Fake "Therapist"

Probably a waste of time but I do things that I feel guilty about, yet keep right on doing them.
I am a predator, I used to advertise in some underground advertisers like the kind we see free in convenience stores.
But I used the word "massage" in my ads and Oregon owns that word, requires a license to even advertise it, and I got busted. Cost me $500, so I found one online that requires a private account, which actually works way better. It is "free" massage between friends, but most are hookers or people looking for quick sex. Lots of couples too, guys that like to watch, and also gays.
Easy site to find.
So far I have had about every kind of sex possible, lots of touching, voyeurism, and it's pretty close to 100%, only one time so far did I get turned down. That one actually DID tell me "Just massage" which I didn't believe.
I make lots of promises about coming back, doing a long term relationship, but I never do follow up. The surprise is, lots of them are pretty cute, although most are either fat, homely, or older.
But I am ashamed, yet I just keep on looking for new ones. The hookers are easy to sort out, I avoid those. After a few emails and some flirting, they are as close to a sure thing as a person can find.

1 month ago

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    • Hey, twisted blister, and legend in your own mind. You wouldn't know a sure thing if it actually fucked you. May you wind up in a scented garbage bag in the bottom of a dumpster.

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