Revenge for the Jock

When I was in high school, my Dad got a job and we had to move from what was a large city to a much smaller community, It was just before my junior year. I was about 5'9" at the time and around 150 pounds.
There was this one guy, a senior, easy 50 pounds bigger, who liked to pick on me, not much I could do about it. He was the captain of the football team, quarterback of course, and a total asshole.
Even on the slight side, I did have one thing the rest did not have, I was what is called on the "hung" side, not monstrous but easily bigger than any of the others, which got me teased, of course.
One day we were in the schoolyard, playing catch, stuff like that, and this jerk decided to pants me since some of the cheerleaders were there that day practicing. The prettiest one was HIS girlfriend, of course she was.
I put up a scrap, enough that two of his buds had to help him, and I ended up with my pants at my ankles, not much I could do to stop that, and all of the girls got a good look. I ran all the way home, embarrassed.
About two weeks later, I was in my back yard, Mom and Dad gone somewhere, and who shows up but his girlfriend. She told me she was sorry her guy did that to me, we talked and it became rather obvious why she was really there, and we ended up in my bedroom.
Turns out the jock guy was sort of on the undersized size, and she was interested, so I got his girlfriend.
Not too long after, they broke up, she and I then dated a few times, but nothing clicked other than the sex so that is as far as it went. But I figured I got nicely even with the asshole.

1 month ago

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    • Good for you. Getting "pants" -- Almost forgot about that. But back in the 60's we had elastic waist gym shorts -- when we had gym with the girls, we got pants -- if you weren't paying attention you got pants. Talking one on one with a girl, you got pants. No one liked it and you'd got back at who pants you -- leading to a never ending cycle. The girls would all look, the girl gym teacher would shield her eyes - the guy would make you take laps if he caught you.

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