Engaged Gilfriend

I noticed my wife during our freshman year of college. She was an attractive blonde with a very sexy figure. I got up the nerve and asked her out. She told me that she went home every weekend to help her father take care of her mother. So I asked her to go to the movies with me on Thursday evening. She accepted and we watched the movie and then went to my dorm room. We talked, kissed and I got to feel her breasts through her sweater and bra.
When I saw her Monday in the dining hall she was sitting with several other young women. As they were leaving, I caught up to her and she hung back with me as her friends walked ahead. I asked her how her mother was doing and she said that she was better. I asked her to the Thursday movie again and after the movie we went to my dorm room again. This time when I felt her breasts she didn't have a bra on and she let me slide my hands up under her sweater and I even played with her nipples.
After the weekend I asked her out again and she told me that she had something she had to tell me. She told me that her mother was not sick and that she didn't go home on the weekends but went to her fiance's apartment and spent the weekend with him. I wasn't sure what to think and didn't say anything. After thinking about nothing except her for a couple of days I asked her out again. So we went to the movie again and then to my room. After we kissed for a while she stood up and I thought she was going to leave but she removed her sweater and then her jeans and panties and laid down on my bed. I quickly took my clothes off and got on the bed with her. She took my dick in her hand and guided me between her legs. I pushed into her and went all the way in on my second push. It was obvious that she wasn't a virgin while still was. She felt fantastic and I quickly came. I continued fucking her until she had an orgasm. We walked back to her dorm without talking but at the door she kissed me.
All weekend I thought about how she was at her fiance's apartment and was being fucked by him. On Monday I got to talk with her and she told me that she liked me but that she also liked her fiance. She told me that her fiance had been the one that had taken her virginity and that he was the only guy that she had sex with. She also said that they fucked all during senior year of high school and fucked four or five times each weekend. It was obvious that she liked fucking which was fine with me since I wanted a girl that liked sex. The rest of our freshman year I fucked her several times from Monday through Thursday and she was fucked by her fiance Friday through Sunday. Then summer came and she moved in with her fiance. After the summer, we got together and she told me that she had broken up with her fiance and wanted to be with me. That made me really happy and we dated until we graduated from college and then moved in together and got married two years later.

13 days ago

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    • That is not only common but pretty tame. I did that and more. For a while I had a parent approved boy friend back home that I saw every time I went home to my parent's, I had a guy I lived with, I messed around with guys at work and I still dated guys at school. Most of my friends were doing the same things. We were getting by and trying to have some fun along the way

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