I have a burning desire to make love to my mom.

My mom's gone now but she and myself both had a strong attraction to each other. I constantly sniffed her wet panties and it makes me cum so hard. Mom continues to barge into my room when I'm masturbating. She enjoyed seeing my erection. She would stand there and watch me as I STROKED MYSELF. I would see her smile and lick her lips. I continued to stroke until I finally finished. She'd walk out and then it would happen again and again.

1 month ago


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    • My mom was passed out so I spread her legs and took a shit in her pussy.

    • Motherfucker!!!

    • He wishes! While in reality his mother is still trying to get his 40 year old fat ass out of her trailer!

    • Nah all mommy want the black cock
      we take your mommy

    • That's right. White mommies want the black dick. AND We all want to get knocked up with one black baby after another. Life is just better when you go black. And there's no reason to EVER go back!

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    • She not a fag like you dude!

    • Yeah I'm a big nig trysexual
      I try anything once!

    • No fuck your PC shit head! You are either straight or a faggot pretending to be straight also!

    • I'm a big ol' dick-swinging buck gonna take yo pussy

    • Not a snowballs chance hell Micro-dick!

    • The black man take you white pussy by force an you white boy shrimp dick sit and cry then we strangle white oppressor Karen bitch

    • My mom's gone now
      Mom continues to barge into my room when I'm masturbating
      Is that her ghost or the fact you incest lovers can't keep your fake ass stories together! I don't believe in ghosts so I don't believe this crap!

    • 👻 RAPE!

    • Fucking sick incest lovers! Too fucked up to get any attention from anyone! So sitting here and writing fake incest is the only you can get off!

    • That's the point

    • WOW! if she licks her lips watching you wank, ask her if she wants to suck your cock - she will be ready to do it. While she does it, fondle her boobs and seek for her warm pussy down there...

    • She'd really love to suck my cock. I'd love to taste her pussy too. Do you think we can get away with it?

    • Eat shit incest lover!

    • I sucked a big brown hard shit and GUESS WHAT


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