not even the US government.

  • I'm not trying to change your viewpoint: I could give a shit what you think. What troubles me is the infection factor, both physical and philosophical, which is why I countered in the first place. I'm certain that you'd love it if your government would step in and control this and just give you what you want, which (like most other government give-aways) is something you're clearly not entitled to and shouldn't have: the ability to impregnate a white woman that you can't convince on your own to give up the pussy and the womb. Good luck with your argument and your illness.

  • I need to find you asap:)

  • She is not close to being the only white woman who feels that way and who has those powerful urges. When I'm home alone and hubby and the kids are out, I slip into my tub and masturbate like a crazed whore, and the image I most often use, behind my closed eyelids, is of a powerful black man taking me and teaching me what real true love is by showing me what real true sex is. In that private dreamworld, he always tells me, as he enters my body, "Darling, I'm about to knock your nasty ass up, ALL THE WAY UP, and then together we'll give your husband a little surprise about nine months from now." Is that "disrespectful" to me? No, I think it's hot as fucking hell. I just wish I had the nerve to make it fucking happen.

  • Waooo! Awesome...i think am gonna read that again before I go to bed tonite:)As you already know,wherever there is a will,there is a way.If you really wanted this to happen and got a little nudging from people, like me with guts,you will realize and enjoy all your dreams.

  • Thanks for being so sweet (*blush*) and so sexy. I really believe that everything about the situation is sexy, from intentionally conceiving an illegitimate child with someone other than my husband, to carrying that child around inside me for nine months (and knowing every day of the entire time that the growing bulge around my middle is evidence of my adultery, even though it would still be a secret), to giving birth to the child and then surprising my husband with its mixed race (especially if it were very very dark). At that point, my fantasy starts taking different forms at different times. In one scenario, I force my husband to accept the child and acknowledge my infidelity, and force him to let me continue the sexual relationship with the child's father, without any attempt to hide it or EVER be discreet. In another, I continue to have sex with the father throughout the pregnancy, and then after the baby is born we still keep cheating, even more. In another, the baby's father shows up in the delivery room, claims the child, and informs my husband that he's taking me away to be his wife and that we will raise the child ourselves, telling everyone forever that he knocked my ass up while I was still married to husband number one. And in a fourth, the real father (read: "real MAN") strong-arms my husband and me both, dominating me sexually in the family home, and tells my husband and kids that this is just the first child I'll be having for him, and then I start popping out one black baby after another after another, increasing the embarrassment of my family, and increasing the sexual reputation of my black lover. I love the way I feel when I think about being taken by a knowledgeable black man with a beautiful black dick and buckets and buckets of cum. Some days, I can think of little else.

  • Believe it or not,I had to read that 3 times,just to make sure it sinks in my being.You have a beautiful mind and amazing creativity!Lovely and well thought out fantasies.Can you please let me be an active participant in your fantasies?

  • Yes, I have the same feelings (44mwf).

  • Thank you so much for putting some of these bigots to shame.You are my kind of woman and I cherish you:)

  • There is this black man who attends the same mass that my husband and I go to at church, and he usually sits near us. We have spoken to him a few times, just pleasantries, and every time we stand there speaking, I have a nice smile on my face and all, but I'm standing there with my pussy throbbing and my asshole aching for him to penetrate me, and with my juices flowing like mad, even actually soaking through my panties and down the insides of my thighs. I have even thought a few times that I might faint right there in front of God and everybody from wanting him so much. My husband has no idea what this man does to me, or how he fuels my fantasy life, or that I often close my eyes when my husband is fumbling at me in bed and imagine this black God having at me and finally making a real woman of me, and yes, even "knocking me up" (soooooooo sexy). Nobody has any idea how often I think of him, or how badly I want him, or how easily I might give up my life for him if he finally said to me at church, "I'm taking you away from this clown you're married to and I'm going to give you some real dick". WOW, I didn't intend to write this much, but I guess that other woman inspired me and made me want to compete for your attention. :) Isn't that stupid? Sorry for saying so much, but I love your idea, and it's not far-fetched at all.

