Libido Estates

Just returned from south central Florida and one of those planned senior communities. I had heard that the oldsters ( of which I'm one ) down there were acting frisky and getting busy, generally behaving like kids on spring break. I checked into an inn and they had a busy bar inside of a mediocre restaurant. My fellow patrons, who lived in the community, were friendly but not very lascivious. A guy beside me, at the bar, told me that prospects were better as the evening wore on, particularly at the bar in a nearby bowling alley.
The preferred mode of travel is by golf cart, and I caught a ride with fellow revelers. Once there I got a beer from the packed bar area. Lots of gray hair, but, lots of smiles and furtive glances. I got some quarters and sat at a Ms. Pac Man video game, which I was surprised to see. I used it to start a conversation with a younger brunette lady, but, she didn't seem interested. A much older lady, 75 or so, was interested and we sat and played. She was good at the game, I could barely keep up. She was also quite attractive, beautiful blue eyes, a pinkish-orange hairdo all piled-up, tall and well spoken. She lived in the community, played golf three days a week, bowled two nights a week. "Oh, on a league ? " I asked. She smirked and said, "You might say that. "
"So, are you bowling tonight ? " I wondered.
"No, I'm just out looking for a dick to suck, tonight, " she answered casually. It happened just that fast ! She took me to the ladies room, we got in a stall and she sucked my dick until I shot my load on her face ( her request, no joke ! ) . With that out of the way we went back out and she gave me the lowdown on everybody in the bar. All-in-all, not a bad night !

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  • In praise of mature women ...

  • Actually down in Fl are some nudist communities that many retires at. I got familiar with an older gent in a chat room and he sent me pics of some of the retired ladies that he bedded down with. He claimed it was pretty easy pickens for him that many ladies seemed very interested in sex.

  • Nice !

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