Strip Club Wife

We live near Portland, which has lots of strip clubs and they are fully nude, it's legal here. There in one way out of town on my way home that I stop at once or twice a week, it's a tavern, beer and wine only. My wife knows I stop, have just one beer, check out the girls and come home, so she doesn't say anything.
We were talking about maybe doing something, anything to spice things a little, because our sex lives after 15 years of marriage has sort of fallen off some.
She flatly refused the idea of a threesome with some guy, and with another woman is out of the question. After two kids she has a few stretch marks, so her body is not flawless, and she does sag some, not much since she is barely medium size in the bust.
I asked her to go with me to the club, she reluctantly agreed, and we spent one evening watching the parade of hairless barely old enough to be in there females. Some only 18, they could not even drink yet, and had to stay backstage.
Needless to say, she felt out of place and uncomfortable. But a few days later, she surprised me and asked me if I wanted to go and see if they had anyone new, which of course they do since they rotate the dancers around several clubs.
The surprise was, one of the dancers is a bit older, maybe 25 or so and we knew her since she also lives in our community and is on one of the bowling teams in our league. I noticed at league the next Wednesday that the woman and my wife spent a lot of time talking.
Then Saturday night, my wife again asked me if I wanted to go to the club, and mentioned her friend was working that night. At the club, in short order her friend came out and they went backstage, a surprise to me.
Then out came my wife, dressed in some skimpy outfit I had never seen before, and with her obviously being older and looking far more mature at age 36, the entire place erupted in a cheer.
Compared to the skinny and fully waxed other girls, she did look amazing. She danced, the stage had a lot of dollar bills piled on it, she did go topless for the last dance, and I sat there with a hardon so big it hurt.
Then she came back out, sat down and asked me what I thought, I told her that was the hottest thing she had ever done for me. I also asked her why she left her panties on, she mentioned all the other girls were waxed, but of course we could all see she was not waxed due to her on the thin side white panties.
"Do you want me to?" She asked.
"Yeah! I do!" I blurted out.
She did blush slightly but I saw her jaw set like she gets when she gets stubborn.
So, back there she went again, this time she came out topless but still wearing shorts which she took off for the 2nd song. Dollars were flying again, finally she was in just the panties again so I thought she was done, then the next tune was a slow dreamy thing. She came out with a small piece of carpet, laid down on it and began some spreads and stuff like that, then she looked right at me, peeled off the panties, and spread as wide as she could go.
Her pussy was all swollen up, her lower lips curl outwards and are full when she gets turned on, and even with the full bush they were obvious. As I watched, some moisture began to come out and slide down, and I swear she orgasmed right there on stage. She had her hands down there close but the dancers are not allowed to touch themselves so she didn't go that far.
I almost came in my pants! When she came out, she sat down and grinned at me, and asked, "How was that?" All I could do was give her a hug.
Then Tommy, the bartender I know came over and thanked her and me, and asked if we wanted to stay for some after hours stuff.
I looked at my wife, she just grinned, so I told him sure.
"OK, neat. I do have to pick up the drinks, but everything else is OK." He told me with a huge smile
I was not sure what he meant by "everything else" but I sure did find out.
That was the wildest night of my entire life!

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    • How many men fucked your wife that night? I took my wife to an amateur night and when she saw the other women she said that she looked better than them. I told her that she should see what all the guys thought. She got up and eventually was naked showing the bushy hair between her legs as was the norm in the late 1970s. She won the $500 first prize that night. She was really thrilled with the money but I was even happier that many men saw my wife naked. She danced on and off until after a year one of the other women asked her to dance with her at a bachelor party. My wife danced at the party and then she and the other woman were fucked by all fifteen guys that were there including the groom. They dropped her off at the house the next afternoon and their come was still dripping out between her legs. My wife showed me the $1000 that they had given her. She was thrilled with this money. But I wasn't so sure that it was enough given that fifteen guys had fucked my previously good wife. Over the next five years over 200 hundred guys fucked my wife at bachelor parties. No one except me has fucked her for the last 40 something years.

    • My hot wife Sally said she did part time poll dancing in college. Every other Sat for just 4 hours. She said it's hard work. The abuse is limited and the bouncers were good, and it's cold. Less one did it the more they make per hour, being the new girl has benefits. At 32 a local strip club had a strip for charity event. It was a charity dear to her. The club announced they were all women doing it for the charity, all fresh meat in other words -- no regular strippers. The 6 of them raised thousands. I tried to keep it secret but every buddy I have now saw Sally naked.

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