Back in high school (sad tale)

There was this one girl, she used to go out and walk down the road after dark all the time. I saw her a few times and asked her if she wanted a ride, she said no.

Later, I was dating another girl that was her friend and one time I asked what the deal was with her friend, by then I had seen her on the road several more times.

My girl friend told me that she had gotten raped when she was only 13, and for some crazy reason she developed a fetish about it. I asked my girl if it had happened again because what she was doing seemed dangerous, she just nodded and said lots of people had tried to help her but she would sneak out late at night.

I have no idea what could cause that kind of reaction, and was thinking she should be under mental care somewhere.

But, it was only a few weeks after that she vanished, they did find her days later in a culvert almost 50 miles away. Two guys were arrested that year, still waiting trial.

1 month ago

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