  • Thanks for sharing such an intimate personal story.There are plenty of women in your situation;they have a desire to seek true happiness or fun sex but due to prevailing circumstances,they simply have no outlet.You are brave for sharing.
    I am not an expert on this but and I know you did not ask for any ideas.However,I have a feeling that you have not been around that many black people or don't have very close contact with them.You may think about talking to your hubby about inviting the guy over for lunch after church or for the three of you stopping for lunch at a local restaurant.My believe is that such a move would connect you better and up close and personal with him or help you start connecting with other black men.Even if its not him,he may have friends that you could meet and have a discreet affair with, just to quench your extreme sexual thirst for a black guy.You sound like a real nice person and a christian but,don't go to your grave miserable and unfulfilled.
    I hope you let us all know how this works out for you and I wish you true happiness:)

  • I really appreciate your kindness and your support: sometimes I feel like I'm drowning in desire for this man. I swear, when I'm next to him, it's almost like I can feel him entering me and totally filling me up, with my husband standing right there next to us. I imagine him sliding into my pussy, and then out, and then into my ass, and then out, and then going back and forth and back and forth from one hole to the other. AT CHURCH! WITH PEOPLE STANDING THERE WATCHING! And when that happens, I worry that he can tell what I'm thinking and know how much I want to be swept up by him and wrecked.....sexually speaking, but also wrecking my marriage. I can't say that I have ever had this deep and hot of a feeling for another black man, but I will confess that, since my teens (pre-teens, actually), I've had the common female urge to be taken by a black man, to go black and not come back. I will also admit that there is no limit to the depravity I would commit for this particular man: you mentioned his friends, and if he and I began an affair and he wanted me to be a nasty passaround for him and them, I would totally do that, and even filthier things, even public things. He makes me want to be truly awful and completely whorish. But mostly what he does is this: he makes me want to please him.

  • My goodness....what a lucky unknowing guy.I am jealous of him already and wishing I were him but knowing about it and living the dream.
    Your desire is very strong-from the way you express it.I suggest you sit down and have a very candid discussion with your hubby about this in a very non-threatening way. He may suggest you seek counseling or whatever.Just tell him all you need is a good strong big black dick in your white pussy and everything will be okay.You will be very unhappy if you don't do something about it rather urgently but diligently.There is no telling what will happen if you befriend this guy or talk to hubby about it.You could be happy with him or it could open a whole world of happiness opportunities for you. Be creative,after all you are a woman,and find out if the two of you can connect.He may have desires for you but may say nothing because he knows and thinks you are happily married.You have to find a subtle way to let him know you are wet for him 24/7 365.
    If your hubby does not support any contact you may initiate with this guy,you may have to go in alone bravely,or find a place where black guys hang out and find you a decent one to have discreet fun with for your own good.You are simply depriving yourself and it sounds like you are in a no fun marriage and want some sort of outlet to be yourself.I think you are a very kinky sensual woman enslaved my the church,your marriage vows and your fear of the unknown.Go please him and be pleased in the process or cuckold your hubby and live happily ever after.Though I am not sure how old you are now,failing to act on such a strong urge from pre-teen years is very unfair to yourself.You are punishing and depriving yourself.ANY MOVE U MAKE OR DON'T MAKE COULD POSSIBLY END YOUR MARRIAGE.
    "There is a time for risky love. There is a time for extravagant gestures. There is a time to pour out your affections on one you love. And when the time comes --seize it, don't miss it."
    --Max Lucado

  • It's really amazing how intuitive and understanding you are, and how open to all the possibilities of life: if my husband had even a quarter of the awareness of my needs that you do, my marriage would be the best one on the planet. But I don't want to mislead. As I said at the beginning, I'm 44 (two children), and I know myself and my husband: I could not possibly ever speak of this to him. I could easily have this conversation if YOU were my husband. I have already said more here in these spaces than I ever have to any living person, and have been far more candid about my desires than anywhere else: not even my best girlfriends would suspect that I crave what I crave, much less the hunger and power with which I crave it. But then, if YOU were my husband, I wouldn't be craving it (much less in secret), because I'd be getting it constantly at home. And by "it", I don't just mean "sex": I also mean "black babies". I also don't want to mislead about my husband or marriage. I love my husband and he's a good man, and I'm lucky to have him, and I'm not dissatisfied with him in any normal sense. But I have always had these urges in me, urges that I have suppressed since I was a girl, and that smoldering fire got fanned into sky-high flames when I started seeing this black man at church. And then into wildfire when I began reading your very sexy posts, and began thinking more of this sort of relationship as within the realm of possibility, and less within the realm of rank fantasy. Will I ever allow myself to do anything about it? Probably not, but I can tell you two things. My fantasies about That Beautiful Black Creature at Church began seeming more real when I started reading your entries here. And I've begun thinking that, at 44, I'm still within the range of child-bearing years (albeit with some risk), but that if I'm ever going to step out and "live the dream" of having him and his children, I have to act soon. That is a wonderful and exciting thought. Thank you.

