Wife sharing

We are a happy couple(46/42) after 18 years of marriage. I was diagnosed with diabetes 4 yrs back, and our sex life took a down trend. I found that my wife needed sex so we started to check online and found a college student aged 21. We shared pics and communicated on phone. We booked a hotel room and invited him there. My wife was shy so she covered her face when he entered our room. He had a big tool which satisfied my wife. They both had a good time and he left. This experience made her feel younger and happy.
After a week she approached me and asked if she can have sex with that college boy once again. I contacted him again but this time called him to our house. When he came home, we all had tea and snacks. After tea, I took my 12 year old to a shopping centre and told my wife that we will return after 2 hours and that she can contact me if she wants us out for more time. She smiled and closed the door.
When we returned after 2 hours, she hugged me tightly and kissed our child passionately. She whispered that she had 2 rounds of passionate sex with that college boy and all her fantasy came through in two hours.
I was longing to see her happy and sexually satisfied. We still invite that college student home and they have sex in our bedroom when our child goes to school or goes to sleep in his room.
Please advice if I am doing the right thing by sharing my wife.

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  • Same thing with me I can’t get hard often wife is 10 yrs younger she’s been fucking our sons friend she caught him playing with him self on the sofa one night and sucked him off she fucked him for 6 months before I found out now the rule is he gotta fuck her for me so I can watch witch is fair sometimes I get hard and she sucks me and rides him

  • Wow, as long as she is happy, we shouldnt have any problem. We have started to send our child to granny's place every Saturday so that they both enjoy peacefully in our bedroom. I too watch them have fun and help them in preparing hot tea and snacks after every round.

  • It might be okay. It sounds like your wife loves you. Just make sure that feelings don't get too involved, though that will certainly happen to some extent. It's how you deal with them that matter.

  • Thanks for your concern. Can you suggest ways of dealing if things go bad as I dont want to loose my sexy wife

  • You're doing what you ought. Beg her to let you watch and jerk off
    Be glad she doesn't leave you and enjoy the fact your lover is getting some good dick

  • We Indians have many taboos. Likewise she feels ashamed to let me watch. I am glad that she has restarted her sex life. Let her enjoy.

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