Wife goes topless

My wife Angie and I have been married for ten years. She made reservations for us at a hotel in Mexico. I looked up reviews and realized the beach was topless optional. I was not completely sure she was aware but had hopes she would go topless. On the plain ride she told me she had a surprise for me. I pretended not to have a clue what she was talking about.
We arrived late enough to skip the beach but early enough to get dinner and go dancing. We left our children with grandparents Back in the states and were really enjoying the alone time.
The next morning we had breakfast and we both were planning a day on the beach. Angie told me to go ahead and find a good spot and she would catch up to me asap. I found a Simi private area and set up our lounge chairs and towels. I got us a couple beers and sat down to look at all the scenery. Several women were already topless and I was enjoying the show.
My wife shows up in a cover-up and tells me she needs to use the bathroom first. When she returns she is wearing a micro bikini. It was basically a string on back, if she had a landing strip it would have shown, and her top tried to cover her nipples but didn't quite cover the areola.
I told her she looked stunning and she asked "you don't mind?" I told her I was enjoying her look and reminded her we were on vacation and didn't know anyone. She gave me a naughty smile and took off her top. I was beyond happy.
I noticed some teenage brothers set up camp very close to ours. I was sure they were just trying to watch Angie. Their parents checked on them but seemed content on leaving them alone.
I talked her into going on a walk which she did with no top. Many other women were topless but very few were walking. Looking at her from the front was fun because her perky "C cup" tits were jiggling the entire way. Her ass looked naked and is by far my favorite part of her body.
Our last day I found an area with no other people around and set up another day of sun and alcohol. As soon as we got settled in the teens return and set up close to us. I arranged our chairs so she is sitting next to them with out any obstruction between them.
I take out the sunscreen and suggest she apply a liberal amount. She takes the clue and begins applying it to her tits. I am watching the boys and they can not take their eyes off of her. She turns over and asks me to apply it to her back. Being a good husband I made sure her ass had plenty of lotion and attention.
Other than our voyeurs we were the only people on this area of the beach. By now we are both horny and a little drunk. I suggest she take off her bottoms and run to skinny dip and then return. Angie is quiet for a long time. Without saying a word, she stands up, turns towards the boys and slowly removes her bikini bottom. I have seen her nude for ten years but seeing her now was one of my favorite memories.
The guys just stare. I don't think they could believe their luck. Angie does a slow walk to the water. I am sure she is exaggerating her walk. She is really swinging her hips. She plays in the water for a few minutes and then returns.
She walks by the young men and actually stops and talks to them for a few minutes. Eventually she walks over to me and gets ready to put her suit bottom back on. I ask her to wait just one minute.
I ask the oldest if he would mind taking a picture with our camera. I hand him my camera and put my arms around me wife. He clicks a couple times and then I ask her to turn and show off her ass. She slightly bends over giving them a perfect view of her pussy and ass from behind.
He takes several pictures and I can't help but notice he is very hard while taking the pics. We hand the camera to his brother and he takes similar poses as well.
Unfortunately its time to pack and leave. I admit that I look at those pictures often and have masterbated many times to those memories. Great wife!

12 days ago

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    • My wife and I first went to a nude beach the summer after college while we were living together. We were staying with a friend of mine who lived near the beach. I wasn't sure that she wanted to be naked with anyone that she knew so one day she and I went and we both enjoyed being naked on the beach and in the water. The next day we went with my friend and my gf didn't have any problem with my friend seeing her naked. Other guys would come by and talk to my friend and check my gf out. Later that night my gf said that she enjoyed all of the attention that she got on the nude beach.
      It was only a few years later that I encouraged my wife to cuckold me; first with my friend and then with about twenty more men during the last five years.

    • On our beach holidays my wife wears a see through when wet bikini and curls her black pubes out the side and top of the small bottom with her large, firm, round titties she looks so fantastic and gets plenty of guys plus girls looking, she has picked up at the beach but only girls so I give her plenty of time in our hotel room and we often have a threesome evening meal but I am not allowed to touch her girlfriends.

    • My wife wears a see through when wet bikini also and is really very bushy and black when she comes out of the water it is difficult to believe she is wearing anything, the males and some females congregate around where we sunbake but like you my wife only catches females for sex and there is always a lot to choose from.

    • Bi wives are a blessing. We play act college cheerleaders about once a month. I go down on her, girl on girl. Being at the beach with her is the best. She got yelled at once for ogling a hottie a little too much. "WTF, you are both undressing me, I signed up for him -- NOT YOU -BITCH." We really fucked like crazy after I went down on her pretending to be BITCH girl. At nursing school her lesbian roommate converted her.

    • Great vacation. Thanks for sharing. Took my hot wife Ainsley to a nude beach in New Jersey. She's been a nudist ever since. We live on 5 acres and she lays out nude on our deck. Since 2020 we both work at home for the same co where we met. We're done with our work by 9 or 10 -- but that's all we worked at our cubicles but had to stay till 5. We set up a worker station for Jill who doesn't have a place for one. Jill is a big athletic who carries 160 pound very well. Yesterday afternoon they were both naked on the deck sunning and reading some work stuff. I lay out with shorts on when Jill is naked there sometimes. But I'm more into observing from the 2nd floor window. A delivery lady caught them naked. Jill ran in the house, Ainsley signed like she was clothed. The lady said you girls know how to live, good seeing you.

    • I laughed and teased my husband when he bought me my first ridiculously small bikini. The fishing line straps made it cheap looking, like he got it at an adult novelty store. It BARELY covered my nips and lost it's coverage if I rocked my chest even a little. The bottoms were worse because it only covered my landing strip and clit, the rest was on full display. I wore it for him in our place but I was NOT ever going to wear it out.

      The next one he got me was an actual swimsuit. It was a thong bottom and a string top. I wore it to tanning booths but I wasn't about to wear that in public either. Any time we'd go away for vacation he'd pack those two suits for me and try to get me to wear them. He didn't get his wish.

      Some of my friends were over and the subject of those suits came up. They got me to show them to them. They loved it and wanted to try them on. The suits fit my friends better than they ever fit me so I let them keep them.

      My husband was so unhappy when he finally found out that I got rid of those two suits that I promised to make it up to him. I didn't want to but I searched around and at a stripper store I finally found two ridiculously skimpy suits that actually fit me.

      I ended up surprising him pretty much the same way the OP did. The suits were so skimpy that they made me feel more exposed then going full nude so shedding them and going fully natural was easier than expected.

    • Great post, you and your wife appear so very sexy but nice.

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