Road repairs

The road repairs crew have been working on a new road in front of my house. While watching them on late afternoon my wife made the comment about several of them being cute. We have a somewhat of an open relationship. Mostly because I can't keep my dick in my pants, but it goes both ways. I came home from work and my wife started to tell me how some of the road crews equipped broke down and they were standing around most of the day. She took out lawn chairs for them to sit in and made them some lemonade. As she told the story she kept referring them as those guys or the road guys, except for one guy who she kept calling by name. Mike helped her get the chairs and Mike helped her take out the lemonade. Finally it dawned on me that Mike was one of the guys she thought was cute. I asked her if Mike helped her in more ways than one and she kind of grind at me. I knew then there was a story. It took a bit of asking because she normally doesn't partake in the openness, but she finally confessed.

Evidently Mike had come in the house to help her make the lemonade as well. While my wife was getting out the lemons and whatnot, she turned around and bumped into Mike who happened to of removed hots shirt. My wife began feelings his chest and then he kissed her. She removed her panties under her sundress and dropped them on the floor. Mike turned her around and bent her over the counter. He unzipped his pants pulling out his dick. My wife said she reached back to guide him in her and found that her wasn't as long as I am, but he was more girthy. He pushed his dick inside my wife and she began to enjoy herself. She said he was fat and stretched her pussy pretty good. He fucked her bent over the kitchen counter while she rubbed her clit and got off. Then he got off pumping cum into my wife's pussy. When they were finished she made the lemonade and they took it out to the guys.

I asked her if she enjoyed herself, and although she said it was fun, she also said she wouldn't have gotten off had she not played with herself. I asked her if she wanted to see him again, and she told me maybe, but not likely. She told me she was more interested in having sex with me who knows how to get her off over someone where she has to get herself off. I asked her if she got his number, and she had. So who knows, maybe next up is a threesome with this guy, or maybe she starts fucking him behind my back, but I doubt it. She was forthcoming and honest this time. So I doubt she would lie to me and start fucking around behind my back. Especially considering I wasn't upset at all, and matter of fact, I asked her if she still had his cum in her pussy. She admitted it was and her panties were wet with his cum. I reached in her pussy and fingered her, she wasn't lying. I was so horny that we fucked several times that night, and she didn't need to rub herself to get off. I guess she prefers length over girth.

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  • You're a lucky man to have a horny wife who lets you know when she's fucked someone else. But, take it from someone who knows, sooner or later there will be a guy who has something you don't, more money, built like Adonis, a bigger cock, make her cum two or three times, etc. In my case he had more money, but at least I still to get to fuck her lovely ass because he doesn't do "that" and she likes it, especially when I can make her cum at least twice before I get to unload into her ass. But the best thing of all, while she thinks it's our little secret, her husband thanks me for letting him know when I've fucked her, and my present wife likes the idea of me causing somebody else anal pain.

    Enjoy her while you can.

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