  • If you hear a voice within you say "you cannot paint," then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced. ~Vincent Van Gogh
    Why do you think you cannot talk to your husband or your best girlfriend about this secret unquenched desire or dream?
    What do you think will happen if hubby(a)found out you are suddenly pregnant(b)baby is not possibly his(c) baby is from a black man at church or elsewhere?
    What happened when you saw that Beautiful Black Man Creature at church this past Sunday?

  • I'm sorry for not replying, but I'm a little frightened of you, and how easily you read me and my feelings. I had decided not to write back at all but I thought there were things you deserved to know. Two Sundays have passed and somehow I think you already know what happened, so I'm just telling you what you already know. The first Sunday, I got my husband to have us sit directly behind the MAN, and when we got down on the kneeler, I closed my eyes and imagined him turning around, standing up and putting his giant dick in my face and having me suck it right there in church and in front of my husband. He was (in the fantasy) going slow at first, but then he started driving it, making me gag and spit, but I throated the whole thing repeatedly until he came (gallons!) and he said how proud of me he was. When we knelt again, instead of offering him my mouth, I offered my pussy and he took it and fucked me (again, in the daydream) deep and hard and fast until he came again (and again, gallons!), and this time he spoke to my husband instead of me and said, "I just knocked up your whore wife." Yesterday was the second Sunday and we sat behind him again, but this time my dream wasn't about sex: it was that I was there in church, pregnant in front of God and everybody, and I was carrying this MAN's black child inside me. I could even feel the thing in me, and I really did feel pregnant with his child. I know you will think this is weird or sick, but the thought of being pregnant with the child of that magnificent black MAN made me wet. And super horny. And it made me crazed with desire for him AND for his black baby. It was a beautiful moment (God, I sooooo WANT his child). Then after church when I said goodbye to him, I kissed his cheek (I do that to everybody, so my husband wasn't suspicious), but I pressed my chest and my mound against him and held it there. When my husband turned away, the MAN looked at me and nodded. I know that THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN. Thank you.

  • When I did not see a reply from you,I sensed you had ran into some manna for sure.Nice to read your erotic explicit reply.I knew you would find a way to let this lucky guy know you are interested.I am getting a feeling that you have almost accomplished your goal half way and the guy has given you a nod:).Seems like you have opened your eyes, heart and mind and all that is left now is for you to open your legs and let the man and his manhood in so that nature can take its course. I think that you have almost reached a point of no return.I bet you,you will be knocked up in less than 90 days and have the black baby you have been cravin. I suggest you somehow prepare your hubby for the mind bending surprise.He might even know what you are up to already by now..he's just waiting for you to find a delicate way to get him on board.Your life is about to change FOREVER.I am happy for the guy n you..but am somewhat jealous:).You don't have to be afraid of me;I love but don't bite that badly,lol.I think you should email me privately so that I can indulge in the details.ourbaby14 at lavabit dot com.I cant wait to hear what you are thinking or have done next:)

  • I ached for the MAN and hungered to have his child all week, and looked forward to Sunday and to seeing him in mass. I made sure we were there early and got the seat behind where the MAN and his wife usually sit. But he didn't come. I got increasingly distracted and distraught throughout mass and could not concentrate on anything except my desire for him and his babies. He never came. I was heartsick and have been heartsick ever since. I cried on the way home from the church and I have been crying almost nonstop every day since then, out of fear that I may have scared him off, and worse, that I may not ever see him again. Part of my trouble may be that I am hormonal because over a week ago, in anticipation of what I hoped would happen, I stopped taking birth control. But mostly I'm afraid that I may have frightened away the one man I was meant to truly love.

  • Waaooo! Sorry to hear about your plight and aching heart and rivers of tears.I think you are truly disappointed and hurt.
    If the guy had been scared off by what you did,he would still have come to church and sat somewhere else.I do not think he missed church because of you or your actions-he probably was not feeling well,had travel plans,anything.You have to have hope and be optimistic...you sound overwhelmed by pessimism right now.The tide will turn in your favor soon. The other thing is if you have stopped taking bc and are still sexually active with hubby,he's gonna knock you up and you will not have the baby you want with your highly anticipated lover and then you will be very resentful of your hubby,self and situation. Maybe you should stay on bc till you know for sure that you have a good deal lined up with the MAN:)I wish he knew what is in your heart n mind or how lucky he is about to get.You are so mentally prepared for a kid with a black guy that if its not him,its gonna be another guy and I predict it will happen in less than 2 years.My question though is,while crying on your way home or while at home,what did your hubby say or do?

