May need a second opinion here...

It's possible that I'm just being a prude about this, but this whole situation has been gnawing at me for a few years now, and I figured I need an outside opinion.
So; a girl I used to date told me once that she was raised by an EXTREMELY religious nutjob of a mother who never should've been trusted with a cactus, let alone a child. Among the things dear ol' mommy tried to pound into her head was that women aren't intended to enjoy anything having to do with sex; it's just the process of making a baby, and if you enjoy it, it means you're possessed or evil or some bullshit; from the sounds of it mom's excuses for why any woman ever enjoyed sex changed as often as her underwear, but the constant was, it wasn't natural or godly or what the fuck ever. So far so typical American religion, but then when she's telling me this story, she just casually segues into " that's why my aunt had to be the one to teach me how to masturbate." You could actually hear screeching brakes in my head as I tried to process what she said, but after some gentle questioning, I found out three things: her aunt, who was apparently significantly less crazy religious than mom, taught her how to masturbate before she entered double-digit age; they were both naked and demonstrating for part of it, though it doesn't sound like they touched each other; and as far as she knew, it was fairly common for a young girls mom to do this, and the only part she figures was weird at all is that it wasn't mom. As a guy, I learned how to masturbate by finding my dad's porn stash, and that's the extent of any other person's involvement in the process. Are there any females on here who can shed some light on whether or not any part of her story is... Err... Typical? If I'd ever thought about it, I'd have assumed that some older family member *talked* it through, fully clothed, no demonstration involved, but maybe I'm the weirdo here.

15 days ago

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