Father in law Secret

I have a confession my father in law and I have been keeping secret for the past 10 years!
My father in law is in his early 80's now.
But It all started during a hunting trip to Colorado.
I got a elk hunting permit and my wife asked me if I could invite her dad to on the hunting trip. So being the nice guy I am I asked him and he said yes.

We got to Colorado it was a November hunt and it was also snowing.
We had to use a tent because an RV was unable to get to the location.
It was freezing and snowing like crazy,we set up the tent and jumped inside to get the heater started. We finally got our camp situated and relaxed and went to sleep.
The tent was a rather small one so we pretty much slept next to each other.
That morning I woke up around 4 am , I felt something poking my side
So I started feeling around to see what it was.
Well it was ny father in laws morning wood poking me. He was still asleep and didn't even know that he had a huge hard on.( He was also a really heavy sleeper)

Well I couldn't go back to sleep because his meat was jabbing my side.
So I lay there as his hard cock was almost in my ribs. I was in a little shock with the size of his cock it was at least a good 10 inches or so.
As I laid there thinking of it's size I got a throbbing hard on and was a little horny and I wanted to see it.
I turned on my side and slowly put my hand in his blanket, and I felt his huge cock it was not just long but it had a huge head and the girth was a round as a soda can!! That really got me excited.
I wrapped my hand gently around as much as my hand could fit around it and slowly stroked that python!
I was getting really horny just having it in my hand and I wanted to see it in the light! It was like stacking 3 soda cans on top of each other the length and thickness were that size no bullshiting!
The strokes up and down his python were long and I was wondering what size his load was going to be?

I stroked it for about 10 minutes, that's when I stopped because it was starting to pulsate and swell up! I wanted to see how huge his load was but I decided to stop.
A couple hours later he woke up. His cock was still at attention. I acted like I didn't know.
He laid there with his huge hard on as he looked at me saying "I hope I didn't wake you up with this poking you?" No I didn't even notice till you said something about it. Laughing I said to him I'm pretty sure I would of felt that python jabbing me in the back and Ribs!
He turned a little red and embarrassed, apologizing to me for having to see it.
No worries! We all have morning wood! Not that humongous.
Jokingly I say to him if your hands get tired from jacking that monster off, I can help you out with mine hands.

I opened the door of the tent and went outside so he could masturbate.
20 minutes later you could hear him going to town with his python breathing hard making grunting noises. Well a few more minutes went by and he was still at it.
I wanted to see it in the light so I opened the door a little and asked if he needed my help?
He was dripping with sweat and I know his hands were tired.
Don't be embarrassed, I can help you finish.
I got inside the tent and closed the door, ok just lay back and cover your eyes and face and enjoy as I giggled.
When I grabbed it and saw it in the light I was almost drooling and my cock was instantly erect.
I started stroking it with one hand like I did earlier after a few minutes I wrapped my other hand around it, I was stroking his huge python with both hands long strokes as I started stroking him faster and harder, you could hear his groans of pleasure as I jacked off his huge monster.
After a good 20 plus minutes of working that monster I felt his cock start to throbb and swell at head and with in a few minutes,he grunted "here it comes and as soon as said it I pointed it away from me and boom two huge loads shot out spraying his side of the tent.
I grabbed it in my hands and started stroking it he was in orgasmic pleasure!
I stroked it till it started getting limp.
I sat there in a strange but erotic feeling of arousal.
He pulled the blanket from his face dripping with sweat" thank you for your help" I think we should keep this between us it'll be our little secret".
I laid down on my bed next to him, looking at him, giggling"a little secret?"

He nervously laughed " yes a little secret between you and I"
Yes of course I will keep this between us it's our Huge Secret!
I couldn't get my eyes off his monster cock, I was sexually aroused and I wanted to jack him off again!
Well if you need me to help you with that monster again I will anytime. But in one condition you let me do all the masturbating for you! You just lay back and enjoy it. Deal?
With a smile on his face"Deal".
"By the way son in law just a FYI I get morning wood every morning so be prepared."
Oh I will! You can count on me! I look at him"if you ever feel like being jacked off just for pleasure! I'll be ready, willing to satisfy you! Anytime you want!

His eyes opened really wide, with a smile and a wink of his eye, I'll be sure to take you up on that offer!
Hey father in law! "Yes"
How about we do a couple practice runs later today?
"Really!? you really want to"? Yeah I had fun doing it! And I got to admit I not going to lie!
It made me feel really sexually aroused! Mmmmmm I don't know what made me feel that?
Well I kinda figured out what got me to have those tingling sensations all over.
So we got ready and went out to hunt and within an hour I had killed my elk.
We got back to camp, I said to My father in law we have 6 days of rest and relaxation. So what you feel up to doing?
Smiling as he raised his eyebrows up and down,
He went inside the tent.
"Oh son in law!" he called me.
I'm going to take you up on that offer! You still up to it?"
Hmmm let me think about it for a minute? Okay,in one condition!
"Yeah what's that?"
From now on!;we do this in the nude! Both of us butt naked!

24 days ago

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