No panting

I think it's hot when women go out wearing short skirts with no panties. Are there any women do this and does it make u feel sexy?

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  • When I go out clubbing, sometimes I were very figure hugging dresses, after struggling with vpl one time when I was dressing with a friend she suggested going pantyless. We were already wearing dresses that you would not wear a bra with. I was very nervous and took panties with me in my bag, but also it felt so sexy, we had a really good time, but it made us both horny so we ended up both bringing guys home with us. We since do it quite often on nights out, I find there is nothing sexier than the feeling that there is only one very thin piece of material between you and nudity, but you are out in public and no-one knows. Also nothing sexier than standing in front of a man and dropping your dress to the floor revealing everything instantly.
    Hope this answers your question, Zoe 20 Uk

  • Good for you. Think that is so sexy and hot. Men are always wondered what you're wearing under there. I sure u must feel sexy also.

  • My wife does this, so I can confirm that it makes them feel sexy.

    The reason it makes women feel sexy is obvious. They’ve entered a risky situation where, if they’re not careful, their pussy can be exposed. It’s a soft form of exhibitionism that can become harder whenever they decide to “accidentally” open their legs, if they think someone’s looking. My wife does this, in fact.

    Also, if a man and woman have been “flirting” through their smiles and and eyes to each other from accross the room, the woman can signal how horny she is by opening her legs to let him see her pussy. My wife has done this, too.

  • My wife wears a seethrough when wet swimsuit, see dyes her very thick pubes pitch black and ensures some are hanging out each side the looks she gets when getting out of the water and walking to her towel are astounding, so horny

  • Yeah none of this sounds right

  • My wife will go out with no panties fairly often. She also doesn't shave. Not total bush but enough that when she bends over in her short summer dresses, you can see.

  • That's so hot. Would love to see a woman bending over showing me her pussy. Does that turn u on when other guys check her out?

  • It does. Sometimes I'll even stay back and check her out with them

  • Used to ask my gf to go without panties even to parties when I wasnt there used to turn me on her bare pussy and guys chasing after her she loved it

  • I can tell that you wanted the guys chasing after her to see her bare pussy and maybe do more.

  • Love bare pussy

  • I go without often. It makes me feel very sexy to know there’s nothing between me and someone else. It’s also a great signal if someone sees up my skirt, they know I’ll fuck them because they can see my pussy.

  • I bet you like whenever someone sees your pussy.

  • That's so sexy

  • Lets fuck

  • That sounds very sexy

  • Sexy x

  • I have done it going to school gave my teacher a shock!

  • My teacher told me he was doing a “random dress code inspection.”

  • Better with schoolies to do a pussy inspection

  • Hot sexy girl x

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