I love it when my wife masturbates

When my wife starts rubbing her clit I know that it’s time for me to go down between her legs and get ready for her to squirt all over my face and when she’s done she will force herself on top of my face and make me lick her already soaking wet pussy until I make sure that she squirts again into my open mouth !
I don’t really care what anybody says about eating pussy !
If you really enjoy eating vpussy or sucking dick !
It’s our choice to do it ! I really enjoy doing both of thy above !
I really love it when I Cumm inside of my wife and I’ll go down on her and lick her pussy clean of all of my Cumm then go up and let my Cumm drip out of my mouth into her mouth and watch her swallow my Cumm down her throat! I really love my wife so much !
Just all the things that she does to me and for me !
She’ll even get a few of her female friends involved with us in bed . She makes sure that I have a shot at all of her friends she even gets to go down on them also !
I have such a amazing wife !

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    • Hi I'm sue I also love masterbating
      I masturbate in front of my husband making him watch me rubbing fingering and I also love to spread my legs and pussy very wide so he can see my pussy opening up . I part my lips with one hand slapping my pussy and clit hard as I talk dirty telling him in a dirty filthy fucking slut as I slapping my cunt. I go harder and harder saying I must punish my pussy . Slap slap slap . He starts wanking off asking me what you been doing you dirty fucker what you been up to tell me right now . He then slaps his cock telling me if your punishing your cunt and ass I must punish my cock . He pulled his cock up towards his belly slapping his balls. I told him I have been messaging your mates and sexting with them and sending them pictures of my pussy titts and ass
      Also sharing our homemade sex videos of us making my pussy cum and squirt. He says to me oh you have, have you, just who been sexting with you. I told him your best mate Mark, your brother and his wife . She they all got very turned on talking very very dirty to me. I told them all I want them to gang bang me making you watch them ripping my clothes off fucking me very hard and roughly. He said oh fuck mmm fuck me yes yes please. You horny fucking who're. SO you have seen how big marks cock is have you. I replied OMFG yes. You been fingering your pussy wanting him inside you . Fucking your pussy hard and deep. His cock is 11 inches and very thick to he would stretch your nasty fucking cum loving pussy. He will hurt you making you scream as he forces inside you. Oh fuck my husband said mmm that would be amazing watching you taking him seeing all 11 inches going inside your slutty filthy cunt . Make you take him bareback so he can fill you full of his cum. Squirting deeper than anyone. My husband says to me Holy fuck you who're I'm turned on loads now wanking faster

    • Suddenly our dog got on the bed sniffing around he could smell my cum and pussy juices. He put his head beyween my legs kicking my juices of my inner thighs licking all my juices. Be pushed his nose I told my pussy licking my pussy. My husband had seen him licking my juicy cunt . Holy fuck why you letting him do that. OMFG you naughty nasty bitch. Have you done this before. I spread my legs and cunt wider telling my husband MMM. Fuck yes I have. You brother and his wife dared me to try it . Oh fuck his tounge feels so fucking good. I got my pussy juices rubbing so.r on my belly up to my titts. I guided our big on top of me lifting my pussy up towards his hard cock. My husband said no your not going to let him . Oh fuck he going to fuck your pussy
      My husband got of the bed grabbed his phone a started filming me as I guided my dog's cock Inside.my juicy fat shaven pussy. Once he was inside the I pulled him closer making him pound me deeper. He is a big dog his cock is huge also his knot was as big as a Apple. My husband was filming and taking pictures . OMFG you dog cock loving slut. Subbenly I could feel his hot cum fill my pussy mmmx

    • The dog got off me so I got on all fours sticking my ass out and told my husband to take pictures of the dog cum dripping from my pussy
      The dog started licking my pussy and ass from behind then he mounted me again this time I guided his cock inside my ass hole. My husband says to me you really have done this before it's so fucking wrong but dirty and I'm so fucking turned on I need to to you he said . I told him your you going to fuck my ass and pussy, I want your cock inside me getting it full of dog cum mixing yours and his cum together then I'm going to sit on your face and you going go Lick it all out taking it I your mouth then kiss me and let it drop I to my mouth MMM x

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