Tight or loose

I cheated on my wife and the woman I cheated on her with had the tightest, wettest pussy I've ever had. It could not get any better than the way her pussy moved and sucked as I cummed deep inside her. Cheating on my wife with that amazing pussy ruined having sex with her. Her vagina is really loose.

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  • Tight pussies are great but I enjoy a tight ass

  • I've had one affair. She did everything better than my wife. Anyone in Prescott, AZ looking?

  • Join a website. Not this one.

  • You should fuck my virgin fiancée then. You'll not only humiliate me by being her first, but her wet virgin cunt will suck, squeeze, and massage your cock better than any other pussy you've fucked, as you cum in her (you'll be the first to do that, too). Let my fiancée wrap her tight virgin cunt around your cock. Please fuck her!

  • The only virgin in your post is you. Fail.

  • Ok where i need to be to fuck her im in helen ga

  • Virgins arnt tighter, idiot!

  • I bet my virgin fiancée is.

  • Listen up girls - learn to do Kegals, after a baby they will save your marriage.

  • I'm a wife and having affair with a man that tells me my pussy is so tight he loves making love to me.,

  • No your not.

  • I would love to fuck and eat your wet pussy

  • I've had sex with a few virgins and the experience is absolutely the best sensation that a male can ever experience sexually. Just like a very large cock and the sensation that a female feels being stretched around a big cock. What we do and enjoy very much, my wife and I. Is purchase a fleshlight artificial vagina or similar product from your local sex store. Insert this into her vagina or anus, believe me it will stay in place.This makes her really really tighter, especially in her anus. And makes your cock much thicker. Its amazing.

  • I'd love for you to fuck my virgin fiancée, if you could. You'll have the added insane ego boost of taking a taken woman's virginity, but her tight virgin cunt will squeeze your cock, as you stretch her openuch more than my little cock could. You'll experience every part of her virgin cunt. Her virgin cunt will be the tightest cunt you've ever fuck. Become the first to cum in her, too, and experience the final moments of her virginity tightly massaging your entire shaft and sucking out every drop of your cum!

    Nothing would turn me on more than knowing another man took her virginity, and knowing I can never get it.

    Please fuck my virgin fiancée's brain's out!

  • I'm in a very similar boat. I fucked a girl a few years back that was gorgeous with the most perfect pussy and since then, I have fantasized about her pussy nearly every time I have fucked my wife.

  • I hope you're able to experience my virgin fiancée's pussy wrapped tightly around your cock. Her virgin cunt will squeeze your cock tighter than any pussy you've fucked! You'll also enjoy the alpha confidence knowing you took my fiancée's virginity and that I can't do anything to change it. I want to know that emasculating feeling. Stretch her open. You'll become the first man to cum in her. As you cum deep into her, the final moments of her pussy being considered to be virgin will be her virgin cunt massaging your shaft and milking out every drop of cum. You'll be glad you did this, if you do.

  • NP. I have this problem too. And just after finally accepting after a few years that is never happening again, the tight pussy is all of a sudden back in my life and I am falling back into that hole again.

  • If you want a really tight pussy, then fuck my virgin fiancée. As a cuckold, this is greatest fantasy and I'm sure you'll have an alpha bull ego boost like nothing else. But fuck her for her tight virgin pussy. I'm sure it will be the tightest pussy you'll ever fuck. You'll feel every part of her virgin cunt stretch tightly around your cock, as you feel the spasms of her pussy gripping you tighter. Insert your full length into her, and become the first man to cum in her, and feel the last moments of her virginity grip and suck every drop of cum out of you. Your entire shaft will receive the tightest massage. It will be the best pussy you've ever had.

    I hope you're lucky enough to cuck me like that. Please fuck my virgin fiancée!

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