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My Wife and I have a great open relationship. She is happy for me to sleep with anyone as long as I’m safe and I’m happy for her to do the same. Only difference is, I quite like to watch her when she fucks other men. When I do she says it’s different and the guys treat her a little more like a pornstar. They are a bit more rough, always like to finish on her face that sort of thing.

Recently we set up an evening where two guys got to use her and I could watch. It was amazing. They spit roast her, took it in turns at each end and eventually stood over her on her knees getting ready to cum on her face. I was so turned on that I forgot myself and as soon as they had both. Unloaded on her waiting face and chest I got up from my chair, walked over, dropped to my knees and licked all the cum from her face, swallowing some and cleaning her up. I went to kiss her too but she pushed me away, she was completely shocked.

The guys laughed and started getting dressed and my wife went to the bathroom and locked the door. Apparently it was a step too far and she didn’t like it.

We’ve not quite been the same since. I just got carried away and didn’t think much of it but I think she thought it was a bit too gross and questioned why I would want to swallow another mans cum.

I’d like things to go back to the way they are but I don’t know how.

1 month ago

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    • Just married 40 years ago my hot young wife Sally wasn't quite finished sowing her wild oats. We would play friends from work when we went clubbing. She'd flirt and dance with guys -- I sometime times found girls. We'd go home and fuck pretending we're people we met at the club. Then on a ski weekend some stud and I fucked her every which way, spit roast, gang bang -- took turns fucking her 6 hours non stop. I was thinking fuck Sally, let the whore have it. This once nice girl turned whore. The more we had sex the more she wanted. I'll make believe she's a paid whore and divorce her when I check off all my sex fantasies at her expense. A week after Sally's First Gang Band she said she's done being Sally the whore. (we kept calling her that at the GB-- to her delight) - No more games. She still pretty funky and fantasizes about ski weekend during sex once in awhile.

    • The exact same thing happened to myself and my wife,two black guys fucked her and unloaded on her face,I was wanking next to them,my wife then with her fingers peels some cum off her face and offers it to my mouth!! She reacted a little differently to yours and asked me if I liked the taste of it! Which I did!!! The following week I was sucking 2 lots of spunk from her arsehole,I absolutely love it

    • Sundays are naked days for us. We are in our mid-40s, live in a secluded den in Nevada. The feeling of fresh breeze all day long, watching each other roaming naked indoor with occasional kisses and fondling and touching wherever we wanted adding to our eroticism. The night is spent fucking hard - me literally plow her well endowed cunt with my fat cock. Yes, often some friends with similar interest visit us and they join our session ...

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