Exhibitionism At Home

I'm constantly trying to expose myself while at home. I'm not sure if my family knows I do it intentionally or not. I'll shower with the bathroom door open, change clothes in the open, walk around the house naked late at night or early in the morning, etc. I've got three daughters and I don't want to ruin my relationship with them. Will they turn against me and think I'm a creep? Or will they embrace it and understand that nudity is not that big of a deal and is completely natural? I'm hoping it's the latter.

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  • You people are disgusting! Your own kids?!?! Gross!

  • So you're saying I shouldn't do it?

  • Whats wrong with it. Theres nothing wrong with admireing your kids bodys. My three daughters are sweet...

  • If you're lucky your daughters will recognize that nudity is natural and will start to parade around the house nude as well. That's how I got it started at our house. And now I get to see young 14 and 15 year old girls naked quite frequently. I make it a point to be naked in the morning as I walk around the house getting ready, making coffee, etc. The girls will now do the same as they get ready in the morning or after showering before bed. Their fine young bodies make me hard every time, and they notice my dick getting harder every time I see them.

  • I have three daughters 9,11 and allmost 13 and see each n other naked all the time. Theres nothing better than seeing their little naked bidies..

  • Do you ever do anything with them?

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  • Any stories...

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  • I've let my 12 year old daughter feel my cock several times. We don't try and hide our bodies from each other. She was curious about it and I told her she could feel it and do whatever she wanted to it. Just having her touch it made me rock hard. It was all I could do not to cum all over her.

  • Any more up dates on your little darling...

  • Wow. What does she look and that must have being an amazeing erotic feeling. Im the one who has three beautifull daughters with my just as beautifull wife and its hard not too touch when their walking around naked or seeing them playing with themselves..

  • My 12 year old has a very athletic build, slender, tall, with long blonde hair. I don't know how you maintain yourself when your daughters are all running around naked! I think I'd be running into the bedroom repeatedly masturbating! Does your wife do the same, I mean, parade around naked? Does she like that your young daughters are parading around naked as well? I'll bet she watches as your youngest sits naked on your lap. She watches as your hand passes over your daughters little pussy and a finger manages to find it's way in. Have any of your daughters felt your hard cock while they've sit naked on your lap?

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  • My wife does be naked alot also. I have brushed my hand and fingers over their little pussys and asses and little nipples also. Our eldesd is just in need for a training bra now. They are so sweet and yes each off them have touched my cock and see me with an erection many times. Whats your daughter look like as in her sweet little body. Can i ask you a ?'. We use spanking as part off discipline in our house and wondering if yous do the same. It makes me so hard looking at my wife when she spanks our daughters and their little legs kicking all over the place and seeing their little clits and folds and bum holes. Their asses are so tight and small and i know its bad but love seeing them turn from white too a nice shade off red and how they do a little dance after words and rubb their little bottoms after words and pull their little ass cheeks open and push their bald pussys forward. I do spank them also but theirs something sexy watching my wife adminster their spankings. I hope yous use spanking as part off discipline your daughter and if not start useing it. I can tell you how too explain too your little doll that yous are going too start spanking her for diffrent offences. Even better if she objects or throws a little tantrum over it. But explain too her that yous make the rules and shes the child and a little girl and if she talks back or gives attitude and im sure she will. Then on the spot give her a good spanking on her bare bottom. Trust me its a turn on and will improve your daughters attitude. Look forward too hareing from you soon...

  • I'm not into spanking and won't start now. I'll let her play with my cock some more when I get out of the shower. She's often in our bedroom watching TV while I shower. I can see her in the mirror watching me while I soap up. I stroke my cock slowly and make it rock hard. I can see her playing with her pussy while I do this. I'm pretty sure she's seen me cum in the shower several times.

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