My regular came over yesterday after I returned home

This guy has been coming over to my house since the summer of '19 and giving me head for the enjoyment of it. He is in his sixties and in great shape, shows up daily sometimes and even twice a day now and then. Gives me head for as long as I want sometimes but almost always does it thru two orgasms. I told him I was going to be gone on vacation for a week so he would not think I was ignoring him or anything and he told me to message him when I got back so I did but I did not expect him to want to come right over.
I got in just before eight pm and was at my desk checking emails and just relaxing when a got a message from him, it was after nine and all he asked was if I was home yet from vacation. I had told him the day I would be back so did not think it was weird or anything but had planned on messaging him in the morning. I told him I was and he replied back asking me if he could come over. I thought hell, why not it will be a great way to finish up my day, I told him give me ten minutes to shower.
He showed up and went right to it after I leaned back on the couch, he edged me for the first one then sucked the hell out of it for my second. I was thinking he would be done now but he kept right on nursing it with long slow sucks and plenty of licking. I came again for the third time and he got up after some post licking and sucking then asked me what time I was going to be up and around in the morning. I told him I had an eight am meeting but after that was mostly free.
I was wrapping up the meeting and heard a knock on the door, I let him in and sat back down at my desk to finish it up. He sat down on the couch and waited until I was done then I told him I only had like half an hour because some other meetings popped up. He told me to do what I needed to do and he would take care of me, I have a an adjustable desk for standing or sitting so I lifted it up and he got on his knees in front of me. He does not seem to mind at all if I continue what I am doing while he sucks on me which is amazing to me, I do not know any woman that would do that without my undivided attention. I stood there with him constantly sucking on me for an hour and a half, he listens to what is going on and will slow down if I am talking and seem to be leading a conversation. When I disconnect he will suck me hard and fast until I either orgasm or start another meeting, his skills are amazing. I honestly do not want to lose this relationship and it is incredibly one sided, the only thing I have given him is water and some snacks now and then if he shows up and I am eating. I have never known anyone who enjoys doing this more than him.

11 months ago

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