Four girls I know of

What I only found out about a few weeks ago I know is partly my fault. I haven't told my girlfriend about it and am not sure if I should. I live in a rural area in a small ranch home. The closet house to mine is well over 200 yds. away. I work in commercial sales and am rarely home before 7 or 8 pm and my girlfriend is usually only here on weekends. The first thing I do when I get home is shower then have whatever dinner I often bring home with me. Out of habit or I could say comfort, I am naked until the next morning during the week. I'm now in a situation where I don't even want to see any of the people who live in this town and have seriously thought about moving.

Its been a little over 3 weeks ago when a neighbor almost a mile away called and asked to come over to my house. I knew Will only because he owns a local gas station. He didn't pull punches and told me right off the bat that his daughter and 3 other girls had nude pictures of me and worse of my girlfriend. He said his daughter and the 3 others exchanged them on their I-pads and lap tops. I did ask to see them and right away he said "you don't want to" then added he and his wife deleted all of them. He said the other parents were notified and that I can be assured they are all deleted. It was humiliating discussing it with Will but the more questions I asked the worse I felt about. I asked how long its been going on and he just said about 6 months. By the time he left I knew there were also some videos they took and that they were all taken at night. He also told me some involved my girlfriend and I. Damn, what the hell does "involved" mean.

Its been driving me crazy since then and these girls are all only about 14. I do know who Wills daughter is but have no clue who the other 3 are or who their parents are and Will wouldn't tell me. I can only imagine and continuously think about the photos and videos they had and what they showed. The way my house is situated I never had any privacy concerns. I can't stop wondering if they took these of my girlfriend and I having sex. Its bad enough having pics of us naked but how many photos and videos did they have. When I questioned will about it he said a lot. I can't help wondering if they took any of me masturbating which I admit doing some weeknights. I realize now I should have been more conscious of how my windows were open or even uncovered. I just never thought about it until now. My house is back from the road 50 yds. and lit up at night. That means they had to come on my property from the back. I still have questions but am afraid to ask. Are they sure its only 4 girls or did they show those pics to others. If their parents knew then they also must have seen them. I can't bring my self to tell my girlfriend and I never shop in town anymore. I'm afraid of seeing people who either know about it or saw them. I fault myself in a way because of how I was never dressed after work. I think by me being naked most of the time may have encouraged those girls. I never once ever suspected anyone was looking in my windows and never heard anything outside. This feeling sucks.


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  • OP don't sweat it. Our house is about as private as yours as it sounds. We haven't worn clothes at home in years and do what ever we want where we want. We don't close the blinds as I hate the feeling of being closed in. We have been "caught" a few times but it never comes to amount to anything.

  • I would be proud my naked body attracted so much desire and attention, and continue to strut around bare assed in my own home.

  • Be smart op act like nothings changed but catch them tresspassing and get your revenge

  • You have a condition known as paranoia, perhaps coupled with another called histrionics. Go get some help.

  • Why? Some teenagers watched you wank. So what? Technically the young girls could be charged with crimes. You need to use that to your advantage, he pays up or you go to the police.

  • It would be embarrassing as hell if these girls and their parents have seen me wanking. I normally wear my wife's lingerie and end up finishing in my own face/mouth. So embarrassing to admit...even anonymously.

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