Honestly I don't know if I'm a necrophile but dead naked corpses turn me on. I'm a female, age 16 and lesbian. The fact that the corpse is all in your control is so sexy. I also find the blood really hot too. I just get really turned on seeing a motionless and still body of a woman naked. I'm much more turned on from a naked dead body than a regular woman.

1 month ago

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    • The first women I saw naked was from an accident. She drowned in a pool and they were doing CPR. Cut off her swim suit and it was weird since it was the first time seeing a vagina in person but she was already dead and they called it. I felt horrible looking but everyone there saw her nude that day.

    • I can relate..when I was 18 I always touched up my friends whenever they slept over or if I was at a house party, I'd always try feel some sleeping girls up .the feeling that you can do anything and they will never know, it was more exciting if the sleeping person didn't find me attractive, I loved to feel their tits and look at their sleeping face , knowing I e felt them up against their knowledge was so I can understand the similar feelings towards a corpse.

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