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I am 28 and married and have always been in love with my younger female cousin who is 27. She is in a off and on relationship and I really want to kiss her and tell her that I love her but I am scared. She has been the center of most of my fantasies since I was 15. She used to have a crush on me but I don’t know if she still does. We are not blood related as we were both adopted. I want to kiss her and even just once to make love to her and eat her little pussy out so badly. Can anyone help by giving me some advice on how to make it happen? I will happily give you all the details if anything happens. Dm me On Twitter @mattnice25

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  • I'm 20 and my youngest sister is 15. She has always looked up to me but she was more of a nuisance than anything...until recently. From the skinny little girl blossoming into an hour glass figure and has 34d boobs, wide hips, and tight bubble butt. I couldn't believe the transformation over about this last year and a half. Now when she hangs around me she mostly wears a t shirt no bra and short tight shorts that reveal she isn't wearing panties either. Her nipples are sticking out what seems like close to a half in inch. When I see her like this I get an erection. Last week I was only wearing shorts and my sister and I were just wrestling around on the carpet. My sister was on top of me and could feel how hard I was against her. She began grinding on my bulge so I reached up her shirt taking her round globes in my hands.

  • I went up behind my mom and in one quick motion I pulled her bikini bottoms down to her ankles. I stepped on them so they wouldn't move and pushed my hard lubed cock all the way into her pussy.

  • "Greg what are you doing, we can't be doing this, this is wrong," my mom blurted out. I kept fucking her pussy increasing how hard and fast I was going. "Oh mom, your pussy feels so good," I exclaimed. "This is incest Greg, oh god your cock feels so good," my mom moaned out.

  • Classic mum reaction to first sex with her son. Once you've had sex a couple of times the doubt and any guilty feeling quickly disappears, trust me!

  • You were right. Now that we have been fucking for 4 days, my mom has changed her thinking and feelings about us. She still doesn't initiate anything, but is very receptive when I do. My mom calls out my name, even swears during her orgasms. I enjoy every second that my cock is inside of her pussy too.

  • Good for you! Enjoy

  • How often have you been masturbating

  • What's wrong with right here Doc? Don't worry, I won't stick a carrot in your ass.

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