I am married 29 yr old with a 5 yr old son my marriage has been rocky since I found out he cheated on me. Recently I became friendly with a tomboy type young woman who works at the local home store,she has been flirting with me for awhile a week ago she helped to the car with some plants and when they were loaded she took me in her arms and kissed me like I never been kissed before as I melted I found myself sucking her tongue. She handed me her number and said call me anytime I know you want to and she was gone. I realized my panties were wet. I have never had a lesbian experience but I can`t stop thing about her.

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  • The thing is that most men wouldn't consider it cheating because selfishly it would give them an excuse to join/fulfill there fantasy. For you, it would be good just to relieve the tension. Meet up with her...see where it goes. You can use the experience to build new bridges in your marriage or consider a completely different path. My wife of 23 years now did the same thing. I was a young man who didnt quite understand what that meant. She let a girl in her office eat her out at work/after work and realized it was fun but that she still preferred hetero sex. She then shared that she was thinking about it (not telling me the truth until years later). She used if as a bridge to recapture the fire we once had and still have to this day.

  • It's your call, but cheating with a woman is still cheating (remember lesbian relationships are just as valid as any). If you're just curious, maybe tell your husband and remind him this is about you, not him. Explain you just want to be honest and ask if you can have space to explore your feelings--maybe you'll find out you're only physically attracted to women, or that your husband no longer does it for you and you want out.

  • I’m 51, married and in a situation not so different from yours. My boss is a strong, confident, professional, fit 58 year woman who has made it more than clear we could have something. I think it’s something I really want.

  • Maybe I should post my own confession here, but it happened. My boss and I had sex. It was without a doubt the best sex I’ve ever had. It’s new now but I could conceivably give up men for good.

  • Call her. I'm a guy and your story gets me so hot. I think I would definitely be bisexual if I were a girl. Your bodies are so hot, and you know just what feels good to each other. Something about the taboo aspect is a big turn on also. It got you wet. I think you want to.

  • Call her.

  • Well, assuming you are going to allow yourself a "cheat" because he cheated on you, I think you should at least let yourself have the experience with this woman, your body is telling you that you want to.

  • Do it I think most of us think about that happening more than we like to admit. Go for it or you will always wonder

  • GO GO GO.... and video it for us :)

  • If she made your panties wet with one kiss go for it, I`m sure she will take you to heaven. I know I wasted a lot of time after a similar experience in college It wasn`t until years later that the opportunity came again and it was pure heaven I try not to think of all that wasted time. But I`m loving it now and I`ll never give it up. Let us know what happens Good Luck.

  • What have you got to lose. Just call her and give it a go

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