The pregnant bank teller

I was pregnant with our second child . I was working at a bank in Baltimore City inside a huge office building. My husband liked to watch me have sex with others when I was expecting. When we first found out about baby number two I had a plan of my own. Frequently at work I would have male customers proposition me. I was very attractive young lady . Guys would come down from one of the lawyers offices to cash their settlement checks. Every once in a while one would ask if I would like to help them spend some of the money. I usually just said my husband wouldn't like that. Or would he? So I decided that the next cute guy to make that proposition would get taken up on it.

It was very early on in the pregnancy and I was not showing yet. I was waiting on customers and the next one was a sexy tall young man. I asked him what I could do for him today. He handed me a check for a little over $9000.00 . I asked him for his identification. Then asked if he had an account. To which he said no. I asked if he would like to open an account and he replied some other day. The law firm did all their banking with us so we could cash the checks for their clients. I asked him if he wanted it any special way . He told me to give him half in twenties and the other half in one hundreds. I asked him if he had any plans for his new found wealth. Then he asked me what I would do ? I told him that I would treat myself to a whole new sexy dress with shoes, and accessories, and then a really nice dinner at a fine restaurant.

I was counting out his money and I saw him handling my name plate. He said Jayne was a nice name. When I finished I asked if there was anything else I could do for him. He asked me what time I got off work. I told him 3:30 pm. He asked if I would like to join him and help him spend some of it. I said like for real? He said no joke. I'll buy you that sexy outfit and treat you to dinner. I pretended to think for a moment . Then told him I would. I promised to meet him when I got off. I told him to be at the big escalator outside at 3:35 pm. He said he would be.

I had about four hours before I got off. I was getting really excited as the time drew near. When it was time I got my things and made my way to the big escalator that went outside to the street. As I was riding it down I saw him walk over to meet me. He told me I looked very beautiful. I thanked him. He then asked where I wanted to go dress shopping. I thought and said there were some nice shops on N. Charles St. So we walked that way and he was flirting with me and getting to know me. We went into a couple shops and I didn't see anything that really caught my eye. Then I saw some dresses that really looked sexy. So we went in and the lady helping me just assumed he was my boyfriend . I tried several dresses modeling them for Antoine . Then when I tried on the red sequin dress he loved it. It was $180.00 . I said that's a lot of money. He said get it . It really fits your curves. I told him the most expensive dress I had ever bought was $60.00 . We are talking 1984 here. It was a lot. I also got a sexy slip to match the dress.

So we left with the dress and I kissed him thanking him. Off to find some nice sexy undergarments. We went across the street to a shop that specialized in bras, panties, and sexy naughty items . I was trying to figure out what color bra , and panties . So I asked Antoine. He really liked the black lace. He also like the red, pink , and even the white. We got them all. Then he told me to model some of the sexy nighties for him. He bought two . One pink, and a sexy red one that he said was his favorite. I got new hose and everything I needed. Then we walked on to a shoe store . I settled on a pair of red high heels and a shiny silver pair. Lastly we went to find a little fancy purse to match. I got a red one and a silver one to match the shoes. Shopping is hard work. It was around 5:30 and he suggested we take a cap to his apartment and figure out dinner plans. I told him I wanted to go to Baltimore's famous Little Italy as they had many fine restaurants. We hailed a cab and went to his apartment. Inside he gave me a phone book and I was looking through the restaurant listings. He was kissing my neck and rubbing my legs and shoulders. I told him that I was really hungry and anything else he had on his mind could wait.

I found a nice restaurant and he told me to call and make the reservation. I did so and the soonest I could get was 7:00 PM. We sat on his sofa and made out and talked inbetween . I asked where I could get dressed and he told me to use his bedroom . He told me what things to wear. The black lace bra and panties . Which shoes and of course the sexy red sequin dress. After I got dressed he got ready. We called a cab and headed out. Little Italy was only about 5 blocks from his apartment. As we left his apartment the stares we got from his neighbors. He told me don't mind them . They don't see many hot looking white girls around here. We arrived for dinner a little early and sat at the bar. I thought one drink wouldn't hurt . You know with me being pregnant . So I got a rum and coke. We went to our table and we had the most wonderful dinner. I loved every minute of it. We had wine with dinner and then dessert. Afterwards he suggested walking around the inner harbor as it was all new. Many eyes were upon us and the men were really checking me out.

Then we took another cab back to Antoine's place . Once inside I kicked off my shoes and he pulled me close to him and we began kissing. His hands were all over my ass. Rubbing me as we kissed. I said well I guess this is where I have to earn my expensive afternoon and evening. He said I could leave if I like and keep everything his treat. We continued to kiss and touch. Antoine said I didn't have to do anything I didn't want to. He enjoyed being with me and really liked me. Then he asked if I wanted to stay or go. I told him that I needed to make a phone call. He said sure and asked if I was calling a boyfriend ? I told him not a boyfriend my husband. He didn't seem at all bothered by this. So I called my husband to tell him that I would not be home when he got off work. I told him not to worry and would fill him in tomorrow. He asked if I met someone while working and I told him yes. He told me to have fun and enjoy myself. I told him I planned on it.

Antoine and I got busy pretty quickly . I was nibbling on his ear lobes and he was kissing and licking my neck . He told me to go into the bedroom and put on the sexy red nighty for him. I sat across his lap and kissed him. Then I walked very seductively to the bedroom. I got undressed and put on the red nighty. It was two pieces with a top and little lace panties. After I put it on I also put on some perfume I carry with me. Then I opened the door and stood there looking sexy. He got up and came in . I started to remove his tie and unbutton his shirt. He kicked his shoes off and I began to feel his crotch. I felt him start growing . Then I unfastened his trouser and let them fall to the floor. He was wearing these incredibly sexy bikini briefs. Nothing was left to my imagination. You can't hide much in them. I kisses him as I reached into his briefs and took hold of his cock. I pulled him out and rubbed it. I walked him back to the bed. Then I yanked down his briefs and began to kiss his big thick cock. I held it with my left hand and started to suck on him. I rubbed his sexy ass with my right. He was really enjoying me sucking on his cock. I licked his big balls and took them into my mouth. He was leaking a lot and making both my hand and my mouth super wet. Antoine helped me up and then he removed my top. I always thought sexy nighties weren't worth the money. They never seem to stay on very long. Antoine laid me back gently on the bed he caressed my breast and rubbed my belly and kissed my naval . Then he slowly pulled down my panties. He touched my thighs and legs . He kissed my feet . I arched my back and he ran his fingers through my hair . He told me how sexy my bush was and he spread my legs and began licking me. It felt so good. He climbed on top of me and continued licking me and I sucked his cock more. I rubbed his sexy ass while I licked him and sucked him. I was getting so aroused my nipples were hard and my mound was turning red as it filled with blood. He stopped licking me and then turned around and got between my legs. I took his big cock and rubbed it up and down my clit. He slowly popped it into me and began to pump. I squeezed his sexy ass as he thrust deeper and deeper into me. We kissed and made out . Antoine sucked on my nipples . That made my clit squeeze him even harder. We fucked like that until he filled me full of his love juice. We cuddled up and took a short rest. Then we had sex again. This time I rode him and we did doggie style. We sleep for four or five hours and early in the morning we fucked again. He fucked me for over an hour. It was incredible . I had not been fucked like that before. I decided right then that I wanted more hot sex just like that. I got a shower early and he called me a cab to go home. Antoine gave me his number and said he wanted to buy me some more clothes and jewelry and go out on the town. I told him that I would love to. Do just that and make love to him more. I had such a wonderful time . There can be perks to being a bank teller.

1 month ago

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