  • I hid my tears for the most part but for no real reason because my husband is afraid of tears. He will ask once or twice about what's bothering me and then give up. I know that about him, but still didn't say anything about the reason I've been upset (I'm crying as I type this right now, thinking I have driven that beautiful black creature away from me by pressing my body against his so obviously and so wantonly). So hubby didn't do much to inquire and did nothing to help, which just made things worse for me even though it was expected. I love him but he doesn't handle difficulty well and he doesn't care about what hurts me or breaks my heart unless it's simple. As for sex, we still have it but not very often. And I am totally not worried about him knocking me up and getting in the way of my quest: that will not happen. My heart and my vagina already belong to that MAN. No white man is going to get either until after I reach my destiny.

  • How I wish I was the MAN!You sound so eloquent and principled.I think you may have to go for a little while to clear the body of all birth control remnants in your blood.Sounds like your mind is made up.How big do you think your tummy is gonna be? What will hubby do when he eventually finds out that your baby is black?Will you be able to raise the baby alone if hubby bolts?

  • Have you tried a dating site? it might help if you put down that you are ready to settle down with someone and to start a family, and between the choices you get i'm sure one or two of them would be white.

  • May actually have to try that by tomorrow. Thanks,you have more sense than this hater that I am forced to respond to and stoop so low!

  • Wow... There is a shit ton of haters on this page

  • Just one uninformed hater that's all

  • We have enough of your people sucking our system dry with welfare and food stamps. We don't need anymore. Maybe you should get YOUR tubes tied.

  • I looked at Welfare Statistics from The US dept of Commerce(2012). There were 4,300,000 people on welfare that year. Of that,38.8% were white,39.8% were black,15.7% Hispanic,2.4% Asia,3.3%other.
    I read somewhere also that black people get less than whites in welfare benefits.

  • You, do you have to be so damn racist? no one ask for your ignorant comments, if you cannot answer his question then you need to stop wasting his time. all you are doing is showing the world just how much of a nobody you truly are.

  • True!

  • GTH moron. Maybe when ur paycheck is drained dry by the socialist govt u will think differently,. Why shold we pay for these ghetto trash

  • I am surprised that this small post is being blown up to become a race issue or hatred post.If you are inferring that bi-racial kids who have one black parent are ghetto trash,I feel so sorry for you and apologize to the readers here for your ignorance and insensitivity.Do you know who the US president is?Can you even explain how you think,as an individual,your tax dollars are distributed or used by the government?The last I checked,the American government is not socialist.On the other hand,this being the internet,you may be living in China,Cuba,Angola or some other backwards unknown country.

  • Why should you pay for ghetto trash, you ask? the same reason that the "ghetto trash" pay taxes so that the company you work at can stay afloat. i don't believe i saw any of you complaining when the government used the taxes from your paycheck to bail out companies that were bankrupt or on the verge of bankrupt. what the hell can you do with a company that is not even a living being, that needs other just so it can function. that "ghetto trash" you like to speak down on can accomplish so many damn things if it weren't for people like you who just the whole damn race on some preconceived stereotype that doesn't even apply to half of the race. so like i said before piss off, because i am sure that the moment your ass is poor and can't afford shit you gonna become of those "ghetto trash" who is sucking the money out of your paycheck.

  • So well stated..you are brilliant:)

  • I make enough money to support a few kids,thank you very much you ignorant hateful creature.Do not stereotype,get informed first.

  • Yeah so u could end up being sued on Judge Judy for child support. Go back to the ghetto.

  • I am in my ghetto- a 4 bedroom 2 story house build to my specifications in one of the best parts of our city.The school system is the best around.No need to mention what is in my garage but a few advanced diplomas hang on the wall in my office:).When I have time I enjoy watching judge Judy;she is educated,bright,wealthy,famous,no-nonsense,motherly and could not take crap from a nincompoop unschooled bigot like you.
    Why are you jealous? There is absolutely nothing you can do about white women wanting to fuck black men or vise-versa. Just take time and read the research on inter-racial marriages and relationships for your own good.

  • Yeah right u probably aint even black then. If u r then u need to stop spreading your seed and your bullshit.

  • All I desire is to have 1 or 2 kids with a sweet caring white lady...and for people like u to stop being bigots:)Can I have your sister?

  • MY sister would love to bite ur little dick off to stop u from spreading that nasty ass seed of urs and polluting the white race.

  • Whoa! We got a badass over here

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