I want to snowball my wife.

I get a lot of blowjobs from my wife, but I have always fantasized about her snowballing me. Whenever I eat her vagina she doesn't love to kiss her flavors and taste her own come from my mouth, but I enjoy the taste of my come. How do I tell my wife to not be so quick to swallow. I want to passionately kiss her and taste my come in her mouth, even probably swallowing some of it. I'm just too shy to admit it to her.

8 days ago

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    • Don't ask her when she next takes your penis in her mouth. As soon as you cum, share a deep kiss immediately and suck your own cum out of her mouth! She's not grossed out sucking your sweaty dick or swallowing your goey cum, why should it be weird to get that you want to share in eating some while also kissing your lover?

    • You sound like an expert. How long have you been doing that?

    • I feel the same (extremely horny and perverted) until I cum then I’m satisfied.
      My feelings change and I say “No thanks dear I’ve changed my mind.”
      It’s happened more than once. LOL

    • Just tell her that’s fucking hot!

    • I didn't love the taste of my cum the first time I had it, but I have grown to enjoy it. I love cleaning my wife's panties after I cum inside her. That's usually dried and next day, but sometimes it's still wet. Mix that with her pussy and asshole scents and flavors, I'm in 10,000 fold!

    • My wife would blow me till I start oozing a lot of precum then kissing me passing it to me. I did not enjoy it but know I do and she don't as more. I never thought of cleaning up my cream pie as much as I do now in my older years but she not into it . I cleaned up somelse cream pie when we were dating in are early 20 . I did not know went to her house not knowing she just got blowed by a coworker a bc at that. Was horny asked her if I could eat her pussy she wanted me to wait till she showered but I was horny as hell. She gave in and i went to down then plowed it myself. She ended up confessing to me that I cleaned up his jiz. Oh well . Anyway I wish she would push my head down to clean up my jiz in her after we fuck.

    • Oh yeah, come is delicious and insanely sexy to take out of your lovers mouth. I happily swallow and she happily spits into my mouth. It's all foamy, warm, and salty when she does this to me. She's never let me eat her cream pie, but I would do this too. Your come dripping out of a sloppy wet pussy has to be better than her come spit

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