Letting Mom Do Her Thing

I'm an 18 yr. old petite daughter with big puffy areola breast staying at my 38 yr. old mom's house until fall when college starts. She's an alright flat chested mom but recently I been trying to ignore her. She started to talk to me about college life and what I have to be ready for. She keeps bringing up how my breasts might entice certain people there. She tells me my tits are sexy and wishes had them herself.
I was showering in the bathroom and she needed to use the toilet. I told her it wouldn't bother me. I didn't know what what was keeping her on the toilet so long. I peeped thru the shower opening and saw her staring at me behind closed the closed curtains fingering her erected clit poking out of her long shaved slit. I told her I was done showering and was going to dry off and would prefer if she would leave the room.
She got off the toilet and I thought she stepped out of the room. Instead she was standing in the open doorway with a towel in her hand totally naked. "Let me dry you off. " she said. I thought she was going to shower too. She started to dry me off with the towel and began to squeeze my tits and suck on my areolas making them swell. " Mom ! " I yelled. "I'm making you aware what you might encounter at college." she told me. " I'm willing to supply you with things for college if you let me to continue. " This was my chance to get to buy me stuff.
" OK, kiss and suck my tits off if you desire mom! " I blurted out. I squeezed them into her mouth and enjoyed the sensation . She began to play with her clit as deeply put them in her mouth. I totally enjoyed my control over my mother. She took my hand and began rubbing it on her slit while I let her nurse me. I could feel her wetness for me. I was told she had an orgasm and she deeply kissed me and thanked me. My relationship with mom changed. I got what I wanted and she got to worship my adorable tits.

1 month ago

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    • Silly story, dude !

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