This is gross and weird, and youve been warned.

Don't read any further if you have a weak stomach. This is pretty raunchy and gross.

41 M fatguy

I want to take a sh1t in a womans mouth and have her eat it then lick me clean. and drink my pi$$, every last drop.

Read somewhere its a narcisisitic personality disorder and it involves , basically a desire to be worshipped . Can't remember the technical name but its called the Jesus complex, because jesus said drink of my blood and eat of my flesh. Yeah

I have 3 exs and long story short, they were not going to go anywhere near there. and its a lot to ask, so I don't blame them.

Been getting rhimjobes from hookers for about 6 years now. Had pretty much given up on the whole scat thing then this one time I was in a truck stop. I drive trucks btw.

I remember I had finished a sub sandwich from subway and taken a dump in their bathroom. I had been running hard, 4 days without a shower . I was filthy and stinky and a little self conscious about it. Was in my rack trying to sleep when I heard the knocking on the side of my truck. It was still daylight so I didn't think the hookers were out yet. But it was.

Pretty blond thing asked me if I wanted some company I told her I would but hadn't hit a shower for the better part of a week she said it was fine, got in. (I was honestly trying to not mess up her day or anything by giving her forwarning, I'm kind of a jerk but I'm not inhuman)

We talked prices , I brought up rimjobs she said sure. 80 I think was the agreed upon price. She liked me, I am generally very nice to those girls unless they act like Khunts . Kidd with them to relax us both that sort of thing.

She did oral on me for a bit, said she didn't have a lot of time and wanted to get to the rhimming part. I said ok took a towl to wipe down my butt and after the first wipe , yeah it had a big brown smear. I was mortified. She saw it and She said she need to get going and I cursed silently, but didn't blame her a bit. but instead of leaving she put her hands on my hips and guided me onto my stomach. and proceeded to give me a great rhimmjob, even tongue f***ed my a-$$h0l3 , then she did oral on me and I popped like I never have before. I'm not kiddin it actually hurt a little bit. Oral lasted all of 20 seconds. I was in a daze really.

When I offered her some mouth wash, she turned it down, and that too was hot as f**k . I have went back there many times but never found her again. Straight up I'd marry that girl. And deal with whatever bullshit baggage or problems she may have. She is come the closest to accepting the worst part of me. I get emotional thinking about it even now.

Since then , relationships are pointless to me, I got in one more with a girl, well that didn't end so well. My fault.

I haven't went full throttle with any of these girls I pick up. They are just working and don't deserve to have a bad time, but deep down I want to grab one by the hair and say "This is the way it is b1^ch ! I'm gonna sh!^ in your mouth and youre going to eat it and thank me for it you filthy whore !" although I do actually want them to enjoy it. That's kind of the big thing for me. for a woman to humiliate and degrade herself willingly . You can't lie about that. people can lie and say they love you, but they can't lie about that submission. But I don't cause, I'm not really a r@plst. It would spoil the satisfaction if they are crying and you know they really don't want to do it.

Am I the worst guy in the world, maybe. I have come to accept that I am one of the bad Men. Do I need help ? Meh. There are people that actually like to hurt others , I'm just disgusting but I don't want anyone to feel bad. Its not good, and I am not happy about it. but how many have wished they were not a certain way. ? So no, I will not be seeking help.

So there we are, thanks for reading if you made it this far. and I look forward to your hate filled diatribes down below. Have a nice day.


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  • I love to lick my girlfriend dirty asshole. But not to dirty. Lol

  • I like you. You want consent. You want them to enjoy it as well. In my book, that automatically makes you ten times better than most people.

  • I would like a woman to do that to me

  • Get fat harry

  • I think you're honest, real. not pretending to one thing and hiding your nastiness. someone can meet that.

  • Well, I'm definitely not into this, the details of it anyway, but I recognized something familiar in your lust for it. It's the same lust I feel for oral sex. I just want to grab her head and hold her down on me as I blow my load and defile her mouth. There's just something about the utter nastiness of filling a woman's mouth to overflowing with cum that she has no real choice in taking or not taking, yet she still willingly sucks me while knowing it's going to happen, and also enjoys it and voluntarily degrades her own self to do it. This point of view is a huge turn on for me.

  • Also, in reverse, except for the self degrading part (which may be anyway, I dont know), I want to suck her pussy to full orgasm and beyond, and have my mouth absolutely plastered to it while she cums, still working away on her sopping twat with my tongue and lips while knowing she has just cummed on my face. I love knowing she has just done something nasty in my mouth with her pussy and my mouth is being rubbed all over it. I want to continue sloppy serving her well after she's cummed until she can cum again, and have her hold her hands on the back of my head as she fully lets go, breathing hard, and just loving the idea of having her crotch licked and serviced for her cumming pleasure. I want to hear her screaming it feels so good and she doesn't want me to stop.

  • That’ll work.

  • I seen a passed out girl behind a tavern in northern california covered in urine and feces. I called the police simply because it was horrible what someone had done too her , obviously without her permission.

  • πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • My wife and I love pissing on each other and drinking each others urine, but we just cant get into the scat thing, but I'm sure there is a woman out there somewhere who is into it. Good luck, I hope you find her.

  • I'm the Author btw. That's good, glad to hear you folks are having naughty fun. and Yeah I realize its not for hardly anybody. Thanks for reading and not putting me on blast. I appreciate it. Have a nice day.

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