Gf is trying to make me fat, what should I do?

My gf and I have been dating for about 5-6 years. I was always the super fit type with a 6 pack and sharp jawline. she has always been a great cook always cooking super good and fattening foods, deserts, ect. For the past 2 and a half years she has been cooking food nonstop. The food was so good, I would just give in more and more. The more I gave in the more my stomach would stretch out and I would just give on even more. I gained 30 ibs the first few months of dating. I kept telling her to start making less food and a little bit of a healthier choice, but that seemed to backfire. The more I asked,the more she would cook and the fattier the food would be. Of course, I gave in. I kept giving in and in, my belly would constantly stretch out further as the fat would just pile on and on. By the end of the year, I went from 175 to 267 pounds. She seemed to love it too. Always teasing me, calling me a pig, a fatty. Always rubbing my belly and jiggling it. It was so embarrassing especially when my family and coworkers noticed. I tried hiding it by wearing baggy clothes, but what was once super loose became super tight. I was always constantly buying new clothes ever month. My gf even tried shrinking them in the dryer. She always loved to see super tight pants and shirts on me. The buttons and seams exploding due to the fat on my body. Not too long after this,quarantine hit. I gained a total of 110 pounds in just 6 months. I had no idea this was humanly possible! I was around 370-380 pounds. I wasn't necessarily depressed due to my ever growing body, it was more of a mix of embarrassment and shame. You would call me what I was before I gained weight a 'chad' I guess. I was always making fun of fat people and discussed by them, but now that I've become it I truly don't know what to do about it anymore. Once the stores and our workplace opened, I started working again. But only after a few months of working, I got laid off. I felt a little relieved that I got laid off. I always had people staring at me. Mostly because my clothes never fit lol. My gf decided it would be best if I stayed home and to take some time off for awhile. My gf is a doctor and gets quite enough money for one of us to stop working. For the past year I did absolutely nothing. I'd sit bare naked on my bed (because most of my clothes didn't fit abd it felt super uncomfortable) and I would watch TV and eat all day. When my gf was gone, she made sure to leave me a entire table of cakes, cookies, deserts, rich pastas, ect. Their were times I would eat everything and I would just end up ordering take out...lots of take out. We spent around 3000$ on groceries every month, that's how much I ate. I felt so ashamed yet so...comfortable? Sitting at home gorging myself to death while having someone take care of me felt good. Not having to worry about work, bills, ect was amazing. I stayed on that bed for a whole year. The only time I left was to go to the bathroom, and even that was a struggle. By this time I was around 520 pounds. My belly would reach my knees anytime I sat down, I couldn't even walk, I had to waddle. I could barely even use the bathroom, and if I kept getting fatter, my gf would have to wipe for me. My gf loved my new grows. I developed fat rolls all over my body and my mobs grew astonishingly huge. She would always feed me after she got home and would rub my belly. I gained another 20 pounds and at this point I needed her to wash for me. It hurt so bad to stand, I had to sit in bed all day and have her sponge bath for me. She had to bring food to me like a servant, and when she was gone for work she would have a huge try next to my bed with stacks of food and a microwave next to it anytime I got hungry. I thought about going to work, but my health was in the way of things. I started getting comfortable to this lifestyle. Being a fat and lazy meat sack full of just lard didn't seem too bad. I never have to worry about money or bills or walking. I was so out of breath from just walking. Their would be times where I would wet the bed because I was too fat to get up. My gf especially loved this of course. So then she kept feeding me, and feeding me. Around next February I weighed in around 692 pounds. I was a pig. I layed in the same bed for two whole years just eating and eating and watching TV. My gf loved this so much. She called me her 'personal pig' she would stuff me and rub my belly and mobs for hours and hours on end. It felt so good though. I just had to give in. About a week later I reached 700 pounds. She wanted to celebrate this occasion by getting me a huge, and I mean huge, cake. This was her way of celebrating my first day of complete immobility. My mobility was horrible before, but I was still able to soemwhat waddle. At this weight, I couldn't move AT ALL. It was such a workout to even just lift up my arm. 8 months passed and it is now Nov 2021. During this time I gained another 90 something pounds. I now weigh at almost 800 pounds, and I don't think she has any idea to ever stop. I feel my body deteriorating as the fat rolles pile on and on. My stomach covers my knees and my double chin is huge. I had no idea this was humanly possible, but I started gaining weight in my forehead. The fat covering my eyes makes it so hard to see. My. Breath is cut short from just lifting up my arm. I want to stop, but I just give in. Living the rest of my life on a bed getting force feed by my gf feels amazing, and I mean amazing. I haven't left my house in years. It's so embarrassing to realize what I've become, and only In a timespane of 5-6 years. I want to stop, I truly do, but I just can't. Being this weight feels so good. Being just a fat tub of lard sitting and eating myself like a pig for the rest of my life is so so good. I will probably just eat on this bed until I'm dead. My fingers hurt so bad while writing this, as this is the most exercise I get other than lifting my arms up so my gf can sponge bath me and wipe me when I use the bathroom. I have doubts tho. I'm not sure if I made the right decision. I can't go back now, theirs nowhere to run. She will just stuff me until I'm dead. Should I put my foot down and try to loose weight? I could I just keep living with this comfortable lifestyle? Please answer I need answers! Thank u for reading my story <3

11 days ago

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    • Nowhere in your description do you say you like being her personal pig, but you do don’t you? You like being her helpless plaything don’t you? Do you ever wonder if she has a real boyfriend too, and that you’re just there to feed and fuck?

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